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  1. Effect of Guanidium Hydrochloride on the Stability of Horse Skeletal Muscle Myoglobin
    Rabi’u Aliyu Umar, Sanusi Wara Hassan, Yusuf Saidu and James Omale
    Nigerian Journal of Basic and Applied Sciences. 2008; 16(2): 137-141.
  2. Survey of Gross Alpha Radioactivity in Bore Hole and Well Water in Sokoto City North-Western Nigeria
    A.Saidu and E.E. Ike
    Nigerian Journal of Basic and Applied Sciences. 2013; 21(1): 20-26.
    Rotimi DAVIES,Hannatu Ohunene YUSUF,Dauda Dada YUSUF
    . 2019; 26(2): 1-10.
  4. A survey on tick species infesting domestic birds sold at Sokoto central market, Nigeria
    MDA Bunza, MM Yahaya, AS Muhammad & AR Saidu
    Sokoto Journal of Veterinary Sciences. 2008; 7(2): 52-54.
  5. Screening for Total Carotenoids and β-Carotene in Some Widely Consumed Vegetables in Nigeria
    D.M. Sahabi, R.A. Shehu, Y. Saidu, A.S. Abdullahi
    Nigerian Journal of Basic and Applied Sciences. 2012; 20(3): 225-227.
  6. Retrospective studies on the Prevalence of Fowl Cholera in Zaria-Kaduna State Nigeria
    MA Raji, JS Ahmed, L Saidu & JA Ameh
    Sokoto Journal of Veterinary Sciences. 2010; 8(1): 9-11.
  7. Prevalence of HBsAg Among Prospective Blood Donors and Pregnant Women in Kebbi State, Nigeria
    A. Yakubu , D.M. Sahabi, A. Umar A., Y. Saidu and U.F. Magaji
    Nigerian Journal of Basic and Applied Sciences. 2016; 24(1): 57-63.
  8. Unilateral absence of musculocutaneous nerve
    Maryam Nasir Aliyu, Isyaku Ibrahim, Saleh Nuhu, Umar farouq Mahe Abubakar, Amadi O. Ihunwo
    International Journal of Medical Reviews and Case Reports. 2019; 3(4): 193-194.
  9. In vitro Screening for Protein Tyrosine Phosphatase 1B and Dipeptidyl Peptidase IV Inhibitors from Nigerian Medicinal Plants
    Yusuf Saidu, Suleiman Alhaji Muhammad, Abdullahi Abbas Yahaya, Andrew Onu, Ibrahim Tsado Mohammed, Luba Muhammad
    Journal of Complementary Medicine Research. 2017; 6(2): 154-157.
  10. Assessment of electrocardiographic parameters of Red Sokoto goats
    B Saidu, FBO Mojiminiyi, CBI Alawa & C Onwuchekwa
    Sokoto Journal of Veterinary Sciences. 2019; 17(1): 86-89.
  11. Maternal antibody titre as a monitoring tool for vaccination against infectious bursal disease
    FB Hassan, PA Abdul, L Saidu & EK Bawa
    Sokoto Journal of Veterinary Sciences. 2018; 16(3): 18-23.
  12. Gross morphology and morphometry of foetal and adult dromedary tongues
    AS Saidu, AZ Jaji, PM Yawulda, F Da'u, Y Ahmad & N Elelu
    Sokoto Journal of Veterinary Sciences. 2015; 13(2): 49-53.
  13. Effect of Dried Lake Salt (Kanwa) on Lipid profile and Heart Histology of Female Albino Rats
    A.S. Muhammad, Y. Saidu, L.S. Bilbis, A. Onu, S.A. Isezuo, S. Sahabi
    Nigerian Journal of Basic and Applied Sciences. 2014; 22(3): 73-78.
  14. Mean Time to System Failure and Availability Modeling of a Repairable non Identical Three Unit Warm Standby Redundant System
    UA Ali, K Suleiman, B Yusuf, I Yusuf
    Nigerian Journal of Basic and Applied Sciences. 2012; 20(4): 315-323.
  15. Cephalometric Assessment of the Fourth Ventricles Using Computerized Tomography: A Five Year Study in Usmanu Danfodiyo University Teaching Hospital (UDUTH), Sokoto, North-Western Nigeria
    J.D. Usman, G.H. Yunusa, S.A. Saidu, A.D. Zagga, . Bello, A. Abdulhameed, S.S. Bello, A.A. Tadros and S.M. Bello
    Nigerian Journal of Basic and Applied Sciences. 2012; 20(3): 208-212.
  16. Possible Antidiabetic Mechanism of Action of Ex-maradi Okra Fruit Variety (Abelmoscus esculentus) on Alloxan Induced Diabetic Rats
