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  1. A term live advanced abdominal pregnancy: a rare case report
    Seema Sharma, Hanslata Gehlot, Dinesh Dutt Sharma, Suman Choudhary
    . 2016; 5(4): 1233-1236.
  2. Study on Cattle Housing Practices in Relationship to Herd Size in Non-Tribal Area of Udaipur District of Rajasthan
    Shweta Choudhary, M. L. Gurjar, Vikas Choudhary, Padma Meel, Subha Ganguly
    International Journal of Livestock Research. 2017; 7(12): 87-92.
  3. Factors influencing compliance to directly observed treatment, short course therapy and effectiveness of awareness program on knowledge and compliance
    Prakash Mahala, Suman Choudhary, Sanjenbam Emon Chanu, Priya J P N
    International Journal of Medical Science and Public Health. 2019; 8(4): 270-274.
  4. Study on Cattle Feeding Practices in Relationship to Herd Size in Non Tribal Area of Udaipur District of Rajasthan
    Shweta Choudhary, M. L. Gurjar, Vikas Choudhary, Padma Meel, Subha Ganguly
    International Journal of Livestock Research. 2018; 8(10): 276-280.
  5. Effectiveness of labor support measures on the pain perception of mothers in labor
    Suman Choudhary, Kamli Prakash, Gomathi Mahalingam, Prakash Mahala
    International Journal of Medical Science and Public Health. 2018; 7(5): 385-389.
  6. Sanitary Napkins should be made Affordable
    Ranjana Sharma, Suman Bhansali, B S Jodha
    National Journal of Community Medicine. 2014; 5(1): 156-156.
  7. Stress among Doctors Doing Residency: A Cross-Sectional Study at a Tertiary Care Hospital in the City of Mumbai
    Aarti G Sahasrabuddhe, S R Suryawanshi, Suman Rai Bhandari
    National Journal of Community Medicine. 2015; 6(1): 21-24.
  8. Knowledge regarding breastfeeding and factors associated with its practice among postnatal mothers in central India
    Abhay Kumar Choudhary, Vishal Bankwar, Asha Choudhary
    International Journal of Medical Science and Public Health. 2015; 4(7): 973-976.
  9. Histomorphology of the Pulmonary Alveoli of Goat (Capra hircus)
    M.A. Baba and A.R. Choudhary
    . 2008; 1(10): 312-313.
  10. School Absenteeism during Menstruation among Rural Adolescent Girls in Pune
    Suman Bodat, Mrunalini M Ghate, Jyoti R Majumdar
    National Journal of Community Medicine. 2013; 4(2): 212-216.
  11. Predictive Value of Various Risk Factors for Preterm Labor
    Purvi K Patel, Dipa S Pitre, Suman P Bhooker
    National Journal of Community Medicine. 2015; 6(1): 121-125.
  12. Historical and Ethno-Medical Review on Bilva (Aegle marmelos Corr.)
    Neha Parmar*, Suman Singh, Bhupesh Patel
  13. Knowledge and Attitude Regarding Blood Donation in Rural Puducherry, India
    Umakant G Shidam, Subitha Lakshminarayanan, Suman Saurabh, Gautam Roy
    National Journal of Community Medicine. 2015; 6(1): 64-68.
  14. Evaluation of Hepatitis B Core Antibody (Total) in the presence of ID-NAT
    Ranjay K Choudhary, Moattar R Rizvi
    . 2013; 1(2): 22-28.
  15. Prevalence of Allergen Sensitivity in Nasobronchial Allergy in Gujarat, India
    Anand Patel, Sushmita Choudhary
    National Journal of Medical Research. 2012; 2(4): 431-434.
  16. Effect of Post Inspiratory Pause on Forced Expiratory Vital Capacity Maneuver
    Sushmita Choudhary, Anand Patel
    National Journal of Medical Research. 2012; 2(4): 461-462.
  17. Digital Rectal Examination, Transrectal Ultrasound and Prostate Specific Antigen As A Tripple Assesment Diagnostic Tool For Benign Enlargement of Prostate
    Miteshkumar R. Trivedi, Bhooraram A. Choudhary
    National Journal of Medical Research. 2015; 5(3): 244-248.
