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  1. Students’ & Facilitators’ perspective regarding introduction of Active Learning Strategies (ALSs) to enhance learning process of first year medical students: A Quantitative & Qualitative Survey
    Tatheer Zahra, Sumreena Mansoor, Abida Shaheen, Tara Jaffery
    Rawal Medical Journal. 2014; 39(1): 85-91.
  2. Barriers to Research Activities from the Perspective of the Students of Isfahan University of Medical Sciences
    Hasan Ashrafi-rizi, Zarmehr Fateme, Zahra Ghazavi Khorasgani, Zahra Kazempour, Sona Taebi Imani
    Acta Informatica Medica. 2015; 23(3): 155-159.
  3. The Influence of Gonadotropin-Releasing Hormone Agonist Treatment on Thyroid Function Tests in Children with Central Idiopathic Precocious Puberty
    Fariba Naderi, Zahra Soheilirad, Zahra Haghshenas
    Medical Archives. 2019; 73(2): 101-103.
  4. Study on Research Anxiety Among Faculty Members of Isfahan University of Medical Sciences
    Hasan Ashrafi-rizi, Fateme Zarmehr, Susan Bahrami, Zahra Ghazavi-Khorasgani, Zahra Kazempour, Leila Shahrzadi
    Materia Socio Medica. 2014; 26(6): 356-359.
  5. Introducing clinical encounters in 2nd year special senses module: Students’ perspective and its impact on summative assessments.
    Ayisha Kausar, Nadia Akhtar, Tatheer Zahra, Humera Naz Altaf
    Rawal Medical Journal. 2020; 45(1): 218-222.
  6. Frequency of ABO and Rhesus blood groups among blood donors of the Twin cities
    Wardah Tariq, Tatheer Zahra, Hijab e Zainab, Ali Haq, Sadaf Mumtaz
    Journal of Medical and Allied Sciences. 2023; 13(1): 41-45.
  7. Patients’ Perceptions of Applying Information and Communication Technology Tools in Self-care and Factors Affecting It
    Zahra Zare, Mohamad Jebraeily
    Acta Informatica Medica. 2018; 26(2): 102-105.
  8. Medical Universities Educational and Research Online Services: Benchmarking Universities’ Website Towards E-Government
    Mehrdad Farzandipour, Zahra Meidani
    Acta Informatica Medica. 2014; 22(3): 189-194.
  9. 25 Years Old Women With Inflammatory Low Back Pain
    Zahra Soltani and Fereydoun Davatchi
    Medical Archives. 2016; 70(3): 219-222.
    Asieh Yahyazadeh, Zahra Ghasemi
    European Chemical Bulletin. 2013; 2(8): 573-575.
  11. Data Requirements and the Basis for Designing Health Information Kiosks
    Mina Afzali, Maryam Ahmadi, Zahra Mahmoudvand
    Acta Informatica Medica. 2017; 25(3): 198-202.
  12. Injured Psychological Personalities And Their Abnormal Behavior: A Study Of Jazz As A Continuous Suffocating Journey
    Rahat Bashir, Dr. Kanwal Zahra, Dr. Behzad Anwar
    Elementary Education Online. 2021; 20(2): 2271-2278.
  13. Comparison Between Sublingual and Vaginal Route of Misoprostol in Management of First Trimester Miscarriage Missing
    Zahra Dehbashi, Mahmood Moosazadeh, Mahdi Afshari
    Materia Socio Medica. 2016; 28(4): 271-273.
  14. Comparison of the Effect of Oral versus Injectable Vitamin D on Serum Level of Vitamin D in Children with Vitamin D Deficiency Referred to the Taleghani Hospital in Gorgan
    Sara Rahafard, Zahra Sabzi, Serajaldin Arefnia
    Journal of Complementary Medicine Research. 2020; 11(1): 344-350.
  15. The Most Common Smartphone Applications Used By Medical Students and Barriers of Using Them
    Mohamad Jebraeily, Zahra Zare Fazlollahi, Bahlol Rahimi
    Acta Informatica Medica. 2017; 25(4): 232-235.
  16. Effect of Preoperative Volume Loading on the Intraoperative Variability of Blood Pressure and Postoperative Nausea and Vomiting
    Sayed Morteza Heidari, Mahmood Saghaei, Zahra Shafiee
    Medical Archives. 2012; 66(2): 94-96.
  17. Impact Of Informational Justice On Organization Commitment And Employee Motivation In Banking Sector Of Lahore Pakistan
    Rabia Aamir Malik, Tayyaba Syed, Arooj Zahra
    Elementary Education Online. 2021; 20(1): 5608-5619.
  18. Midwifery Errors: a Descriptive Study in Isfahan Forensic Medicine General Department
    Ali Ayoubian, Hosein Bagherian MahmoodAbadi, Zahra Hashemi Dehaghi
    Materia Socio Medica. 2013; 25(3): 175-177.
  19. Social Class Status and Suicide Characteristics: A Survey among Patients Who Attempted Suicide in Isfahan
    Mahmoud Keyvanara, Seyed Ghafour Mousavi, Zahra Karami
    Materia Socio Medica. 2013; 25(1): 56-59.
  20. Study of Echocardiographic Changes After Kidney Transplantation in End-stage Renal Disease Patients
    Hamidreza Omrani, Alireza Rai, Zahra Daraei, Masoud Sadeghi
    Medical Archives. 2017; 71(6): 408-411.
  21. Strategies for Improving the Data Quality in National Hospital Discharge Data System: a Delphi Study
    Farahnaz Sadoughi, Zahra Mahmoudzadeh-Sagheb, Maryam Ahmadi
    Acta Informatica Medica. 2013; 21(4): 261-265.
  22. Orientalist Discourses And The Politics Of Representation: The Decontextualization Of Sale’s ‘A Preliminary Discourse’ On His Quran Translation
    Ahmad Nadeem, Kanwal Zahra, Muhammad Javed Iqbal
    Elementary Education Online. 2020; 19(4): 7741-7753.
  23. Analysing English Translation Of Premchand’s Urdu Short Stories: A Cultural Perspective
    Babar Riaz, Kanwal Zahra, Muhammad Javed Iqbal
    Elementary Education Online. 2021; 20(1): 6476-6485.
  24. The Effect of Educational Intervention on Medical Diagnosis Recording among Residents
    Nasrin Davaridolatabadi, Farahnaz Sadoughi, Zahra Meidani, Mehraban Shahi
    Acta Informatica Medica. 2013; 21(3): 173-175.
  25. Determining the Effectiveness of Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT) on Life Expectancy and Anxiety Among Bereaved Patients
    Tayebeh Malmir, Hedayat Jafari, Zahra Ramezanalzadeh, Jabbar Heydari
    Materia Socio Medica. 2017; 29(4): 242-246.
  26. Differential Diagnosis of Iron-Deficiency Anemia from β-Thalassemia Trait Using an Intelligent Model in Comparison with Discriminant Indexes
    Leila Kabootarizadeh, Amir Jamshidnezhad1, Zahra Koohmareh, Ahmad Ghamchili
    Acta Informatica Medica. 2019; 27(2): 78-84.
  27. Positive Effect of Fermented Camel Milk on Liver Enzymes of Adolescents with Metabolic Syndrome: a Double Blind, Randomized, Cross-over Trial
    Zahra Fallah, Awat Feizi, Mahin Hashemipour, Roya Kelishadi
    Materia Socio Medica. 2018; 30(1): 20-25.
  28. The Effectiveness of Academic Life Skills Training on Happiness and Hope among Medical Students
    Bita Rahimi, Zahra khansari, Ali Akbar Dareini, Razieh Khosrorad
    Journal of Complementary Medicine Research. 2020; 11(4): 255-259.
  29. Late Onset Ovarian Hyperstimulation Syndrome: A Case Report
    Journal of Complementary Medicine Research. 2021; 12(4): 21-23.
  30. Intelligent Diagnostic Assistant for Complicated Skin Diseases through C5’s Algorithm
    Fatemeh Rangraz Jeddi, Masoud Arabfard, Zahra Arab Kermany
    Acta Informatica Medica. 2017; 25(3): 182-186.
  31. The Relation between Iranian Medical Science Research in PubMed and Burden of Disease
    Zahra Foroughi, Hasan Siamian, Reza Alizadeh-Navaei, and Ali Davodi
    Acta Informatica Medica. 2016; 24(4): 271-276.
  32. A Comparative Analysis of Data Augmentation Approaches for Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) Scan Images of Brain Tumor
    Muhammad Farhan Safdar, Shayma Saad Al Kobaisi, Fatima Tuz Zahra
    Acta Informatica Medica. 2020; 28(1): 29-36.
  33. Managing the Security of Nursing Data in the Electronic Health Record
    Mahnaz Samadbeik, Zahra Gorzin, Masomeh Khoshkam, Masoud Roudbari
    Acta Informatica Medica. 2015; 23(1): 39-43.
  34. Demographic survey on colorectal polyps in Shahid Sadoughi Hospital, Yazd, Iran
    Shokouh Taghipour Zahir,* Fariba Binesh,* Zahra Hashemian, Abolfazle Hakimi
    Rawal Medical Journal. 2010; 35(1): 31-33.
  35. Determination of Minimum Data Set (MSD) in Echocardiography Reporting System to Exchange with Iran’s Electronic Health Record (EHR) System
    Zahra Mahmoudvand, Mehran Kamkar, Leila Shahmoradi, Ahmadreza Farzaneh Nejad
    Acta Informatica Medica. 2016; 24(2): 116-119.
  36. The Diagnostic Value of Skin Disease Diagnosis Expert System
    Fatemeh Rangraz Jeddi, Masoud Arabfard, Zahra Arbkermany, Hamidreza Gilasi
    Acta Informatica Medica. 2016; 24(1): 30-33.
  37. The Use of Information Sources by Faculty Members of Babol University of Medical Sciences: a Case Study from Iran
    Hasan Siamian, Moosa Yamin Firooz, Zahra Dehghan, Afsaneh Shahrabi
    Acta Informatica Medica. 2013; 21(3): 180-184.
    Fathy A. Mansour *Mohammed F. Ghaly **Maysaa E. Zaki *Sameh B. Abou-Zahra
  39. Does Job Engagement Mediate the Relationship between Job Demands and Organizational Commitment of Academicians at Institutions of Higher Education Commission in Pakistan?
    Dr. Faisal Khan, Dr Tahseen Zahra, Dr Hazrat Bilal, Muhammad Sufyan, Dr Arab Naz
    Elementary Education Online. 2021; 20(5): 3533-3541.
  40. The Effect of Computer-based Tests on Nursing Students’ Test Anxiety: a Quasi-experimental Study
    Shohreh Kolagari, Mahnaz Modanloo, Reza Rahmati, Zahra Sabzi, Ali Jannati Ataee
    Acta Informatica Medica. 2018; 26(2): 115-118.
  41. Is the Use of Pre-existing Peripheral Intravenous Cannula as an Alternative to Venipuncture for Blood Sampling Being Implemented?
    Zahra Alanaki, Sokaina Alkhuder, Banin Almurawhan, Sara Alakash, Mohammed Almulhim
    Medical Archives. 2022; 76(3): 175-182.
  42. Teachers Specific Motivational Strategies used in the L2 context of Sialkot Pakistan
    Nadeem Khan, Ihsan Ali, Abdullah Mukhtar, Quynh Dzung Dang, Zahra Iqbal
    Elementary Education Online. 2020; 19(3): 2302-2309.
  43. A Map for Clinical Laboratories Management Indicators in the Intelligent Dashboard
    Zahra Azadmanjir, Mashallah Torabi, Reza Safdari, Maryam Bayat, Fatemeh Golmahi
    Acta Informatica Medica. 2015; 23(4): 210-214.
  44. The Amount of Media and Information Literacy Among Isfahan University of Medical Sciences’ Students Using Iranian Media and Information Literacy Questionnaire (IMILQ)
    Hasan Ashrafi-rizi, Amir Ramezani, Hamed Aghajani Koupaei, Zahra Kazempour
    Acta Informatica Medica. 2014; 22(6): 393-397.
  45. A Three-Phase Decision Model of Computer-Aided Coding for the Iranian Classification of Health Interventions (IRCHI)
    Zahra Azadmanjir, Reza Safdari, Marjan Ghazisaeedi, Mehrshad Mokhtaran, Mohammad Esmail Kameli
    Acta Informatica Medica. 2017; 25(2): 88-93.
  46. Comparison Of The Effectiveness Of Short-Term Dynamic Psychotherapy And Schema Therapy On Mental Health And Marital Adjustment Of Couples
    Javad Mirzaei , Zahra Mansourzadeh ,Roksana Nakhaei Moghadam ,Salman Saeipour ,Mehdi Akhavan
    Elementary Education Online. 2022; 21(3): 12-22.
  47. Use of Health Information Technology in Patients Care Management: a Mixed Methods Study in Iran
    Sefollah Alaei, Ali Valinejadi, Ghasem Deimazar, Sohaila Zarein, Zahra Abbasy, Farah Alirezaei
    Acta Informatica Medica. 2019; 27(5): 311-317.
  48. The Marketing Mix and Development of Medical Tourism in Shiraz
    Alireza Jabbari, Mohammad Kazem Rahimi Zarchi, Zahra Kavosi, Tahere Shafaghat, Ali Keshtkaran
    Materia Socio Medica. 2013; 25(1): 32-36.
  49. Adoption of Hospital Information System Among Nurses: a Technology Acceptance Model Approach
    Hosein Barzekar, Farzad Ebrahimzadeh, Jake Luo, Mahtab Karami, Zahra Robati, Parvin Goodarzi
    Acta Informatica Medica. 2019; 27(5): 305-310.
  50. Comparison Of The Effectiveness Of Mindfulness Training And Cognitive Behavioral Therapy On Nurses' Mental Health In Coronavirus Epidemics
    Zahra Valian , Mansooreh Fazilati , Homa Darvishan , Farahnaz Bayat Shahparast , Farshad Samadi
    Elementary Education Online. 2022; 21(3): 1-11.
  51. Development of Decision Support System to Predict Neurofeedback Response in ADHD: an Artificial Neural Network Approach
    Leila Shahmoradi, Zahra Liraki, Mahtab Karami, Behrouz Alizadeh Savareh, Masoud Nosratabadi
    Acta Informatica Medica. 2019; 27(3): 186-191.
  52. The Effect of Hydroalcoholic Extract of Amaranthus Retroflexus L. Seeds on Cox2 and Her2 Genes on the Induced Colorectal Cancer in an Animal Model of Balbc Mouse
    Zahra Dorostgo, Hossein Movafagh, Reza Sarravi, Samira Abedi Araei, Fatereh Rezaei
    Journal of Complementary Medicine Research. 2020; 11(3): 141-146.
  53. The Relationship Between Dexterity, Isokinetic Muscles Strength, Sprint Proficiency And Anaerobic Performance in National Handball Players
    Elementary Education Online. 2021; 20(1): 3887-3899.
  54. Evaluation Of The Effectiveness Of Schema Therapy On Early Maladaptive Schemas And Feelings Of Loneliness In Divorced Women
    Javad Mirzaei , Leila Mohamadzade Nasrabadi , Masoome Hasani Nik , Vajihe Emadalaslami , Zahra Pourfarid
    Elementary Education Online. 2022; 21(2): 293-302.
  55. Reconstruction of Infected Mediastinal Wound with an Omental Flap Harvested Laparoscopically After Cardiac Surgery: Report of Two Cases and Literature Review
    Zahra H. Alshammasi, Dhuha N. Boumarah, Aqilah AlAbbad, Ahmed A. Alkhalifa, Abdullah Sahwan, Saeed Alshomimi
    Medical Archives. 2023; 77(3): 241-244.
  56. Data Requirements for Information Management System Development for Poisoning with Acidic and Alkaline Substances
    Zahra Mahmoudvand, Shahin Shadnia, Sharareh Rostam Niakan Kalhori, Maryam Zahmatkeshan, Marjan Ghazisaeedi
    Acta Informatica Medica. 2019; 27(1): 29-34.
  57. Evaluation the Relationship Between Thyroid Nodule Size with Malignancy and Accuracy of Fine Needle Aspiration Biopsy (FNAB)
    Gholamali Godazandeh, Zahra Kashi, Sadegh Zargarnataj, Mehran Fazli, Robab Ebadi, Ensiyeh Hajializadeh Kerdabadi
    Acta Informatica Medica. 2016; 24(5): 347-351.
  58. Registry Data Coordinator (RDC): a Proper Accessible Strategy for Improving Road Traffic Injury (RTI) Hospital Based Trauma Registry Systems in Developing Countries and Low Income Countries
    Zahra Meidani, Mehrdad Mahdian, Atefe Ayan, Mahdi Mohammadzade, Alimohammad Nickfarjam, Gholam Abbas Moosavi
    Acta Informatica Medica. 2018; 26(1): 35-41.
  59. Effects Of Applied Behavior Analysis Treatment In Children With Autism Spectrum Disorder To Develop Social Interaction Skills
    Asmaa Azeem, Zikra Faiz, Syeda Zahra Jafri, Waqar Younas Warraich, Osama Sohail Virk
    Elementary Education Online. 2020; 19(4): 5889-5908.
  60. Posterior mediastinal myelolipoma; a case report
    Zahra Ali Alkhalifah
    International Journal of Medicine in Developing Countries. 2022; 6(8): 1079-1082.
  61. Clinical Presentation and the Outcome of Therapy in a Cohort of Patients with Methadone Toxicity in Iran
    Nastaran Eizadi-Mood, Ahmad Yaraghi, Zahra Sharifian, Awat Feizi, Mahrang Hedaiaty, Ali Mohammad Sabzghabaee
    Materia Socio Medica. 2015; 27(4): 276-279.
  62. In Vitro Evaluation of Achillea Millefolium on the Production and Stimulation of Human Skin Fibroblast Cells (HFS-PI-16)
    Zahra Ghobadian, Mohammad Reza Hafezi Ahmadi, Leila Rezazadeh, Ehsan Hosseini, Taleb Kokhazadeh, Samiramis Ghavam
    Medical Archives. 2015; 69(4): 212-217.
  63. Metastase parietale d'un cancer de l'ovaire a propos d'un cas
    Fadi Ali Abu Mattar, Fatime Zahra Fdili Alaoui, Soufia Jayi, Hekmet Chaara, Abdeillah Melhouf
    International Journal of Medical Reviews and Case Reports. 2021; 5(6): 49-51.
  64. The Webometric Status of Isfahan University of Medical Sciences, Iran
    Behjat Taheri, Roghayeh Ghazavi, Arash Zahed, Zahra Otroj, Elahe Mazaheri, Nayere-Sadat Soleimanzade-Najafi
    Acta Informatica Medica. 2015; 23(4): 215-219.
  65. Relationship Between Magnetic Resonance Imaging Findings and Clinical Symptoms in Patients with Suspected Lumbar Spinal Canal Stenosis: a Case-control Study
    Hadi Majidi, Misagh Shafizad, Fatemeh Niksolat, Mani Mahmudi, Saeed Ehteshami, Motahare Poorali, Zahra Mardannshahi
    Acta Informatica Medica. 2019; 27(4): 229-233.
  66. Prevalence and behavioral risk factors associated with road traffic accidents among medical students of Arabian Gulf University in Bahrain
    Fatema Ahmed A. Rasool, Fatema Ali Alekri, Habib A. Nabi, Mohammed Jaffar Naiser, Noor Makki Shamlooh, Shaima Ali Alnashaba, Zahra Aqeel Alherz, Zahra S. Adnan Almosawi, Adel Salman Al Sayyad
    International Journal of Medical Science and Public Health. 2015; 4(7): 933-938.
  67. Comparison of Efficiency GEE and QIF Methods for Predicting Factors Affecting on Bipolar I Disorder Under Complete-case in a Longitudinal Studies
    Zahra Geraili-Afra, Alireza Abadi, Jamshid Yazdani-Charati, Somayeh Ahmadi Gooraji, Mehran Zarghami, Samaneh Saadat
    Acta Informatica Medica. 2018; 26(2): 111-114.
  68. The Determinats of Environmental Degradation: An Empirical Analysis of the Environmental Kuznets Curve
    Zahra Fotourehchi, Ahmet Şahinöz
    Ekonomik Yaklasim. 2016; 27(99): 139-164.
  69. The Effects of Folic Acid on Markers of Endothelial Function in Patients with Type 1 Diabetes Mellitus
    Zahra Alian, Mahin Hashemipour, Elham Hashemi Dehkordi, Silva Hovsepian, Massoud Amini, Mohammad Hassan Moadab, Shaghayegh Haghjooy Javanmard
    Medical Archives. 2012; 66(1): 12-15.
  70. Comparing the Electromyographic Features of the Masseter and Temporal Muscles in Patients with full Mouth Implant-supported FDPs and Natural Dentition
    Mahdieh Seifi, Davood Nodehi, Ahmad Ghahramanloo, Zahra Ahmadi, Azade Farhangnia, Morteza Saedi, Hamid Reza Mozaffari, Roohollah Sharifi
    Acta Informatica Medica. 2017; 25(1): 49-53.
    Mashiat Zahra, Dr.Aasiya Bibi, Syed Zaman Ali shah Kazmi, Waqar-Un-Nisa, Sumaira Bibi
    Elementary Education Online. 2020; 19(2): 1137-1147.
  72. Epidemiology of HTLV1 Associated Lymphoma
    Zahra Mozaheb
    THE ULUTAS MEDICAL JOURNAL. 2016; 2(1): 77-81.
  73. The Surge of Cryptocurrency in the Asia Pacific Economic Countries
    Muhammad Anees Khan, Samreen Fahim Babar, Aleena Khan, Zahra Rafique, Kauser Hayat
    Elementary Education Online. 2021; 20(3): 2275-2283.
  74. Infant care among mothers in Central and Eastern Provinces of Saudi Arabia, 2017
    Muneerah Abdulrahman Aljumah, Nourah Mohammed Alduhiem, Hajer Ali Alkreedees, Fatma Omer Bashraheel, Zahra Adel Jaffal, Ghadir Jalal Jwaid, Zahra Ahmed Al Talaq, Malak Sulaiman Alrejaye
    International Journal of Medicine in Developing Countries. 2020; 4(12): 2210-2214.
  75. Hepatitis B Virus Genotypes Distribution with HBsAg Positive in the North of Iran (Mazandaran) During 2011-2014
    Tahoora Mousavi, Mohammad Reza Haghshenas, Alireza Rafiei, Reza Alizadeh Navaei , Zahra Hosseini khah
    Medical Archives. 2014; 68(6): 376-380.
