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  1. Opportunistic screening for diabetes using Indian diabetes risk score among patients aged 30 years and above attending rural health training center in Delhi
    Preeti Dugg, Vinu Cherian, Madhu Kumari Upadhyay
    International Journal of Medical Science and Public Health. 2019; 8(4): 264-269.
  2. Design and Evaluation of Chronotropic Systems for Colon Targeted Drug Delivery
    Neha Manish Munot, Preeti Prasad Lasure, S. S.Girme
    . 2012; 2(2): 13-17.
  3. A Study of Time and Sex Distribution of Road Traffic Accident Cases in Western Uttar Pradesh
    Preeti Verma, Subhash C Gupta, Menaal Kaushal, Gagan Singh
    National Journal of Community Medicine. 2015; 6(3): 354-357.
  4. A Review on Floating Drug Delivery System and Its Possible Future Scope
    Sucheta Sharma, Lakshmi Goswami, Preeti Kothiyal, Sayantan Mukhopadhyay
    . 2012; 2(2): 06-09.
  5. Prevalence and Antimicrobial Susceptibility of Enterococcus Species Isolated from Different Clinical Samples in a Tertiary Care Hospital of North India
    Preeti Srivastava, Raman Mehta, PS Nirwan, Meeta Sharma, SS Dahiya
    National Journal of Medical Research. 2013; 3(4): 389-391.
  6. Artificial Induction of Lactation in Bovines: Scope and Limitations
    Preeti Lakhani, Ankaj Thakur, Sunil Kumar,Pratibha Singh
    International Journal of Livestock Research. 2017; 7(4): 102-112.
  7. Menstruating umbilicus! A rare case report of primary umbilical endometriosis with review of literature
    Renuka Malik, Preeti Sharma
    . 2016; 5(7): 2453-2456.
  8. Microbiological profile of hospital acquired blood stream infections in seriously ill medical patients admitted in tertiary care hospital
    Preeti Raheja, Antarikshdeep, Uma Chaudhary
    . 2016; 4(5): 1636-1640.
  9. Successful outcome in a patient with idiopathic dilated cardiomyopathy with bad obstetric history with no live issue
    Renuka Malik, Preeti Sharma
    . 2016; 5(4): 1225-1227.
  10. Hemisection - A Ray of Hope and Saviour of a Furcation involved Multirooted Tooth - A Case Report
    Jaishri.N. Khed, Preeti Dodwad, Nithin Suvarna, Savita Dandakeri, K.Harish Shetty, Shilpa Dandekeri
    International Journal of Health and Rehabilitation Sciences (IJHRS). 2012; 1(2): 112-118.
  11. Anatomical description and clinical significance of unilateral triheaded sternocleidomastoid muscle
    Preeti Goswami, Yogesh Yadav, Chakradhar V
    . 2014; 2(3): 1161-1164.
  12. Ossified pterygo-spinous ligament: incidence and clinico-anatomical relevance in the adult human skulls of North India
    Yogesh Yadav, Preeti Goswami, Chakradhar Vellalacheruvu
    . 2014; 2(3): 847-851.
  13. Variant course and branching of right brachial artery: a case study
    Preeti Goswami, Sarika R. Tigga, Veena Bharihoke
    . 2013; 1(2): 62-65.
  14. Escitalopram induced euprolactinemic galactorrhoea
    Sonali Shinde Tesia, Pakha Tesia, Mahesh R. Gowda, Preeti S
    Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences. 2012; 2(1): 15-16.
  15. Randomized comparative study between short duration (4 hour) vs. 24 hour post-partum magnesium sulphate therapy in severe preeclampsia
    Latika Sahu, Preeti Yadav, Anjali Tempe
    . 2015; 4(3): 770-775.
  16. Role of apoptotic index, mitotic index and MIB-1 antibody expression as biomarkers in preneoplastic and neoplastic lesions of uterine cervix
    Rashmi Chauhan, Nidhi Verma, S. P. Sharma, Ruchika Bhargava, Preeti Singh
    . 2016; 4(6): 2093-2100.
  17. A rare case of spontaneous heterotopic pregnancy presented as ruptured ectopic pregnancy
    Amita Yadav, Preeti Yadav, Veena Gupta
    . 2016; 5(6): 2055-2057.
  18. Comparative study of various tocolytics in preterm labour
    Neetu Singh , Preeti Dubey, Neena Gupta, Seema Dwivedi, Rashmi Balyan, Ani Chandanan
    . 2015; 4(2): 334-337.