  18. Human Papillomavirus Vaccine: A New Opportunity for the Treatment of Human Papillomavirus Infections
    Sneha Ambwani, Prabhu Prakash, Seema Surana, Suman Bhansali
    National Journal of Community Medicine. 2014; 5(2): 259-260.
  19. Knowledge and Practice Regarding Oral Rehydration Therapy for Acute Diarrhoea among Mothers of Under-Five Children in an Urban Area of Puducherry, India
    Suman Saurabh, Umakant G Shidam, Manjula Sinnakirouchenan, Mohsina Subair, Loo Guo Hou, Gautam Roy
    National Journal of Community Medicine. 2014; 5(1): 100-104.
    Isra Medical Journal. 2016; 8(1): 14-18.
  21. Hydatid disease-still endemic in the southern region of state of rajasthan: a clinical study carried out in tertiary care hospital
    P. N. Mathur, Suman Parihar, C. P. Joshi, J. L. Kumawat
    . 2016; 3(4): 1802-1805.
  22. Nutritional status and socio-demographic characteristics of the people of southwest coastal region in Bangladesh
    Md. Zelal Hossain, Anik Pal, Md. Amit Hasan, Md. Suman Parvej, Nazneen Nahar, Abdulla-Al-Asif
    Asian-Australasian Journal of Bioscience and Biotechnology. 2016; 1(2): 323-332.
  23. Impact of Low Intensity Physical Activity on the Vitals of Normal Individuals with Varying BMI
    Khansa Bashir Malik, Suman Sheraz, Syeda Mehek Nafees, Mian Imran Amjad
    Journal of Riphah College of Rehabilitation Sciences. 2018; 6(1): 29-32.
  24. Relativity of Platelet Count with Automated Cell Counter & Manual Haemocytometer using Peripheral Blood Smear
    Purnendu Sinha, Moattar Raza Rizvi, Ranjay Kumar Choudhary
    . 2014; 2(1): 41-46.
    Munnam Sohail Jafar, Ahmad Malik, Choudhary Naim Muhammad
    Pakistan Armed Forces Medical Journal. 2017; 67(4): 689-690.
  26. Late occurrence of a congenital diaphragmatic hernia complicating pregnancy: A case report
    Anuradha Kakani, Richa Choudhary, Jyoti Singh, Deepti Shrivastave
    . 2012; 1(1): 47-49.
  27. Clinical Characteristic and Lingering Challenges of Umbilical Cord Blood (UBC) Banking: Future Perspective to Improve Quality of Hematopoietic Stem Cells (HSC)
    Moattar Raza Rizvi, Ranjay Choudhary, Johra Khan, Raid Al-Baradie
    . 2015; 3(1): 14-27.
  28. Correlation of nucleated red blood cells with severity of birth asphyxia and its immediate outcome in term newborns
    Pradeep Meena, Maheshwar Gunawat, Rameshwar L. Suman
    . 2016; 3(3): 841-846.
  29. Evaluation of large duodenal ulcer perforation with special reference to omentopexy and omental plugging
    Suman Parihar, P.N. Mathur, C.P. Joshi
    . 2016; 3(3): 1229-1233.
  30. Evaluation of lipid profile and apolipoproteins in cord blood from tribal and nontribal population of Udaipur region, India
    Suman Jain, Sonal Sogani
    . 2015; 4(6): 1825-1830.
  31. A Cross- Sectional Study to Assess Health Status of Children In Urban Slum In Sagar City
    Ragini Shrivastava, Abhay Kumar Choudhary , Jagrati Kiran Nagar, Rituja Kaushal
    National Journal of Community Medicine. 2015; 6(4): 601-604.
  32. A study on the incidence of retromolar foramen in South Indian adult dried human mandibles and its clinical relevance
    Suman Tiwari, Roopashree Ramakrishna, M. Sangeeta
    . 2015; 3(6): 1383-1387.
  33. A prospective study to assess the safety and expulsion rate of copper T380A in immediate post-partum period during caesarean section
    Preet Kamal Bedi, Manjit Singh Guliani, Suman Bala
    . 2016; 5(9): 3195-3199.