  76. Predictors of mental health problems in university students
    Yousaf Jamal, Sayyeda Taskeen Zahra
    Rawal Medical Journal. 2023; 48(4): 964-967.
    Hasrat Zaman Khan, Hassan Ali Maan, Dr. Wajiha Raza Rizvi, Dr. Majid-ul-Ghafar, Hira Khan, Syeda Mehreen Zahra
    Elementary Education Online. 2020; 19(3): 2658-2673.
  78. La métaplasie ostéoide de l’endomètre: à propos de 3 cas
    Karima Kriouile, Sofia Jayi, Fatima Zahra Fdili Alaoui, Hekmat Chaara, Moulay Abdelilah Melhouf
    International Journal of Medical Reviews and Case Reports. 2020; 4(10): 23-27.
  79. Evaluation of the Effect of Health Belief Model Based Training on Health Performance of Male Staff in Fasa University of Medical Science in the Field of Prostate Cancer
    Journal of Complementary Medicine Research. 2021; 12(3): 158-164.
  80. Evaluation of Time-Varying Biomarkers in Mortality Outcome in COVID-19: an Application of Extended Cox Regression Model
    Zahra Geraili, Karimollah Hajian-Tilaki, Masomeh Bayani, Seyed Reza Hosseini, Soraya Khafri, Soheil Ebrahimpour, Mostafa Javanian, Arefeh Babazadeh, Mehran Shokri
    Acta Informatica Medica. 2022; 30(4): 295-301.
  81. Nodule de Sœur Marie-Joseph révélant un adénocarcinome gastrique: A propos d’un cas
    Karima Kriouile, Ernest Barekensabe, Sofia Jayi, Fatima Zahra Fdili Alaoui, Hekmat Chaara, Moulay Abdelilah Melhouf
    International Journal of Medical Reviews and Case Reports. 2020; 4(10): 31-33.
  82. Syndrome de Nutcracker de découverte fortuite: À propos de 2 cas
    Karima Kriouile, Ernest Barekensabe, Sofia Jayi, Fatima Zahra Fdili Alaoui, Hekmat Chaara, Moulay Abdelilah Melhouf
    International Journal of Medical Reviews and Case Reports. 2020; 4(10): 28-30.
  83. Perception, attitude, and satisfaction of the public from family medicine in Saudi Arabia
    Khalil Ibrahim Bograin, Rehab Badder Almohsin, Zahra Jaffer Al-Khabbaz, Fatimah Mohammad Allabad, Eman Ahmad AlShaikh, Zainab Mohamed Sarhan, Fatimah Mohammad Alkhamies, Zahra Hussain Buali, Zainab Ahmed Almobarak
    International Journal of Medicine in Developing Countries. 2019; 3(3): 279-283.
  84. How Many Repetitions of Child Care Skills Are Required for Health Worker Students to Achieve Proficiency? Learning Curve Patterns in Child Care Skills Acquisition
    Zahra Emami Moghadam, Amir Emami Zeydi, Seyed Reza Mazlom, Fatemeh Sardar Abadi, Parastoo Majidi Pour, Malihe Davoudi, Elahe Banafsheh
    Materia Socio Medica. 2015; 27(5): 323-327.
  85. Profil epidemiologique et etiologique des hemorragies genitales chez la femme en activite genitale en dehors de la grossesse : étude prospective
    Solène Nyingone, Hadiza Moutari Soule, Sofia Jayi, Fatima-Zahra Fdili Alaoui, Hekmat Chaara, Moulay Abdelilah Melhouf
    International Journal of Medical Reviews and Case Reports. 2021; 5(6): 62-65.
  86. Impact of Educational Program on Critical Care Nurses’ Knowledge of ICU Delirium: A Quasi-Experimental Study
    Zahra Sameer Aldawood, Rana Ali Alameri, Yasser Elghoneimy, Afnan Hamad Al Swyan, Hebah Almulla, Sama S. Hammad, Nagla Saleh Al Saleh, Sarah Ali Alameri
    Medical Archives. 2023; 77(1): 56-63.