  19. Hyperhomocysteinemia: a risk factor in unexplained infertility
    Preeti Dubey, Neena Gupta, Seema Dwivedi, Neelam Swaroop, Pavika Lal, Vandana Thawani
    . 2013; 2(2): 165-171.
  20. Predictors of mortality in acute mesenteric vascular ischemia with bowel gangrene
    Suchin S. Dhamnaskar, Prashant C. Sawarkar, Sumit Mandal, Preeti Vijaykumaran
    . 2016; 3(4): 1996-2002.
  21. Comparative study of efficacy of modified continuous smead-jones versus interrupted method of midline laparotomy fascial closure for contaminated cases
    Suchin S. Dhamnaskar, Prashant C. Sawarkar, Preeti Vijayakumaran, Sumit Mandal
    . 2016; 3(4): 1751-1756.
  22. Role of oral dehydroepiandrosterone in diminished ovarian function
    Meena Dayal, Preeti Yadav, Amrita Chaurasia, Urvashi Singh, Veena Gupta, Shweta Patel
    . 2016; 5(3): 826-830.
  23. A prospective study of the study of maternal and perinatal outcome in cases of eclampsia
    Sanjay Ravan Ponde, Preeti Hatkar, Y. S. Nandanwar, Niranjan Chavan
    . 2016; 5(10): 3433-3438.
  24. Comparing the safety and efficacy of intravenous iron sucrose and intravenous ferric carboxymaltose in treating postpartum anemia
    Shakun Singh, Vandana Dhama, Rachna Chaudhary, Preeti Singh
    . 2016; 5(5): 1451-1456.
  25. Effect of response method in participants with sensorineural hearing loss
    Rajkishor Mishra, Preeti Sahu, Debadatta Mahallik
    . 2015; 3(1): 151-155.
  26. Maternal and fetal outcome in patients of heart failure at a tertiary care centre
    Neena Gupta, Sachidanand Gupta, A. L. Chandani, P. Dubey, Renu Gupta, Preeti Yadav
    . 2013; 2(4): 661-665.
  27. To compare single incision laparoscopic cholecystectomy with standard laparoscopic cholecystectomy for treatment of symptomatic cholelithiasis: a prospective randomized study
    Pulkit Gupta, Naveen Kumar Agarwal, Preeti Gupta, Sohan Pal Singh
    . 2016; 3(2): 900-904.
  28. Can peripheral blood smear examination be totally replaced by automated hematology analyser - with special reference to anemia?
    Shivangi Singhal, Nidhi Verma, Monika Rathi, Neha Singh, Preeti Singh, S. P. Sharma, Uma Tayal
    . 2016; 4(10): 4563-4566.
  29. Amniotic fluid index, non-stress test and color of liquor: as a predictor of perinatal outcome
    Ruma Sarkar Anand, Preeti Singh, Renu Sangal, Reena Srivastava, Neela Rai Sharma, Harish Chandra Tiwari
    . 2016; 5(10): 3512-3517.
  30. Nitrogen Containing Secondary Metabolites from Endophytes of Medicinal Plants and their Biological/Pharmacological Activities- A Review
    Smita Kishor Puri , Prasanna Vasantrao Habbu, Preeti Venkatrao Kulkarni, Venkatrao Hanumantrao Kulkarni
    . 2018; 9(1): 22-30.
  31. A Prospective Randomized Control Trial to Study the Role of Intraperitoneal Irrigation with Normal Saline in Reduction of Postoperative Pain In Patients Undergoing Laparoscopic Cholecystectomy
    Pankaj Shivhare, Pankaj Dugg, Harnam Singh, Sushil Mittal, Ashwani Kumar
    Archives of Clinical and Experimental Surgery (ACES). 2014; 3(4): 213-219.
  32. Awareness about emergency contraceptives pill in women who came for medical termination of pregnancy
    Preeti Yadav, Anita Sinha, Jay Karan, Purav Mody, A S Panwar, N. D. Kantharia
    National Journal of Physiology, Pharmacy and Pharmacology. 2011; 1(2): 68-78.
  33. Effects of angiotensin converting enzyme inhibitor: ramipril on different biochemical parameters in essential hypertensive patients
    Pratibha S. Salve, Chitra C. Khanwelkar, Preeti S. Salve, Vandana M. Thorat, Somnath M. Matule
    . 2016; 4(6): 2288-2291.
  34. DPT immunization and SIDS
    Kalyani Srinivas, G. Preeti, Sujatha Pasula
    . 2015; 2(3): 202-207.