  34. Undocumented variant branching pattern of axillary artery
    Suman, Sunita Kalra, Sarika Rachel Tigga
    . 2016; 4(11): 5068-5070.
  35. Correlation of liver enzymes with serum ferritin levels in β-thalassemia major
    Rameshwar L. Suman, Anuradha Sanadhya, Pradeep Meena, Suresh Goyal
    . 2016; 4(8): 3271-3274.
  36. Clinico-laboratory profile and outcome of edematous severe acute malnutrition in children aged 6 months to 5 years
    Rameshwar Lal Suman, Bharat Lal Sharma, Pradeep Meena, Neeraj Kumar
    . 2016; 3(3): 954-959.
  37. Clinico-pathological study of acute pancreatitis: a prospective study of 30 cases
    Vineet Choudhary, N. S. Shekhawat, Nitu Kumari
    . 2015; 2(2): 191-194.
  38. pH disorders and mortality in surgical intensive care unit patients
    Mahatab Singh Rajawat, S. S. Rathore, Mahendra Choudhary
    . 2016; 3(2): 905-907.
  39. Multiple jejunal diverticulitis presenting with acute intestinal obstruction: a diagnostic dilemma
    Jyoti Ranjan Pani, Suman Saurav Rout
    . 2016; 3(2): 998-1001.
  40. Successful maternal and fetal outcome of pregnancy following heart valve replacement using a sequential anti coagulation regime
    Pooja Tandon, Suman Puri, Balpreet Kaur, Shreeswasti Chaondwal, Supriya Gupta
    . 2015; 4(3): 801-803.
  41. Influence of tobacco on median and ulnar nerve in the population of South Rajasthan
    Suman Sharma, Chanchal Shrivastav, M. L. Suhalka, Manjinder Kaur
    . 2016; 4(1): 74-77.
  42. Hyperuricaemia and essential hypertension: a case control study in Southern Rajasthan
    Chanchal Shrivastav, Suman Sharma, M. L. Suhalka, Manjinder Kaur
    . 2016; 4(1): 78-83.
  43. Study of epidemiological profile, clinico-biochemical spectrum and prognosis of malaria induced renal dysfunction in paediatrics age group
    Suman Panwar, Rajendra Kumar Soni, Nishat Ahmed
    . 2016; 3(1): 91-95.
  44. A case of Poncet's disease
    Lalatendu Mohanty, Debananda Sahoo, Sudhansu Sekhar Panda, Suman Sudha Routray
    . 2015; 2(3): 285-287.
  45. Knowledge, information and need for sexual health education in a rural area of Mandya district
    Suman Fathima, Raghavendra Ramiah, Ramelingegowda Nisarga
    . 2015; 2(2): 131-136.
    Sanjeev Sharma, Suman Sharma, Ramesh Kaubdal, Vipin Kumar Gupta.
    Journal of Research and Education in Indian Medicine (Est.1982). 2014; 20(1): 1-8.
  47. Clinico-pathological profile of liver abscess: a prospective study of 100 cases
    Vineet Choudhary, Avaneesh Chaudhary
    . 2016; 3(1): 266-270.
  48. Study of thyroid function in patients with metabolic syndrome
    Prema Ram Choudhary, Ramesh Chandra D. Jani
    . 2016; 4(6): 2024-2029.
  49. Comparison of peak expiratory flow rate in healthy urban and rural school children in and around Bangalore: a cross sectional study
    Suman Meenakshi Gururaja
    . 2016; 3(1): 77-82.
    Journal of Research and Education in Indian Medicine (Est.1982). 2011; 17(4): 75-81.
  51. Non closure of parietal peritoneum at cesarean section and adhesion formation
    Anjali Choudhary, Neeta Bansal
    . 2013; 2(3): 406-409.
  52. Comparative study of oral methotrexate and acitretin in the treatment of palmoplantar psoriasis
    Suman Babu Parsam, Shankargowda Ireddy
    . 2015; 3(1): 47-52.
  53. High resolution ultra sound and color Doppler in evaluation of thyroid nodule with fine needle aspiration cytology correlation
    Suman Chaudhary, Anand Prakash Verma, Hemant K. Mishra
    . 2016; 4(9): 4113-4118.
