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  1. Effects of hormonal contraceptives on prevalence of metabolic syndrome in women
    Isam Hamo Mahmood, Hanaan Jadaan Ali
    Rawal Medical Journal. 2012; 37(2): 199-202.
  2. Effect Of Various Game On Physical Competence Of School Students
    Dr. Bhupendra Singh Chouhan , Chander Shaker Yadav
    Elementary Education Online. 2021; 20(2): 2088-2104.
  3. Variation of egg proteins between bird varieties by using SDS-PAGE
    Questan Ali Amin; Hemn Ghazi Zhahir; Ahmed Sami Shaker
    Al-Anbar Journal of Veterinary Sciences. 2019; 12(1): 68-73.
  4. Using Double Dose of GnRH for Reducing Incidence of Cystic Ovaries in Cows
    Wael MB Noseir, Kamal K Metwally, Negm N Shaker
    Alexandria Journal of Veterinary Sciences. 2013; 39(1): 124-132.
  5. Trimetazidine Improves the Outcome of EECP Therapy in Patients with Refractory Angina Pectoris
    Saad Rasool Shaker, Fadhil Al-Amran, Ghizal Fatima, Hayder Al-Aubaid, Najah R Hadi
    Medical Archives. 2020; 74(3): 199-204.
  6. Comparative Study of two Doses of Intrathecal Dexmedetomidine Versus Fentanyl as Adjuvant to Hyperbaric Bupivacaine Spinal Anesthesia
    Mahmoud M Amer, Doaa A Rashwan, Maha A Shaker
    Medicine Science | International Medical Journal. 2015; 4(3): 2450-64.
  7. Estimation of Genetic Diversity in Four Genetic Groups of Local Kurdish Chicken Using RAPD-PCR
    Ahmed S. Shaker, Questan A. Ameen2 Rana M. Al-Obaidi, Sehand K. Arif, Sirwan S. Sleman, Beston F. Nore, Hani N. Hermiz, Shahla M.S. Kirkuki and Taher R. Al-Khatib
    Al-Anbar Journal of Veterinary Sciences. 2020; 13(2): 100-108.
    hossam zarif ghobrial , Ehab Hanafy Shaker
    Anaesthesia, Pain & Intensive Care. 2019; 23(3): 256-262.
  9. When the blood clots unveil the infection: Venous thrombo-embolism associated with Tuberculous lymphadenitis
    Wael Naeem Shaker Gadalla, Fady Zakharious, Avisek Datta
    European Journal of Medical Case Reports. 2021; 5(10): 301-304.
  10. Correlation Between TLR-2 and Staphyllococcal infection in patients with bladder diseases
    *Zeana Shaker Al-Hindi, Huda H. AlHasnawy, Haider AbdulRidha Alkafaji
    Journal of Complementary Medicine Research. 2022; 13(1): 98-101.
  11. Knowledge level about Crimean-Congo hemorrhagic fever among a sample of medical students in Mosul City, Iraq
    Fahad Myasar Mohammed Taqi, Tabarek Ayad Noori, Ehab Mohammed Shaker
    Rawal Medical Journal. 2023; 48(3): 614-617.
  12. Efficacy and Safety of Different Antimycotic Formulas Used in Sheep Frozen Semen Extenders
    Fadwa M. Othman, Diya A. El-Badry, Mahmoud I. Mohamed, Mona H. Shaker, Hossam R. Kotb and Helmy A.Torky
    Alexandria Journal of Veterinary Sciences. 2016; 48(2): 77-82.
  13. Phytochemical study, phenolic profile and antigastric ulcer activity of Morus macroura Miq. fruits extract
    E. K. Farrag, M. E. S. Kassem, D. Bayoumi, S. E. Shaker, M. S. Afifi
    Journal of Applied Pharmaceutical Science. 2017; 7(5): 152-160.
  14. Anatomical Study on the Gills with its Respiratory Circulation in Shovelnose Ray Fish (Glaucostegus Typus)
    Nora A. Shaker and Hamdy M. Rezk
    Alexandria Journal of Veterinary Sciences. 2017; 52(1): 125-132.