  35. Predicting preterm labour by cervical length measurement
    Preeti Priyadarshani, Gurcharan Kaur
    . 2016; 5(6): 1809-1813.
  36. Prevalence and risk factors of diabetic peripheral neuropathy among type-2 diabetic patients presenting to SMIMS hospital, Kulasekharam, Kanyakumari district, Tamil Nadu, India.
    Preeti P Pawde, Ranjith R Thampi, Renish R K, Resmi R U, Vivek M R
    International Journal of Medical Science and Public Health. 2013; 2(1): 73-76.
  37. Bioanalytical Method Development and Validation for the Determination of Levocetirizine in Pharmaceutical Dosage Form and Human Plasma by RP-HPLC
    Nilesh Jain, Deepak Kumar Jain, Ruchi Jain, Vijay Kumar Patel, Preeti Patel, Surendra Kumar Jain
    Journal of Applied Pharmaceutical Science. 2016; 6(10): 063-067.
  38. A Prospective Randomized Study Comparing Skin Staples and Polypropylene Sutures for Securing the Mesh in Lichtenstein’s Repair
    Pankaj Shivhare, Pankaj Dugg, Sushil Mittal, Harnam Singh, Ashwani Kumar
    Archives of Clinical and Experimental Surgery (ACES). 2014; 3(3): 147-152.
  39. Dissociative disorder in children and adolescents and their personality profile: a comparative study
    Sudhir Kumar Rana, Shobit Garg, Preeti Mishra, Mrityunjaya Kumar, Jyoti Mishra Pandey
    . 2015; 3(10): 2639-2642.
  40. A study of incidence of congenital anomalies in newborn: a hospital based study
    Nivedita Prashar, Shashi Gupta, Reeta Thakur, Preeti Sharma, Gopal Sharma
    . 2016; 4(6): 2050-2053.
  41. Out of Pocket Expenditure on Health Care among the Households of Urban Area in Dakshina Kannada
    Preeti Tiwari, Arijit Datta
    National Journal of Community Medicine. 2018; 9(7): 529-533.
  42. How to write a thesis?
    Swapnil s Agarwal, Preeti Yadav, Krishnadutt Chavali, Lavlesh Kumar
    National Journal of Physiology, Pharmacy and Pharmacology. 2011; 1(2): 86-90.
  43. The effects of isoflavones on bone density in postmenopausal women at tertiary centre
    Neetu Singh, Dileep Kumar, Preeti Dubey, Ani Chandanan, Priya Singh
    . 2015; 4(6): 1763-1765.
  44. Role of maternal serum Chlamydia trachomatis IgG antibodies and serum C- reactive protein in preterm labour
    Preeti Dubey, Kiran Pandey, Neetu Singh, Ajay Bhagoliwal, Deepti Sharma
    . 2014; 3(1): 195-198.
  45. Port side tubercular abscess in women after lap-diagnosis for infertility
    Sangeeta Arya, Anil Verma, Kiran Pandey, Preeti Yadav, Asmita Singh
    . 2014; 3(4): 1097-1099.
  46. The study of the economic burden of infectious diseases in medicine department of tertiary care hospital
    Ketan Patil, Preeti Dharapur
    National Journal of Physiology, Pharmacy and Pharmacology. 2019; 9(9): 899-903.
  47. Anterior cervico-vaginal tear along with posterior bladder wall rupture: a rare case report
    Rekha Sachan, Munna Lal Patel, Meenakshi Singh, Preeti Tyagi
    . 2016; 5(12): 4480-4483.
  48. A comparative study of the efficacy of cilnidipine and amlodipine used for the treatment of hypertension at tertiary health-care center
    Preeti Mallikarjunappa Dharapur, Ketan Avinash Patil
    National Journal of Physiology, Pharmacy and Pharmacology. 2019; 9(5): 454-458.
  49. Adherence to Anti-Hypertensive Drugs: A Clinic Based Study among Geriatric Hypertensive Patients in Rural, India
    Sanjaya Kumar Sahoo, P S Preeti, Dhiraj Biswas
    National Journal of Community Medicine. 2018; 9(4): 250-254.
  50. Pattern of adverse drug reactions to antibiotics commonly prescribed in department of medicine and pediatrics in a tertiary care teaching hospital, Ghaziabad
    Kavita Dhar, Akanksha Sinha, Preeti Gaur, Rajkumar Goel, V. S. Chopra, Umakant Bajaj
    Journal of Applied Pharmaceutical Science. 2015; 5(4): 078-082.
  51. