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  1. Relativity of Platelet Count with Automated Cell Counter & Manual Haemocytometer using Peripheral Blood Smear
    Purnendu Sinha, Moattar Raza Rizvi, Ranjay Kumar Choudhary
    . 2014; 2(1): 41-46.
  2. Evaluation of Hepatitis B Core Antibody (Total) in the presence of ID-NAT
    Ranjay K Choudhary, Moattar R Rizvi
    . 2013; 1(2): 22-28.
  3. Clinical Characteristic and Lingering Challenges of Umbilical Cord Blood (UBC) Banking: Future Perspective to Improve Quality of Hematopoietic Stem Cells (HSC)
    Moattar Raza Rizvi, Ranjay Choudhary, Johra Khan, Raid Al-Baradie
    . 2015; 3(1): 14-27.
  4. A Cross- Sectional Study to Assess Health Status of Children In Urban Slum In Sagar City
    Ragini Shrivastava, Abhay Kumar Choudhary , Jagrati Kiran Nagar, Rituja Kaushal
    National Journal of Community Medicine. 2015; 6(4): 601-604.
  5. Variations in suprascapular notch morphology and its clinical importance
    Krishna Gopal, Alok Kumar Choudhary, Jolly Agarwal, Virendra Kumar
    . 2015; 3(1): 301-306.
  6. Epidemiology of Laboratory Confirmed Measles and Rubella Outbreaks in Rajasthan
    Pooja Choudhary, Sushil Kumar Singh, Manoj Verma, Sunil Kumar
    National Journal of Community Medicine. 2018; 9(8): 570-573.
  7. Knowledge regarding breastfeeding and factors associated with its practice among postnatal mothers in central India
    Abhay Kumar Choudhary, Vishal Bankwar, Asha Choudhary
    International Journal of Medical Science and Public Health. 2015; 4(7): 973-976.
  8. Chronic non-puerperal uterine inversion: a rare case report
    Hanslata Gehlot, Praveen Kumar Choudhary, Seema Sharma
    . 2016; 5(5): 1629-1632.
  9. Study on Cattle Housing Practices in Relationship to Herd Size in Non-Tribal Area of Udaipur District of Rajasthan
    Shweta Choudhary, M. L. Gurjar, Vikas Choudhary, Padma Meel, Subha Ganguly
    International Journal of Livestock Research. 2017; 7(12): 87-92.
  10. A Study of Osteoarticular Tuberculosis in a Tertiary Care Hospital of Bhopal, Madhya Pradesh
    Saurabh Sharma, Sanjay Kumar Gupta, Atul Varshney, Archa Sharma, Akhil Bansal, Ashlesh Choudhary
    National Journal of Community Medicine. 2013; 4(1): 117-120.
  11. Flies Menaces in Dairy Farm and its Strategies for Prevention and Control- An Overview
    Sanjay Choudhary, Rohit Kumar, Yamini Choudhary, Madan Lal Kamboj, Ajit Kumar, Suresh Kumar, Abhishek Paul
    International Journal of Livestock Research. 2019; 9(6): 1-16.
  12. Retrospective analysis of breast lumps in a given population: an institutional study
    Sandeep Kumar Goyal, Deepak Choudhary, Sandeep Beniwal, Pawan Kapoor, P. K. Goyal
    . 2016; 3(3): 1547-1550.
  13. Study on Cattle Feeding Practices in Relationship to Herd Size in Non Tribal Area of Udaipur District of Rajasthan
    Shweta Choudhary, M. L. Gurjar, Vikas Choudhary, Padma Meel, Subha Ganguly
    International Journal of Livestock Research. 2018; 8(10): 276-280.
  14. Morphological status of assimilated atlas vertebra with occipital bone and its clinical significance
    Krishna Gopal, Alok Kumar Choudhary, Jolly Agarwal, Sadakat Ali
    . 2015; 3(2): 420-424.
  15. Effect of life-style related practices on sexual and reproductive health of eligible couples: A mixed method exploratory study
    Sanjeev Davey, Santosh Kumar Raghav, Jaivir Singh, Anuradha Davey, Shailendra Kumar, Pradeep Kumar Choudhary
    TAF Preventive Medicine Bulletin. 2016; 15(3): 220-228.
  16. Title-: Role of Nalbuphine as an adjuvant to Ropivacaine in supraclavicular block- A Randomized Control Study
    Vinod Kumar Yadav , Amit Kumar Choudhary , Mukesh Kumar Prasad, Gurdeep Singh jheetay, Amber Kumar, Razi Shahid
    . 2019; 23(2): 0-0.
  17. Milking and Calf Rearing Management Practices Followed by Gir Cattle Owners for Conservation of Gir Cattle in Ajmer District of Rajasthan
    Vikramjit Singh, Subhash Chander Goswami, Vijay Kumar, Poonam Choudhary, Arun Kumar Jhirwal, Rupali Shringi
    International Journal of Livestock Research. 2018; 8(12): 160-167.
  18. Paracetamol Toxicity in a Cat
    J. B. Rajesh, Karunanidhi Mahendran, A. G. Bhanuprakash, Aiswarya Lekshmanan, Shyam Sundar Choudhary, Shivendra Kumar Dixit
    International Journal of Livestock Research. 2017; 7(2): 212-214.
  19. Long term of Aspartame exposure alters innate and acquired immunity of Wistar albino rats
    Arbind Kumar Choudhary, Rathinasamy Sheela Devi
    American Journal of Physiology, Biochemistry and Pharmacology. 2014; 3(4): 143-148.
  20. Histomorphology of the Pulmonary Alveoli of Goat (Capra hircus)
    M.A. Baba and A.R. Choudhary
    . 2008; 1(10): 312-313.
  21. Estimation of Neutrophils and Total Leucocyte Count in Blood and Neutrophils Count in Colostrum after Supplementation of Copper and Zinc to Kankrej Cows
    Narender Kumar Poonia, Arun Kumar Jhirwal, Subhash Chandra Goswami, Vijay Kumar, Garima Choudhary
    International Journal of Livestock Research. 2019; 9(3): 119-128.
  22. Digital Rectal Examination, Transrectal Ultrasound and Prostate Specific Antigen As A Tripple Assesment Diagnostic Tool For Benign Enlargement of Prostate
    Miteshkumar R. Trivedi, Bhooraram A. Choudhary
    National Journal of Medical Research. 2015; 5(3): 244-248.
  23. Prevalence of Allergen Sensitivity in Nasobronchial Allergy in Gujarat, India
    Anand Patel, Sushmita Choudhary
    National Journal of Medical Research. 2012; 2(4): 431-434.
  24. Effect of Post Inspiratory Pause on Forced Expiratory Vital Capacity Maneuver
    Sushmita Choudhary, Anand Patel
    National Journal of Medical Research. 2012; 2(4): 461-462.
  25. Influence of Genetic and Non-Genetic Factors on Production Traits of Tharparkar Cattle at Organized Farm
    Garima Choudhary, Urmila Pannu, Gyan Chand Gahlot, Amit Kumar, Narender Kumar Poonia
    International Journal of Livestock Research. 2019; 9(3): 148-156.
  26. Effect of aspartame in spinal cord and its motor behavior in Wistar albino rats.
    Arbind kumar choudhary, Sheeladevi Rathinasamy
    Journal of Behavioral Health. 2014; 3(2): 107-111.
  27. The Effect of Dietary Copper, Zinc and Their Combination on Somatic Cell Counts and Daily Milk Yield of Kankrej Cattle in Arid Zone of Rajasthan
    Narender Kumar Poonia, Arun Kumar Jhirwal, Subhash Chandra Goswami , Garima Choudhary
    International Journal of Livestock Research. 2019; 9(1): 350-359.
    Isra Medical Journal. 2016; 8(1): 14-18.
  29. Late occurrence of a congenital diaphragmatic hernia complicating pregnancy: A case report
    Anuradha Kakani, Richa Choudhary, Jyoti Singh, Deepti Shrivastave
    . 2012; 1(1): 47-49.
    Munnam Sohail Jafar, Ahmad Malik, Choudhary Naim Muhammad
    Pakistan Armed Forces Medical Journal. 2017; 67(4): 689-690.
  31. Maternal heart rate variability during different trimesters of pregnancy
    Tanwir Alam, Arbind Kumar Choudhary, Sendil Kumaran D
    National Journal of Physiology, Pharmacy and Pharmacology. 2018; 8(11): 1475-1480.
  32. Effect of aspartame on lipid peroxidation and membrane bound enzymes in immune organs of rats
    Arbind Kumar Choudhary, Rathinasamy Sheeladevi
    Oxidants and Antioxidants in Medical Science. 2014; 3(2): 129-134.
  33. Clinico-pathological study of acute pancreatitis: a prospective study of 30 cases
    Vineet Choudhary, N. S. Shekhawat, Nitu Kumari
    . 2015; 2(2): 191-194.
  34. pH disorders and mortality in surgical intensive care unit patients
    Mahatab Singh Rajawat, S. S. Rathore, Mahendra Choudhary
    . 2016; 3(2): 905-907.
  35. Study of thyroid function in patients with metabolic syndrome
    Prema Ram Choudhary, Ramesh Chandra D. Jani
    . 2016; 4(6): 2024-2029.
  36. Clinico-pathological profile of liver abscess: a prospective study of 100 cases
    Vineet Choudhary, Avaneesh Chaudhary
    . 2016; 3(1): 266-270.
  37. Non closure of parietal peritoneum at cesarean section and adhesion formation
    Anjali Choudhary, Neeta Bansal
    . 2013; 2(3): 406-409.
  38. A clinical study of intestinal stomas: its indications and complications
    Zeeshanuddin Ahmad, Apoorv Sharma, Pradeep Saxena, Anuradha Choudhary, Minhajuddin Ahmed
    . 2013; 1(4): 536-540.
  39. Spontaneous symphysiotomy: rare case review
    Ankita Choudhary, Rekha Jhakhar, Balgopal Singh Bhati
    . 2016; 5(7): 2485-2487.
  40. Penile fracture rare urological emergency
    Prateek Shakya, Bhuvan Choudhary, Komal Tripathi, Malvika Sawai
    . 2016; 3(1): 420-421.
  41. Retrospective study on efficacy and safety of nanoparticle paclitaxel and concurrent radiotherapy in patients with advanced head and neck cancer
    Pradeep K. Chandrakar, Vikram B. Rathore, Vivek Choudhary
    . 2015; 3(8): 2109-2113.
  42. Study of intravenous ferric carboxy maltose in iron deficiency anemia in women attending gynecological clinic - safety and efficacy
    Vineet V. Mishra, Nisarg Dharaiya, Rohina Aggarwal, Sumesh Choudhary, Khushali Gandhi
    . 2015; 4(4): 968-971.
  43. Awareness of Health Insurance and Its Related Issues in Rural Areas of Jamnagar District
    Maheshkumar L choudhary, Kalpesh I Goswami, Sudha B Khambhati, Viral R Shah, Naresh R Makwana, Sudha B Yadav
    National Journal of Community Medicine. 2013; 4(2): 267-271.
  44. Prospective study to correlate the level of glycosylated haemoglobin with wound healing, vasculopathy and neuropathy in diabetic foot patients
    Brajkishor Kumar, Manish Kumar Mishra, Ajit Sinha, Rajesh Kumar Soni, Dharmendra Kumar Patel
    . 2016; 3(4): 2087-2091.
  45. Role of heparin in microvascular free flap surgery in head and neck reconstruction
    Gunjan Agrawal, Ashutosh Gupta, Vivek Choudhary, Santanu Tiwari, Kshitij Verma, Hitesh Dubey
    . 2015; 2(4): 534-538.
  46. Ultrasonographic evaluation of first trimester bleeding per vaginum
    Neelam Gupta, Meenakshi Samariya, Devika Choudhary, Kanti Yadav, Pushpa Kannoujiya
    . 2016; 5(9): 3085-3087.
  47. Evaluating condom catheter balloon tamponade in non-traumatic postpartum haemorrhage resistant to medical management
    Syed Nawaz Ahmad, Sunita Seth, Shefali Agarwal, Swati Choudhary
    . 2016; 5(6): 1874-1878.
  48. Risk of premature luteinization in IVF cycles and its impact on clinical pregnancy rate
    Manisha Choudhary, Sangita Sharma, Mohan Lal Swarankar, Shiv Lal Bhardwaj
    . 2016; 4(1): 139-143.
  49. Use of Herbal Preparations in Dry Cow Management against Sub Clinical Mastitis - An Alternative Approach
    Tripti Kumari, Champak Bhakat, Rajeev Kumar Choudhary
    International Journal of Livestock Research. 2019; 9(3): 21-27.
  50. Maternal and fetal outcome in epidural analgesia study
    Jaya Choudhary, Himanshu Sharma, Veena Acharya
    . 2016; 5(10): 3547-3551.
  51. Medicinal plants with potential anti-arthritic activity:
    Manjusha Choudhary, Vipin Kumar, Hitesh Malhotra, Surender Singh
    Journal of Complementary Medicine Research. 2015; 4(2): 147-179.
  52. Maternal and fetal outcome in antepartum haemorrhage: a study at tertiary care hospital
    Kshama Kedar, Prashant Uikey, Ashwini Pawar, Anuja Choudhary
    . 2016; 5(5): 1386-1391.
  53. Rosai-Dorfman disease in a child with involvement of extra-nodal wrist joint
    Rajjyoti Das, Jagannath Dev Sharma, Nizara Baishya, Manigreeva Krishnatreya, Binoy Kumar Choudhary, Amal Chandra Kataki
    . 2015; 3(1): 357-360.
  54. A term live advanced abdominal pregnancy: a rare case report
    Seema Sharma, Hanslata Gehlot, Dinesh Dutt Sharma, Suman Choudhary
    . 2016; 5(4): 1233-1236.
  55. Successful repair of mandibular symphyseal fracture in a Dog
    S. K. Tiwari, G. D. Kaushal, R. Sharda, Harinder Singh, Yugesh Choudhary
    . 2012; 5(12): 762-763.
  56. Aplastic anemia in pregnancy: a rare case report
    Vineet Mishra, Priyankur Roy, Bhumika Vyas, Rohina Aggarwal, Sumesh Choudhary, Neha Mehta
    . 2016; 5(12): 4506-4508.
  57. 24 hour ambulatory blood pressure monitoring and left ventricular ejection fraction- prognostic markers in chronic kidney disease
    Lekharaj Choudhary, Poonam Gupta, Arvind Gupta, Piyush Saxena, Ajeet K. Chaurasia
    . 2016; 3(2): 402-408.
  58. Fulminant meningococcemia with meningococcal meningitis in the neonate: a case report
    Durgesh Kumar, Rajesh Kumar Yadav, Dinesh Kumar Singh, Indra Kumar Sharma, Krishan Mohan Shukla, Mohammad Avais
    . 2014; 1(3): 190-192.
  59. Hospital acquired acute renal failure
    Pankaj Kumar, Varun Deep Dogra, Dhiraj Kapoor, Rupinder Kumar, Vishnu Kumar Aggarwal, Manoj Kumar, Ansari Mohd Shoeb
    . 2015; 3(1): 77-82.
  60. Effect of blood culture reports on antibiotics use by physicians in septic patients of intensive care unit
    Savita Choudhary, Arvind Kumar Yadav, Shubhakaran Sharma, Meenu Pichholiya, Puneet Sharma
    . 2015; 3(9): 2425-2428.
  61. Evaluation of auditory evoked response among type-II diabetic individuals in central India
    Chhaya Batham, Arbind Kumar Choudhary, Praveen S. Yousuf
    National Journal of Physiology, Pharmacy and Pharmacology. 2017; 7(10): 1061-1069.
  62. Genetic Studies on Lifetime Traits of Tharparkar Cattle at Beechwal Farm in Bikaner
    Garima Choudhary, Urmila Pannu, Gyan Chand Gahlot, Manju Nehara, Narender Kumar Poonia
    International Journal of Livestock Research. 2019; 9(5): 113-119.
  63. A novel treatment option in management of tubal ectopic pregnancy after in vitro fertilization with embryo transfer by trans-vaginal aspiration of gestational sac: a case report
    Vineet Mishra, Priyankur Roy, Sumesh Choudhary, Rohina Aggarwal, Khushali Gandhi, Suwa Ram Saini
    . 2016; 5(10): 3648-3650.
  64. Predictive value of subendometrial – endometrial blood flow assessment by transvaginal 3D power doppler on the day of HCG on clinical outcome of IVF cycles
    Manisha Choudhary, Jai Chowdhary, Mohan Lal Swarankar, Shiv Lal Bharadwaj
    . 2015; 3(11): 3114-3118.
  65. Computational, structural and functional aspects of hypothetical protein of Aspergillus flavus Pheromone Receptor Pre-A (PRP-A)
    Maneesh Kumar, Sindhuprava Rana, Harish Kumar, Pratik Kumar, Manas Ranjan Dikhit, Rani Mansuri, Jainendra Kumar, Ganesh Chandra Sahoo
    Journal of Applied Pharmaceutical Science. 2017; 7(7): 89-97.
  66. Importance of micro minerals in reproductive performance of livestock
    Sudhir Kumar, Anil Kumar Pandey, Waquar Ahmed AbdulRazzaque, Dinesh Kumar Dwivedi
    . 2011; 4(5): 230-233.
  67. A Rare Case of Perosomus elumbis in a non-descript calf
    Shailendra Kumar Tiwari, Deepak Kumar Kashyap, Devesh Kumar Giri, Govina Dewangan
    . 2011; 4(11): 515-516.
    Journal of Anatomical Sciences. 2015; 23(1): 14-16.
  69. Clinical Evaluation of Anemia in Geriatric Patients - A Cross Sectional Study Conducted At Tertiary Care Hospital
    Sfurti Mann, Amit Kumar, Shiv Kumar Singh, Surbhi Katyal, Gaurav Chopra, Sanjeev Kumar Varma
    National Journal of Community Medicine. 2014; 5(3): 316-320.
  70. Study of culture and sensitivity pattern of urinary tract infection in febrile preschool children in a tertiary care hospital
    Ashoka C., Kumar GV, Ananda Kumar TS, Viswanatha Kumar HM
    . 2016; 3(3): 1032-1036.
  71. A gender based comparative analysis of laboratory investigations in scrub typhus patients at tertiary care teaching hospital of Southern Rajasthan, India
    Syed Javed, Sanjay Paliwal, Shubhakaran Sharma, Savita Choudhary
    . 2016; 4(4): 1124-1127.
  72. CONTENTS OF JREIM Vol. 20 No 3-4 2014
    Kishor Patwardhan, Suresh Kumar, Manoj Kumar, Reena Kulkarni, Abhimanyu Kumar, Prasanna N. Rao, Janmejaya Samal, Samita Puri
    Journal of Research and Education in Indian Medicine (Est.1982). 2014; 20(4): 0-0.
  73. Morbidity Pattern Among Primary Schoolchildren In A Rural Area Of Uttar Pradesh
    Vidya Rani, Dhiraj Kumar Srivastava, Pankaj Kumar Jain, Sandeep Kumar, Naresh Pal Singh, Anand Mohan Dixit
    National Journal of Community Medicine. 2014; 5(4): 392-396.
  74. Dairy Animal Welfare in Calf Rearing Practices and the Constraints Experienced by the Farmers in Following the Practices
    Bhushan Kumar Singh, J. Oraon, Alok Kumar Pandey, Mithun Kumar Anand, Sanjay Kumar Rewani
    International Journal of Livestock Research. 2017; 7(10): 53-58.
  75. Thermoadaptability of Stud Bulls using Heat Tolerance Indices under Heterologus Climate
    Tripti Kumari, Subhransu Pan, Debasish Satapathy, Rajeev Kumar Choudhary, Beena Sinha
    International Journal of Livestock Research. 2018; 8(1): 47-54.
  76. Influence of Socio-Economic Factors on the Knowledge Level of Poultry Entrepreneurs in Ajmer District of Rajasthan
    Arun Kumar Jhirwal, Subhash Chandra Goswami, Vijay Kumar Choudhary, Vikramjit Singh, Geetesh Mishra
    International Journal of Livestock Research. 2018; 8(12): 168-174.
  77. PLC Based Automatic Cooling of Power Transformer
    . 2019; 7(2): 38-41.
  78. Migration of broken hypodermic needle in the cervical muscles of dog
    A. K. Sharma , Hemant Kumar, L. L. Dass, Shivendra Kumar, Vinod Kumar
    . 2010; 3(10): 476-476.
  79. Feeding practices in infants: ritual factors dominating mother’s education - a cross sectional study
    Dinesh Kumar, Indra Kumar Sharma, Mukesh Vir Singh, Durgesh Kumar, Krishan Mohan Shukla, Dinesh Kumar Singh
    . 2014; 2(4): 1642-1647.
  80. Transverse testicular ectopia with persistent Mullerian duct syndrome: a rare anomaly
    Kiran Kumar KM, Shiva Kumar T, Naveen Kumar M, Pavan BM, Prateek, Kishor Krishna
    . 2014; 1(2): 91-93.
  81. Effect of Low Protein Diets on Egg Quality and Egg Composition of Vanaraja Laying Hens
    Lenin Kumar Gumpha, Laxman Kumar Babu, Anil Kumar, Pinaki Samal, Arun Kumar Panda
    International Journal of Livestock Research. 2018; 8(9): 80-86.
  82. An accessory brachialis muscle associated with abnormal arrangement of structures in the cubital fossa
    Md. Jawed Akhtar, Nafees Fatima, Sanjay Kumar, Binod Kumar, Vinod Kumar
    . 2015; 3(12): 3907-3910.
  83. Laparoscopic versus open repair of duodenal perforation: a comparative study in tertiary care hospital in Uttarakhand, India
    Praveen Kumar, Saurabh Kumar, Ram Kumar Verma, Akshat Agarwal, Rashmi Kumari
    . 2016; 3(4): 1975-1978.
  84. Cutaneous bronchobiliary fistula following laparotomy for ruptured hydatid cyst of the liver
    Vikas Sachdeva, Santosh Kumar Singh, Vaibhav Sood, Devendra Kumar Shukla, Sunil Kumar Ajay
    . 2014; 1(3): 155-157.
    Talla Sridhar Goud, Ramesh Chandra Upadhyay, Anil Kumar, Satyanagalakshmi Karri, Renuka Choudhary, Syma Ashraf, Sohan Vir Singh, Onteru Suneel Kumar, Chadipiralla Kiranmai
    Open Veterinary Journal. 2018; 8(4): 415-422.
  86. Effect of bilateral lesion of fastigial nucleus on postural sensorimotor behavior of rats
    Arbind Kumar Choudhary, Ganesh Gajalakshmi, Sheela Devi Rathinasamy
    Journal of Experimental and Integrative Medicine. 2014; 4(4): 249-254.
    Giridhar BH , Sandeep Kumar, Alok Kumar Verma, Abhijeet Singh, Dinesh Kumar, Rajendra Prasad, Premendra D Dwivedi, S K Verma
    National Journal of Medical Research. 2012; 2(1): 70-76.
  88. Role of conjunctival impression cytology in various diseases of eye
    Naveen Kumar Bariar, Sanjay Kumar, Mahasweta Mallik, Manish Kumar
    . 2016; 4(6): 2011-2013.
  89. Catastrophic Health Expenditure amongst People Living with HIV/AIDS Availing Antiretroviral Treatment Services at Two Tertiary Care Health Facilities in District of Northern India
    Mukesh Shukla, Monika Agarwal, Jai Vir Singh, Anil Kumar Tripathi, Anand Kumar Srivastava, Vijay Kumar Singh
    National Journal of Community Medicine. 2015; 6(3): 323-328.
  90. Outcome of Native Valve Endocarditis
    Raj Kumar Sachdewani, Nand lal Rathi, Suresh Kumar Rathi, Darshana Kumari, Bhunesh Kumar Maheshwari, Feroz Memon
    Journal of Liaquat University of Medical & Health Sciences. 2013; 12(1): 07-11.
  91. Chronic complications in newly diagnosed patients with type 2 diabetes mellitus in rural area of western Uttar Pradesh, India
    Manoj Kumar, Ramakant Rawat, Vijay Kumar Verma, Khwaja Saifullah Zafar, Granth Kumar
    . 2016; 4(6): 2292-2296.
  92. The extent of price variation amongst branded antihypertensive drugs and its association with number of pharmaceutical companies
    Rahul Kumar, Chandrama Manu, Dheeraj Kumar Singh, Preet Lakhani, Sachin Tutu, Rakesh Kumar Dixit
    . 2015; 3(10): 2800-2806.
  93. Praiseworthiness of Dermatoglyphics in Determining Dental Caries Vulnerability among Gujarati Children: A Cross-Sectional Study
    Sunil C Chand, Hardik R Parmar, Jayant Kumar L Patel, Aesha K Bathvar, Nirav Kumar Z Garasiya, Priyank Kumar K Nisarta
    National Journal of Community Medicine. 2018; 9(6): 453-456.
  94. Socio-Economic Determinants of Adherence to Iron and Folic Acid Tablets among Rural Ante-natal Mothers in Lucknow, India
    Manas P Roy, Uday Mohan, Shivendra Kumar Singh, Vijay Kumar Singh, Anand Kumar Srivastava
    National Journal of Community Medicine. 2013; 4(3): 386-391.
  95. Study of LV functions in patients of subclinical hypothyroidism in patients coming to rural medical college of Sub-Himalayan region of India
    Pankaj Kumar, Narinder Singh, Dhiraj Kapoor, Varun Deep Dogra, Rupinder Kumar, Vishnu Kumar Agarwal, Manoj Kumar, Ansari Mohd Shoeb
    . 2015; 3(1): 135-139.
  96. Effect of Feeding Rice Distillers Dried Grains with Solubles and Rice Gluten Meal with or without Enzyme Supplementation on the Haematology and Serum Biochemistry of Broiler Chickens
    Om Prakash Dinani, Pramod Kumar Tyagi, Nasir Akabar Mir, Asit Baran Mandal, Praveen Kumar Tyagi, Sita Prasad Tiwari, Anil Kumar Giri
    International Journal of Livestock Research. 2019; 9(1): 254-261.
  97. Evaluation of immune status of young female during different phases of menstrual cycle
    Rekha Jiwane, Tanwir Alam, Arbind Kumar Choudhary, Sadawarte Sahebrao Kishanrao, Vivekanand Gajbhiye
    National Journal of Physiology, Pharmacy and Pharmacology. 2015; 5(4): 338-341.
  98. Screening of cardiovascular risk factors among, urban, semiurban, and rural residents in Jammu district of Jammu and Kashmir
    Sushil Kumar Sharma, Arvind Kohli,Vineeta Sawhney, Nasir Choudhary, Mohi Kalsotra, Dhaneshwar Kapoor
    International Journal of Medical Science and Public Health. 2016; 5(3): 443-447.
  99. A comparative study of cognitive insight in schizophrenia patients with and without depression
    Vijay Choudhary, Girish Chandra Baniya, Sanjay Jain
    . 2016; 4(6): 2367-2372.
  100. Clinical and Haemato-biochemical Studies on Respiratory Disease in Buffaloes
    Praveen Kumar, Vinod Kumar Jain, Tarun Kumar, Vinod Kumar, Yudhbir Singh Rana
    International Journal of Livestock Research. 2018; 8(8): 178-184.



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