  54. Utilization of Postnatal Care Services in Rural Area of Western Rajasthan, India
    Sandeep Kumar Uppadhaya, Suman Bhansali, Sunil Kumar Sivodia, Neha Agrawal, Kapil Garg, Mahendra Singh
    National Journal of Community Medicine. 2016; 7(7): 569-572.
  55. Chronic non-puerperal uterine inversion: a rare case report
    Hanslata Gehlot, Praveen Kumar Choudhary, Seema Sharma
    . 2016; 5(5): 1629-1632.
  56. A clinical study of intestinal stomas: its indications and complications
    Zeeshanuddin Ahmad, Apoorv Sharma, Pradeep Saxena, Anuradha Choudhary, Minhajuddin Ahmed
    . 2013; 1(4): 536-540.
  57. Spontaneous symphysiotomy: rare case review
    Ankita Choudhary, Rekha Jhakhar, Balgopal Singh Bhati
    . 2016; 5(7): 2485-2487.
  58. Relationship between immediate postpartum umbilical cord blood pH and fetal distress
    Naina Kumar, Aakanksha Suman, Krutika Sawant
    . 2016; 3(1): 113-119.
  59. Clinicopathological study of oral submucosal fibrosis androle of steroid, benzoic acid and salicylic acid alone or in combination therapy
    Ramesh Kumar, Deepchand Lal, Suman Bishnoi, Niranjan Nagraj, Gavrav Gupta, Vivek Samor
    . 2016; 3(2): 850-854.
  60. Retrospective study on efficacy and safety of nanoparticle paclitaxel and concurrent radiotherapy in patients with advanced head and neck cancer
    Pradeep K. Chandrakar, Vikram B. Rathore, Vivek Choudhary
    . 2015; 3(8): 2109-2113.
  61. Penile fracture rare urological emergency
    Prateek Shakya, Bhuvan Choudhary, Komal Tripathi, Malvika Sawai
    . 2016; 3(1): 420-421.
  62. Study of intravenous ferric carboxy maltose in iron deficiency anemia in women attending gynecological clinic - safety and efficacy
    Vineet V. Mishra, Nisarg Dharaiya, Rohina Aggarwal, Sumesh Choudhary, Khushali Gandhi
    . 2015; 4(4): 968-971.
  63. Awareness of Health Insurance and Its Related Issues in Rural Areas of Jamnagar District
    Maheshkumar L choudhary, Kalpesh I Goswami, Sudha B Khambhati, Viral R Shah, Naresh R Makwana, Sudha B Yadav
    National Journal of Community Medicine. 2013; 4(2): 267-271.
  64. A Study of Osteoarticular Tuberculosis in a Tertiary Care Hospital of Bhopal, Madhya Pradesh
    Saurabh Sharma, Sanjay Kumar Gupta, Atul Varshney, Archa Sharma, Akhil Bansal, Ashlesh Choudhary
    National Journal of Community Medicine. 2013; 4(1): 117-120.
  65. Myocardial performance index in severe acute malnutrition children aged 6 month to 5 years
    Reeta Meena, Rameshwar Lal Suman, Pradeep Meena, Shiv Lal Meena
    . 2016; 3(3): 833-836.
  66. Ultrasonographic evaluation of first trimester bleeding per vaginum
    Neelam Gupta, Meenakshi Samariya, Devika Choudhary, Kanti Yadav, Pushpa Kannoujiya
    . 2016; 5(9): 3085-3087.
  67. Role of heparin in microvascular free flap surgery in head and neck reconstruction
    Gunjan Agrawal, Ashutosh Gupta, Vivek Choudhary, Santanu Tiwari, Kshitij Verma, Hitesh Dubey
    . 2015; 2(4): 534-538.
  68. Evaluating condom catheter balloon tamponade in non-traumatic postpartum haemorrhage resistant to medical management
    Syed Nawaz Ahmad, Sunita Seth, Shefali Agarwal, Swati Choudhary
    . 2016; 5(6): 1874-1878.
  69. Risk of premature luteinization in IVF cycles and its impact on clinical pregnancy rate
    Manisha Choudhary, Sangita Sharma, Mohan Lal Swarankar, Shiv Lal Bhardwaj
    . 2016; 4(1): 139-143.
  70. Maternal and fetal outcome in epidural analgesia study
    Jaya Choudhary, Himanshu Sharma, Veena Acharya
    . 2016; 5(10): 3547-3551.
  71. Interleukin-6 in obese type II diabetes with hypertension
    Victoria Laishram, Chanchal Lamabam, Shaini Laikangbam, Abhishek Dubey, Chubalemla Longkumer, Soumadip Sharma, Suman Debnath, Rupak Das
    . 2016; 4(3): 896-901.
  72. Maternal and fetal outcome in antepartum haemorrhage: a study at tertiary care hospital
    Kshama Kedar, Prashant Uikey, Ashwini Pawar, Anuja Choudhary
    . 2016; 5(5): 1386-1391.
  73. Successful repair of mandibular symphyseal fracture in a Dog
    S. K. Tiwari, G. D. Kaushal, R. Sharda, Harinder Singh, Yugesh Choudhary
    . 2012; 5(12): 762-763.
  74. Severe acute malnutrition: seasonal variations in Southern Rajasthan, India
    Sanjay Singla, Rameshwar L. Suman, Pradeep Meena, Suresh Goyal, Rupali Jain, Suresh Meena
    . 2016; 4(12): 5310-5313.
  75. Exploring Purple Leaf Sandcherry (Prunus cistena) Extracts Based Indicator to Monitor Meat Quality during Storage at 101 C
    Suman Talukder, Sanjod Kumar Mendiratta
    International Journal of Livestock Research. 2017; 7(8): 214-220.
  76. Aplastic anemia in pregnancy: a rare case report
    Vineet Mishra, Priyankur Roy, Bhumika Vyas, Rohina Aggarwal, Sumesh Choudhary, Neha Mehta
    . 2016; 5(12): 4506-4508.
  77. 24 hour ambulatory blood pressure monitoring and left ventricular ejection fraction- prognostic markers in chronic kidney disease
    Lekharaj Choudhary, Poonam Gupta, Arvind Gupta, Piyush Saxena, Ajeet K. Chaurasia
    . 2016; 3(2): 402-408.
  78. A novel treatment option in management of tubal ectopic pregnancy after in vitro fertilization with embryo transfer by trans-vaginal aspiration of gestational sac: a case report
    Vineet Mishra, Priyankur Roy, Sumesh Choudhary, Rohina Aggarwal, Khushali Gandhi, Suwa Ram Saini
    . 2016; 5(10): 3648-3650.
  79. Predictive value of subendometrial endometrial blood flow assessment by transvaginal 3D power doppler on the day of HCG on clinical outcome of IVF cycles
    Manisha Choudhary, Jai Chowdhary, Mohan Lal Swarankar, Shiv Lal Bharadwaj
    . 2015; 3(11): 3114-3118.
  80. Retrospective analysis of breast lumps in a given population: an institutional study
    Sandeep Kumar Goyal, Deepak Choudhary, Sandeep Beniwal, Pawan Kapoor, P. K. Goyal
    . 2016; 3(3): 1547-1550.
  81. Non decent vaginal hysterectomy: personal experience of 105 cases
    Suman Mehla, Nimmi Chutani, Monika Gupta
    . 2015; 4(1): 61-65.
  82. A gender based comparative analysis of laboratory investigations in scrub typhus patients at tertiary care teaching hospital of Southern Rajasthan, India
    Syed Javed, Sanjay Paliwal, Shubhakaran Sharma, Savita Choudhary
    . 2016; 4(4): 1124-1127.
    Mayur Gahlout, Poonam Chauhan, Hiren Prajapati, Suman saroj, Poonam Narale
    Journal of Applied Biology & Biotechnology. 2017; 5(4): 76-79.
  84. 24 Hours chronomics of ambulatory blood pressure and its relation with circadian rhythm of 6-sulfatoxy melatonin in night shift health care workers
    B. Anjum, Narsingh Verma, Sandeep Tiwari, Abbas A Mahdi, Ranjana Singh, Qulsoom Naaz, Saumya Mishra, Prerna Singh, Suman Gautam, Shipra Bhardwaj
    . 2015; 3(8): 1922-1931.