  15. Level of TNF-alpha and anti-CMV in pulmonary tuberculosis patients
    Zaytoon A Alkhafaji, Ali Mahmoud Shaker, Huda Hadi Al-Hasnawy, Mohammed Mohsen, Younis Abdulridha Alkhafaji, Entisar J Al-Mukhtar
    Rawal Medical Journal. 2022; 47(4): 815-817.
  16. Risk Factors and Management of Acute Pancreatitis; A Systematic Review
    Naveed Noor Khan, Lajeen Naser Alnowaisser, Abdulrahman Mohammed Alomari, Ahmed Abdulaziz Asiri, Norah Abdulraof Alharbi, Khulood Abdullah Bayazeed, Norah Saad Jadaan, Raed Gormallah Alalyani, Saif Nasser Alanazi, Samar Shawqi Algheryafi
    International Journal of Medicine in Developing Countries. 2024; 8(1): 471-480.
  17. Detection of caffeic and chlorogenic acids from methanolic extract of Annona squamosa bark by LC-ESI-MS/MS
    Hamzah Abdulrahman Salman, Senthilkumar Ramasamy, Bassam Shaker Mahmood
    Journal of Complementary Medicine Research. 2018; 7(1): 76-81.
  18. Antioxidant, antimicrobial activities of flavonoids glycoside from Leucaena leucocephala leaves
    Reda S. Mohammed, Sahar S. El Souda, Hanan A.A. Taie, Maysa E.Moharam, Kamel H. Shaker
    Journal of Applied Pharmaceutical Science. 2015; 5(6): 138-147.
  19. The effect of zinc and Vitamin A supplements in treating and reducing the incidence of upper respiratory tract infections in children
    Shereen Mohamad Shaker, Hassan Fathy, Eman K A Abdelall, Amira S A Said
    National Journal of Physiology, Pharmacy and Pharmacology. 2018; 8(7): 1010-1017.
  20. The perception of family medicine residents regarding emergency department
    Ahmed Ali Alsaad, Fatimh Mohammed BinSweileh, Mustafa Shaker Alfehaid, Hashim Hussain Alnahwi, Hamad Adel Almohsen, Nouf Saleh Alzuheri
    International Journal of Medicine in Developing Countries. 2019; 3(4): 344-347.
  21. A study on the effect of occupational activities on the prevalence of carpal tunnel syndrome in Abha City, Saudi Arabia
    Saeed Altheeb, Shaker Alshehri, Abdulmohsen Kardm, Raed Hussain, Mohammed Alamri, Saif Alasmari, Khaled Al Bejadi
    International Journal of Medicine in Developing Countries. 2020; 4(4): 788-792.
  22. A cross-sectional study to find the prevalence of amiodarone related adverse effects in patients with various cardiovascular disorders in a teaching hospital in Western Area of Saudi Arabia
    Ahmad Shaker Ali, Ashraf AlBukhari, Mazen Humayran, Abdulaziz AlShamrani, Maan Samkari, Abdulrahman Batarfi, Abdullah Duwaidi
    International Journal of Medicine in Developing Countries. 2022; 6(2): 293-300.
  23. The pattern of acute heart failure as an emergency situation in Eastern Saudi Arabia
    Mohammed Abdullah Alhashim, Hussain Shaker Almazyadi, Waleed Ibrahim Alshammari, Mohammed Yousif Alaissawi, Amina Abduljalil Hasan Abdulla, Ola Adel Mohammed, Mahdi Hussain Almubarak, Abdullah Yahya Alfaifi, Hassan Ali Alyousef, Maitham Saeed Alzaer, May Ebaidan Althibaiti,
    International Journal of Medicine in Developing Countries. 2019; 3(1): 15-21.
  24. Design, synthesis, and biological evaluation of 2-(4-(methylsulfonyl) phenyl) indole derivatives with promising COX-2 inhibitory activity
    Ahmed M. M. Shaker, Eman K. A. Abdelall, Khaled R. A. Abdellatif, Hamdy M. Abdel-Rahman
    Journal of Applied Pharmaceutical Science. 2018; 8(11): 1-8.
  25. Prevalence of Dry Eye Syndrome among the Population of Saudi Arabia
    Saad H. Alenezi, Deema Ghalib Almutairi, Mohamed Julayyil Alanazi, Sultan Musallam Alshammari, Shaker O. Alreshidi, Hani B. AlBalawi, Khalid Athal Alanazi
    Majmaah Journal of Health Sciences. 2022; 10(2): 14-23.
  26. Awareness of mothers toward puberty health of girls
    Mohammed Yahya Alderaan, Tariq Saeed M. Dalmakh, Fayez Ali Ahmed Al-Zahrani, Mohammed Saaduddin Sahibzada, Abdullah Aedh Aftan, Duha Saleh Ahmed Abdulla, Abdulrazaq Oudah Shaker Alzahrani, Amal Hussain Almutairi, Manaf A. Hussain Mada, Sahar Yousef Al-Hawsawi
    International Journal of Medicine in Developing Countries. 2020; 4(7): 1041-1045.
  27. The changes in attitude and practice regarding COVID-19 among physicians in Makkah, Saudi Arabia
    Shumukh Alqahtani, Murouj Almaghrabi, Rawan AlOsaimy, Alhanouf Almuflihi, Abee Shaker El-Moursy Ali
    International Journal of Medicine in Developing Countries. 2021; 5(5): 1149-1159.
  28. Antimicrobial resistance patterns of Staphylococcus aureus isolated from apparently healthy pet cats of Bangladesh
    Shanta Das, Ajran Kabir, Chandra Shaker Chouhan, Md. Ahosanul Haque Shahid, Tasmia Habib, Md. Alamgir Kobir, Md. Zawad Hossain, Marzia Rahman, K . H. M. Nazmul Hussain Nazir
    Journal of Advanced Veterinary and Animal Research. 2023; 10(3): 545-553.
  29. Knowledge of lower back pain by selected demographic variables among clinical students in Abha, Saudi Arabia
    Ibrahim Alburaidi, Khaled Alravie, Saleh Al Qahtani, Hani Dibssan, Nawaf Abdulhadi, Ahmed Almania, Hashim Alneami, Alharith Alnaji, Saleh Alharthi, Shaker Alshehri
    International Journal of Medicine in Developing Countries. 2020; 4(11): 1801-1805.
  30. Effects of osmotic shock on production of β-carotene and glycerol in a naturally isolated strain of Dunaliella salina
    Nima Montazeri-Najafabady, Manica Negahdaripour, Mohammad Hossein Salehi, Mohammad Hossein Morowvat, Saeedeh Shaker, Younes Ghasemi
    Journal of Applied Pharmaceutical Science. 2016; 6(8): 160-163.
  31. Pattern and determinants of musculoskeletal pain among surgeons in Abha and Khamis Mushet City, Saudi Arabia
    Alshehri Shaker, Alaa Abdulrhman Almazzah, Arwa Hassan Asiri, Mohammed Saad Alamri, Mohammed Ali M. AlQahtani, Maram Ali Abdullah Al-Mteer, Mona Hassan M. Alkhayri, Zainab Sultan Alamri
    International Journal of Medicine in Developing Countries. 2020; 4(3): 652-659.
  32. Isolation, adaptation, and characterization of lumpy skin disease virus from cattle in Bangladesh
    Sumaiya Pervin, Md. Mostakin Ahamed, Chandra Shaker Chouhan, Md. Salim Jahan, Rony Ahmed, K. H. M. Nazmul Hussain Nazir, Mahbubul Pratik Siddique, Md. Tanvir Rahman, Md. Abdul Kafi, Md. Bahanur Rahman
    Journal of Advanced Veterinary and Animal Research. 2023; 10(3): 563-569.
  33. Level of awareness and knowledge of osteoporosis among medical students in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia: a cross-sectional study
    Yousef Tawfik Khoja, Ahmed Abdullah Altuwaim, Mohammed Saleh Algahtani, Fahad Saeed Al Asim, Abdulaziz Abdulrahman Aldayel, Rajeh Hassan Alshehri, Hamad Abdulaziz Alhussain, Majed Shaker Alasbali
    International Journal of Medicine in Developing Countries. 2021; 5(7): 1350-1369.

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