    Abdullahi Yahya Abbas, Ismaila Muhammad, Muhammad Bashiru AbdulRahman, Lawal Sulaiman Bilbis, Yusuf Saidu, Andrew Onu
    Nigerian Journal of Basic and Applied Sciences. 2017; 25(2): 100-113.
  17. Histologic developmental horizons of the prenatal dromedary tongue
    AZ Jaji, AS Saidu, MP Yawulda, N Elelu, F Da'u & SM Jajere
    Sokoto Journal of Veterinary Sciences. 2016; 14(1): 28-33.
  18. Retained Placenta Associated With Escherichia Coli Infection in a Dairy Cow
    Jesse Faez Firdaus Abdullah, Konto Mohammed, Yusuf Abba, Lawan Adamu, Abdinasir Tijjani, Abdinasir Yusuf Osman, Abdinasir Yusuf Osman, Abdul Azeez Sharee, Abdul Wahid Haron
    International Journal of Livestock Research. 2014; 4(2): 120-125.
    Abubakar Muhammad WAKIL, Umar Kyari SANDABE, Albert Wulari MBAYA, Saidu Ibrahim NGULDE, Olufunke Adebola SODIPO, Yasheruram Muhammad SHETTIMA, Mohammed Kyari ZANGO
    Vom Journal of Veterinary Sciences. 2016; 11(1): 58-72.
    Abdullahi Yahya Abbas, Zaharadeen Abdullahi, Yusuf Saidu, Anas Ahmad Sabir, Mukhtar Jangebe Ladan, Francisca Chinyere Ikeonu, Mahmood Hassan Dalhat
    American Journal of Research in Medical Sciences. 2018; 2(2): 73-79.
  21. Structural Dependence Replacement Model for Parallel System of Two Units
    I Yusuf, UA Ali
    Nigerian Journal of Basic and Applied Sciences. 2012; 20(4): 324-326.
  22. Ulcerative Balanitis in a Bull
    Faez Firdaus Jesse Abdullah, Abdulnasir Tijjani, Lawan Adamu, Yusuf Abba, Konto Mohammed, Abdinasir Yusuf Osman, Abdul Aziz Saharee, Mohammed Zamri Saad, Abdul Wahid Haron
    International Journal of Livestock Research. 2014; 4(2): 114-116.
  23. Profitability Analysis of Groundnuts Processing in Maiduguri Metropolitan Council of Borno State, Nigeria
    A. Iliyasu, I. Wulet and K. Yusuf
    Nigerian Journal of Basic and Applied Sciences. 2008; 16(2): 253-256.
  24. Musculoskeletal complications in sickle cell anemia patients: a ten-year retrospective review of hospital-based records (1991-2000) in two Nigerian hospitals
    Salamatu Umar Aliyu, Adamu A. Rufa’I, Ismaila A. Saidu, Abdurrahman M. Jajere
    . 2015; 2(4): 329-334.
  25. Rise from Middle Income Trap
    Yusuf Kurtoğlu
    . 2014; 25(90): 71-90.
  26. Comparison of contrast induced nephropathy in emergancy vs elective percuatanous coronory intervention
    Muhammad Israr, Ikram ullah, Abdul Hadi, Muhammad Asif Iqbal
    Rawal Medical Journal. 2016; 41(1): 23-26.
  27. Isolation and Characterization of Stigmasterol and Bis-(5, 7-diacetyl-catechin-4’-α-rhamnopyranoside) from the Stem bark of Neocarya macrophylla (Sabine) Prance (Chrysobalanaceae)
    A.J. Yusuf, M.I. Abdullahi, A.K. Haruna, A.Y. Idris and A.M. Musa
    Nigerian Journal of Basic and Applied Sciences. 2015; 23(1): 15-22.
  28. Gastrointestinal and haemoparasitism of sheep and goats at slaughter in Kano, northern-Nigeria
    ID Jatau, A Abdulganiyu, AI Lawal, OO Okubanjo & KH Yusuf
    Sokoto Journal of Veterinary Sciences. 2011; 9(1): 7-11.
  29. The Importance And Benefits Of Effective Teamwork in Health Care: A Literature Survey
    Ümit Çıraklı, Yusuf Çelik, Umut Beylik
    Health Care Academician Journal. 2015; 2(3): 140-146.
  30. An Assessment of Crop Farmer Households’ Perceptions of Climate Change and Coping Strategies in Kano State, Nigeria.
    Hauwa Abdulkareem Yusuf
    Nigerian Journal of Basic and Applied Sciences. 2017; 25(1): 89-93.
  31. Harmone replacement therapy in postmenopausal women
    Nadira Sultana, Irum Sohail, Farzana Yusuf
    Rawal Medical Journal. 2004; 29(2): 80-81.