  87. Pseudo-Lipomas or a camouflage of Metastatic Differentiated Papillary Thyroid Cancer: a case report
    Rashid Rasheed, Jawad Akhtar Gillani, Syed Ali Raza Naqvi, Shahid Rasheed, Ghulam Murtaza, Tatheer Fatima
    European Journal of Medical Case Reports. 2017; 1(3): 140-143.
  88. Association between Smartphones Addiction and Neck Disability among Private Universities Students in Riyadh
    Mansour K. Alzahrani, Raghad W. Mallesho, Zahra S. Alkalaif, Fatimah A. Al Nassir, Sarah W. Alnafea, Lamyaa T. AlMohawis, Ala M. Almuttawa, Jehan A. AlMutairi, Fatimah A. Alzaher
    Majmaah Journal of Health Sciences. 2021; 9(1): 104-117.
  89. Gastroprotective, Anti-Helicobacter pylori and, Antioxidant Properties of Moroccan Zizyphus lotus L.
    Fatima-Zahra Bakhtaoui, Hind Lakmichi, Francis Megraud, Abderrahmane Chait, Chems-Eddoha A. Gadhi
    Journal of Applied Pharmaceutical Science. 2014; 4(10): 081-087.
  90. Moderating role of materialism in relationship between prosocial behavior and life satisfaction among medical doctors
    Sadaf Zahra, Shoaib Kiani, Saira Javed, Shahzad Khan Siddique
    Rawal Medical Journal. 2019; 44(4): 777-780.
  91. Corps etranger parotidien: Un diagnostic a retenir! (Parotid foreign body: a diagnosis to remember!)
    Imane Azzam, Zahra Sayad, Malik Boulaadas, Leila Essakalli
    International Journal of Medical Reviews and Case Reports. 2021; 5(3): 8-10.
  92. Digital stethoscope in detecting innocent and pathological murmurs among children: systematic review
    Arwa Ahmed Aljishi, Hawra AbdAli Alshajarah, Fatema Saeed Fadhul, Wadeea Ali Ashoor, Faisal Helal Alotaibi, Eman Abdulmajeed Alfaraj, Zahra Mohammed Almusa, Zahra Ali AlQambar
    International Journal of Medicine in Developing Countries. 2023; 7(2): 357-361.
  93. Tumeur desmoide de l’enfant: à propos d’un cas rare
    Wissal Hassani, Fatim Zahra Farhane, Alami Zenab, Touria Bouhafa
    International Journal of Medical Reviews and Case Reports. 2021; 5(8): 80-83.
  94. A Consideration of Antibacterial Agent Efficacies in the Treatment and Prevention of Formation of Staphylococcus aureus Biofilm
    Zahra Sedarat, Andrew W. Taylor-Robinson
    Journal of Microbiology and Infectious Diseases. 2019; 9(4): 167-172.
    Khadija Bellahammou , Asmaa Lakhdissi , Othman Akkar, Narimane Salmi , Fatima Zahra Zakkouri, Souhail Dahraoui, Fadoua Rais , Hind M'rabti, Hassan Errihani
    International Journal of Surgery and Medicine. 2018; 4(4): 205-207.
  96. A case report on concurrent presentation of non-Hodgkin lymphoma and multiple myeloma
    Amin Danandehmehr, Zahra Mashhadi
    European Journal of Medical Case Reports. 2020; 4(6): 206-209.
  97. Thyroid metastasis of bladder urothelial carcinoma: A very rare case
    Wissal Hassani, Abdeslam Alami, Fatim Zahra Farhane, Zineb Alami, Touria Bouhafa, Khalid Hassouni
    International Journal of Medical Reviews and Case Reports. 2022; 6(13): 34-35.
  98. Equine Sarcoids: Distribution Sites, Common Types, and Diagnosis
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