  85. Blood gases and oxygen saturation response to active cycle of breathing techniques in COPD patients during phase I of cardiac rehabilitation
    Suman Sheraz, Furqan Ahmed Siddiqi, Syed Ali Zaidi, Imran Amjad
    Rawal Medical Journal. 2015; 40(3): 259-262.
  86. Morphological status of assimilated atlas vertebra with occipital bone and its clinical significance
    Krishna Gopal, Alok Kumar Choudhary, Jolly Agarwal, Sadakat Ali
    . 2015; 3(2): 420-424.
  87. Comparative study of nifepidine and isoxsuprine in suppression of preterm labour
    Prerna Jain, Supriya Suman, Manju Gita Mishra
    . 2016; 5(11): 3754-3757.
  88. Flies Menaces in Dairy Farm and its Strategies for Prevention and Control- An Overview
    Sanjay Choudhary, Rohit Kumar, Yamini Choudhary, Madan Lal Kamboj, Ajit Kumar, Suresh Kumar, Abhishek Paul
    International Journal of Livestock Research. 2019; 9(6): 1-16.
  89. Effect of germinated Glycine max seeds on glycemic control in STZ+NAD induced type 2 diabetic models: a preliminary study
    Richa Gupta, Suman Bala Sharma
    Journal of Experimental and Integrative Medicine. 2012; 2(2): 155-160.
  90. Variations in suprascapular notch morphology and its clinical importance
    Krishna Gopal, Alok Kumar Choudhary, Jolly Agarwal, Virendra Kumar
    . 2015; 3(1): 301-306.
  91. Epidemiology of Laboratory Confirmed Measles and Rubella Outbreaks in Rajasthan
    Pooja Choudhary, Sushil Kumar Singh, Manoj Verma, Sunil Kumar
    National Journal of Community Medicine. 2018; 9(8): 570-573.
  92. Primary ovarian pregnancy: early diagnosis still a myth
    Suman Lata Mendiratta, Smriti Anand, Rajni Mittal, Farheen Khan, Namrata Nargotra
    . 2016; 5(9): 3238-3241.
  93. A comparative study of profile of infections in diabetic and non-diabetic Patients
    Soeb Jankhwala, Suman Singh, Sarita Nayak
    International Journal of Medical Science and Public Health. 2014; 3(8): 982-985.
  94. A comparative study of cognitive insight in schizophrenia patients with and without depression
    Vijay Choudhary, Girish Chandra Baniya, Sanjay Jain
    . 2016; 4(6): 2367-2372.
  95. Transition Stress in Dairy Cattle- Role of Energy Balance and Micronutrients
    Tanmay Mondal, Mokshata Gupta, B. C. Parthasarathi, Amit Khatti, Shiv Varan Singh, Shyam Sundar Choudhary
    International Journal of Livestock Research. 2018; 8(11): 22-28.
  96. Paracetamol Toxicity in a Cat
    J. B. Rajesh, Karunanidhi Mahendran, A. G. Bhanuprakash, Aiswarya Lekshmanan, Shyam Sundar Choudhary, Shivendra Kumar Dixit
    International Journal of Livestock Research. 2017; 7(2): 212-214.
  97. Late onset scrotal migration of the distal catheter of a ventriculoperitoneal shunt in a 4-year-old male with post meningitic hydrocephalus - a case report and review of literature
    Gouri Sankar Sarangi, Sureswar Mohanty, Suman Saurav Rout
    . 2016; 3(1): 390-393.
  98. Long term of Aspartame exposure alters innate and acquired immunity of Wistar albino rats
    Arbind Kumar Choudhary, Rathinasamy Sheela Devi
    American Journal of Physiology, Biochemistry and Pharmacology. 2014; 3(4): 143-148.
  99. Evaluation of some minerals in cord blood from tribal and nontribal population of Udaipur region
    Suman Jain, Achleswar Prasad Gupta
    . 2016; 4(2): 495-498.
  100. Efficacy of Basella alba and Tribulus terrestris extracts for production of monosex Nile tilapia, Oreochromis niloticus
    Indranath Ghosal, Debosree Mukherjee, Csaba Hancz, Suman Bhusan Chakraborty
    Journal of Applied Pharmaceutical Science. 2015; 5(8): 152-158.



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