  32. Reliability Analysis of a Two Dissimilar Unit Cold Standby System with Three Modes Using Kolmogorov Forward Equation Method
    Uba Ahmad Ali, Naziru Idris Bala and Ibrahim Yusuf
    Nigerian Journal of Basic and Applied Sciences. 2013; 21(3): 197-206.
  33. Qualitative and quantitative phytochemical analysis of the leaves of Scoparia dulcis
    Ibrahim Bulama, Kabara Hussaini Tijjani, Kyari Sanda Abba, Atiku Mohammed Kano, Shehu Muhammad Awwal, Saidu Ibrahim Ngulde, Isaac John Omeh
    Vom Journal of Veterinary Sciences. 2019; 14(1): 108-113.
  34. Active Compounds and Antimalaria Properties of some Medicinal Plants in Indonesia – A Review
    Maulana Yusuf Alkandahri, Afiat Berbudi, Anas Subarnas
    . 2018; 9(1): 64-69.
    Saqib Qayyum Ahmad, Rizwan Yusuf*, Shamaila Burney
    Pakistan Armed Forces Medical Journal. 2015; 65(4): 474-477.
    Isra Medical Journal. 2016; 8(1): 46-51.
    Isra Medical Journal. 2016; 8(2): 118-120.
  38. Pattern of presentation of breast diseases in a general hospital
    Muhammad Naeem Taj, Zakia Akbar, Hamid Hassan, Azam Yusuf
    Rawal Medical Journal. 2009; 34(2): 124-127.
  39. Correlation with Schirmer test and break up time of tear osmolarity measurement in dry eye syndrome patients
    Ulviye Yiğit, Furkan Kırık, Yusuf Evcimen, Ahmet Ağaçhan
    Bakırköy Tıp Dergisi. 2013; 9(2): 73-77.
    Deborah Oluwatobilola ADEOYE, Bello MUKHTAR, Alewo Opuada AMEH, Ado YUSUF
    . 2019; 26(1): 1-6.
  41. Isolated Dupuytren's disease of the interphalangeal joints: a case report
    İsmail Karasoy, Özgür Doğan, Yusuf Alper Katı, Metin Akıncı
    Hand and Microsurgery. 2012; 1(2): 65-67.
  42. Host?plant resistance: A viable non ? chemical and environmentally friendly strategy of controlling stored products pests-a review
    B. I. Ahmed,A. U. Yusuf
    Emirates Journal of Food and Agriculture. 2007; 19(1): 1-12.
  43. The Role of Central Nervous System in the Pathogenesis of Restless Legs Syndrome
    Suat Acar, İsmail Apak, Yusuf Tamam, Ahmet Murat Gencer
    Düşünen Adam: The Journal of Psychiatry and Neurological Sciences. 2006; 19(2): 94-102.
  44. Clinical Audit and Its Role in the Practice of Dentistry
    Muhammad Humza Bin Saeed, Shakeel Kazmi, Faisal Moeen, Yusuf Bhatti
    Journal of Islamic International Medical College. 2013; 8(3): 110-114.
  45. A rare case of oesophageal neuroendocrine carcinoma: the value of somatostatin receptor scintigraphy
    Muhammd U Khan, Mohammad K Nawaz, Muhammad K Siddique, Siama Muzahir, Muhammed A Yusuf
    . 2012; 2(1): 69-73.
  46. Effect of cropping arrangements and rainfall on the performance of okra (Abelmoschus esculentus (L.) Moench) in Bauchi State, Nigeria
    B. I. Ahmed, S. R. Yusuf, A.A.Garba and S. Mustapha
    Emirates Journal of Food and Agriculture. 2006; 18(1): 1-10.
  47. A case of rhabdomyolysis due to fenofibrate use
    Tamer Yazar, Yusuf Kayran, Murat Çabalar, Ayla Çulha, Vildan Yayla
    Düşünen Adam: The Journal of Psychiatry and Neurological Sciences. 2011; 24(3): 243-245.
  48. Comparison of Effects of Sertraline and Reboxetine on the Loss of Social Functioning in Major Depressive Disorder: A Randomized, Open-Labeled Study
    Cengiz Akkaya, E. Yusuf Sivrioğlu, Aslı Sarandöl, S. Saygın Eker, Selçuk Kırlı
    Düşünen Adam: The Journal of Psychiatry and Neurological Sciences. 2006; 19(1): 5-13.
  49. Wandering spleen and primary epithelial cyst: report of a case
    Zafer Kılbaş, Nazif Zeybek, Yusuf Peker, Ertuğrul Çelik, Mükerrem Safalı
    Bakırköy Tıp Dergisi. 2010; 6(2): 84-87.
    Amer Fakhr, Farzana Hakim, Sabeen Khurshid Zaidi, Rizwan Yusuf, Abid Sharif
    Pakistan Armed Forces Medical Journal. 2017; 67(2): 317-321.
  51. Prevalence of Cardiovascular Risk Factors in a Low Income Semi-Urban Community in the North-East Nigeria
    Rufus Adesoji Adedoyin, Chidozie Emmanuel Mbada, Saidu Adamu Ismaila, Oluwole Taofeek Awotidebe, Adewale Luqman Oyeyemi, Rita Nkechi Ativie
    TAF Preventive Medicine Bulletin. 2012; 11(4): 463-470.
  52. Comparative Assessment of the Environmental Dynamics of Dissolved Organic Nitrogen (DON) and Dissolved Organic Phosphorus (DOP) in three Wetlands of Northern Nigerian.
    S. Yusuf, A. A. Audu, and M. Wazir
    Nigerian Journal of Basic and Applied Sciences. 2017; 25(2): 151-162.
  53. Oxytetracycline treatment and suspected case of peste des petits ruminants in experimental caprine coccidiosis
    Hudu Garba Mikail, Saidu Alhaji Shehu Na-Allah, Mohammed Mamman
    Vom Journal of Veterinary Sciences. 2019; 14(1): 1-8.
  54. Zika virus: fourth pandemic threat of the last decade /Zika virüs: son on yılın dördüncü pandemi tehdidi
    Yusuf Yakupoğulları, Barış Otlu
    Annals of Medical Research. 2017; 24(2): 232-237.
  55. Radial nerve grafting in high energy humeral fractures
    Yusuf Gürbüz, Tahir Sadık Sügün, Kemal Özaksar, Murat Kayalar, Tulgar Toros, İbrahim Kaplan
    Hand and Microsurgery. 2012; 1(2): 60-64.
  56. Prebiotics and Their Effects on Human Health [Prebiyotikler ve İnsan Sağlığı Üzerindeki Etkileri]
    Yusuf Serdar Sakin, Alpaslan Tanoglu
    Medicine Science | International Medical Journal. 2016; 5(3): 210-23.
  57. Functional results of open reduction and K-wire fixation for surgical treatment of pediatric radial neck fractures
    Emrah Kovalak, Onat Üzümcügil, Gökhan Barbaros, Engin Çarkçı, Yusuf Öztürkmen, Ali Can Barış, Tolga Tüzüner
    Şişli Etfal Tıp Bülteni. 2012; 46(3): 120-124.
  58. The factors predisposing to the formation of pharyngocutaneous fistulas after total laryngectomy
    Ethem Şahin, Ebru Taş, Şükran Vural, Yusuf Eren, Celalettin Demir, Nihat Ayan, Ali Okan Gürsel
    Bakırköy Tıp Dergisi. 2005; 1(3): 105-110.
  59. Factors affecting hepatitis B immunization in celiac disease
    Yusuf Kayar, Ramazan Dertli
    Annals of Medical Research. 2019; 26(8): 1478-83.
  60. Frequency of Metaplastic Change in Benign Endometrial Curettage Specimen and its Histological Variants
    Mohammad Sajjad Khattak, Mohammad Akram Khattak, Sania Tanveer Khattak
    Journal of Islamic International Medical College. 2017; 12(1): 35-38.
  61. Videolaryngoscopy versus direct laryngoscopy in without muscle relaxation intubation conditions in tympanomastoidectomy: A randomized, prospective clinical study
    Okkes Hakan Miniksar, Yusuf Ziya Colak
    Annals of Medical Research. 2019; 26(2): 246-9.
  62. Glomus tympanicum: Case report
    Nihat Ayan, Ebru Taş, Ethem Şahin, Ahmet Şirin, Eminenur Dağtekin, Yusuf Eren, Mehmet Uhri, Ali Okan Gürsel
    Bakırköy Tıp Dergisi. 2005; 1(1): 39-41.
  63. Neuronal intestinal dysplasia: The cause of multiple operations (case report)
    Aziz Sümer, Ender Onur, Neşet Köksal, Ediz Altınlı, Pembe Güneş, Atilla Çelik, Yusuf Günerhan, M Ali Uzun
    Bakırköy Tıp Dergisi. 2007; 3(3): 111-114.
  64. Unipolar radyofrekans ablasyon uygulamasının erken ve orta dönem sonuçları
    Gündüz Yümün, Tamer Türk, Yusuf Ata, Faruk Toktaş, Osman Tiryakioğlu, Cüneyt Eriş, Engin Akgül, Şenol Yavuz
    Bakırköy Tıp Dergisi. 2014; 10(3): 99-103.
  65. Removing gallbladder from intra abdominal area by a different technique
    Orhan Gozeneli, Faik Tatli, Yusuf Yucel, Ali Uzunkoyoy
    Annals of Medical Research. 2017; 24(4): 401-403.
  66. Qualitative and Quantitative Phytochemical Analysis of the Leaves of Scoparia dulcis
    Ibrahim BULAMA, Husaini KABARA, Sanda Abba KYARI, Atiku Mohammed KANO, Shehu Muhammad AWWAL, Saidu Ibrahim NGULDE, Isaac John OMEH
    Vom Journal of Veterinary Sciences. 2019; 14(1): 108-113.
  67. Gender based differences in self-directed learning readiness amongst medical students of Pakistan
    Shazia Zeb, Shazia Yusuf, Raja Amjad Mahmood, Romasa Zeb
    Rawal Medical Journal. 2018; 43(4): 754-7564.
  68. A brief inventory for DSM-5 personality disorders: The development of Coolidge Axis II Inventory Plus Turkish-Short Form
    Yusuf Bilge
    Anatolian Journal of Psychiatry. 2018; 19(0): 14-21.
    Nigerian Journal of Basic and Applied Sciences. 2016; 24(2): 92-101.
  70. Acute Urinary Retention Cuased by Biperiden in a Female Patient: A Case Report
    Lale Gonenir Erbay, Yusuf Aydin, Bahar Yesil, Rifat Karlidag
    Annals of Medical Research. 2015; 22(4): 267-268.
  71. The Level Short Chain Fatty Acids and HSP 70 in Colorectal Cancer and Non-Colorectal Cancer
    Fauzi Yusuf, Siti Adewiah, Fatchiyah Fatchiyah
    Acta Informatica Medica. 2018; 26(3): 160-163.
  72. Echis Ocellatus Envenomation and its Management in a 3 – Year – Old Indigenous Dog
    Peter Ofemile YUSUF, Matthew Philip AMEH, Gabriel ADA, Joshua Sheyi OYETUNDE
    Vom Journal of Veterinary Sciences. 2019; 14(1): 81-86.
  73. Calcium Metabolism-Related Endocrine Dysfunction in Layers Experimentally Infected With Pasteurella Multocida
    Joseph J. GADZAMA, Mohammed A. CHIROMA, Arhyel G. BALAMI, Sani ADAMU, Hassan ABDULSALAM, Yusuf M. LEKKO, Jallailudeen R. LAWAL, Joshua T. ADEKE, King A. N. ESIEVO
    Vom Journal of Veterinary Sciences. 2018; 13(2): 19-25.
  74. The risks and benefits of non-predictive splenectomy: The necessity of splenectomy and early postoperative outcomes
    Yusuf Gunay, Ilhan Tasdoven
    Medicine Science | International Medical Journal. 2019; 8(1): 203-7.
  75. Maternal antibiotic exposure and fetal outcomes: Is there evidence for teratogenicity?
    Duygun Altıntas Aykan, Yusuf Ergun
    Annals of Medical Research. 2019; 26(4): 646-52.
  76. Phenotypic occurrence of methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus in camels slaughtered at Kano abattoir, Kano, Nigeria
    ST Yusuf, JKP Kwaga, EC Okolocha & M Bello
    Sokoto Journal of Veterinary Sciences. 2017; 15(2): 29-35.
  77. Teratogenic evaluation of drugs used by pregnant patients with gastrointestinal system diseases
    Duygun Altintas Aykan, Yusuf Ergun
    Annals of Medical Research. 2018; 25(4): 751-5.
  78. Some Characteristics of Life Pattern and the Problems to Come Across while Working in the Asistants to Specialize in Erciyes University Medical Faculty Hospital
    Fatma, Akpınar, Arda, Borlu, Şule, Mutlu, Şarlı, Elçin, Balcı, Duygu, Horoz, İskender, Gün, Yusuf, Öztürk
    TAF Preventive Medicine Bulletin. 2008; 7(4): 311-316.
  79. Assessment of job satisfaction and quality of life in public health assistants
    Burak Mete, Erkay Nacar, Yusuf Levent, Esin Cakmak, Cigdem Tekin, Ali Ozer
    Medicine Science | International Medical Journal. 2018; 7(1): 77-82.
  80. Castleman disease: Presentation of a case
    Mehmet Kutlu, Nesrin Osman, Itır Şirinoğlu, Aydın Çiltaş, Eminenur Dağtekin, Yusuf Eren, Mustafa Gürkan Taşkale, A Baki Kumbasar, A Okan Gürsel, Özgür Açıkgöz, Mesut Başak
    Bakırköy Tıp Dergisi. 2005; 1(2): 77-79.
  81. Sepsis After Cesarean Section

    Yusuf Ziya Çolak

    Annals of Medical Research. 2014; 21(2): 164-165.
  82. Convulsion Due to High Dose Lidocaine Administration

    Yusuf Ziya Çolak

    Annals of Medical Research. 2014; 21(3): 245-246.
  83. Extadigits: an unusual presentation
    Abdulrahman A. Mamuda, Muhammad K. Abubakar, Magaji G. Taura, Musa A. Kabir, Ibrahim S. Yusuf, Lawan H. Adamu
    . 2013; 1(4): 607-610.
  84. In vitro anti-oxidant and in vivo anti-inflammatory activity determination of the methanolic leaves extract of Millettia pachycarpa
    Shofiul Azam, Prawej Ansari, Mohammad Mamun Ur Rashid, Mohammad Nazmul Alam, Ismail Hussein Ahmed, Mubarik Yusuf Ibarahim, Shah Mohammed Shafi, Sadequr Rahman, Altaf Hossen
    Biomedical Research and Therapy. 2015; 2(10): 366-373.
  85. Successful Treatment of Unruptured Cornual Pregnancy Usıng Intravenous Methotrexate: A Case Report


    Deniz Balsak*, Murat İnal*, Yusuf Yıldırım*, R. Soner Öner*, Şivekar Tınar*

    Annals of Medical Research. 2007; 14(1): 65-67.
  86. Comparative study on the sensitivity of bacteriology and immunohistochemical technique in the diagnosis of natural salmonellosis in chickens
    Fakilahyel Musa Mshelbwala, Shehu NaAllah Saidu, Clara Nna Kwanashie, Amina Kinta Fakilahyel Kadiri, Emmanuel Olurotimi Anise, Elisha Lawiye Nyillah, Najume Doguwar-Giginya Ibrahim, Najume Doguwar-Giginya Ibrahim
    Sokoto Journal of Veterinary Sciences. 2018; 16(1): 60-70.
    Şenay ÜÇDOĞRUK, Kıvılcım Metin ÖZCAN, Yusuf Ziya ÖZCAN
    . 2000; 11(37): 29-57.
  88. Recombinant Human Granulocyte-Colony Stimulating Factor (rh G-CSF) in Standard Chemotherapy of Hodgkin?s Disease

    Fahir Özkalemkaş1 , MD, Rıdvan Ali1, MD, Yusuf Karaaslan1, MD, Vildan Özkocaman1, MD, Ahmet Tunalı1, MD

    Annals of Medical Research. 1998; 5(1): 24-29.
  89. Evaluation of the Knowledge Level, Attitude and Behaviour on Blood Donation of Health Staff By Multivariate Logistic Regression

    Zeki Akkuş*, Yusuf Çelik*, Ömer Satıcı*, M.Mutlu Daşdağ*, Yavuz Sanisoğlu**

    Annals of Medical Research. 2005; 12(1): 25-29.
  90. Effect of multiple in-utero insonation on rabbit fetal thyroid hormonal level
    Sheriff Yusuf Idris, Hassan Abdullahi Audu, Samuel Tanko Fadason, Maruf Lawal, Philip O Ibinaiye, Bappah N Muazu, Richard Okafor
    Sokoto Journal of Veterinary Sciences. 2017; 15(4): 100-104.
  91. Accurate diagnostic algorithm for patients with rare pathology of thenar intramuscular lipomas
    Zafer Atbasi, Yusuf Erdem
    Medicine Science | International Medical Journal. 2019; 8(1): 162-5.
  92. Association between BMI, blood pressure and age among Fulani ethnic population of Jama’are
    Idris Tela Abdu, Magaji Garba Taura, Musa Habibu Modibbo, Lawan Hassan Adamu, Saad Datti, Abdullahi Yusuf Asuku
    International Journal of Medical Science and Public Health. 2014; 3(7): 822-826.
  93. Comparison of Family Functioning, Maternal Mental Health and Maternal Coping Strategies, Between The Cases Who Are Diagnosed with Attention Deficit and Hyperactivity Disorder and The Cases Who Are Diagnosed with Intellectual Disability
    Gonca Özyurt, Yusuf Öztürk
    Journal of Cognitive-Behavioral Psychotherapy and Research. 2016; 5(2): 65-74.
  94. The relation of trauma type on the levels of plasma C-reactive protein in patients with post-traumatic stress disorder
    Naci Olam, Alişan Burak Yaşar
    Anatolian Journal of Psychiatry. 2019; 20(6): 573-580.
  95. The relationship between perceived stress and gastrointestinal symptoms in nursing and midwifery students
    Hasan Hüseyin Çam, Naim Nur
    TAF Preventive Medicine Bulletin. 2015; 14(6): 475-482.
  96. Effects on knee kinematics following anterior cruciate ligament repair using semitendinosus and gracilis tendon grafts
    Bulent Karslioglu, Yusuf Erdem
    Medicine Science | International Medical Journal. 2017; 6(2): 310-3.
  97. Effect of Clinical Mastitis on the Gross Morphometry and Histopathology of Mammary Glands of Sahel Goats
    Dr. Lawan Adamu, Yusuf Abba, Ikechuckwu Oyebuchi Igbokwe , Shehu Usman Hassan , Dauda Sule
    International Journal of Livestock Research. 2014; 4(1): 99-106.
  98. Nitric oxide : actions and pathological roles


    Dr. Yusuf Türköz1, Dr. Elif Özerol1

    Annals of Medical Research. 1997; 4(4): 453-461.
  99. Isolation, Characterization and Proliferation of Cancer Cells from Breast Cancer Patients
    Wahyu Widowati, Yusuf Heriady, Dian Ratih Laksmitawati, Diana Krisanti Jasaputra, Teresa Liliana Wargasetia, Rizal Rizal, Fajar Sukma Perdana, Annisa Amalia, Annisa Arlisyah, Zakiyatul Khoiriyah, Ahmad Faried, Mawar Subangkit
    Acta Informatica Medica. 2018; 26(4): 240-244.
  100. Malignant Mixed Müllerian Tumor of the Ovary: Clinicopathologic Characteristics, Treatment and Outcome


    Yusuf Yıldırım*, Deniz Balsak*, Murat İnal*, Şivekar Tınar*

    Annals of Medical Research. 2007; 14(1): 37-40.



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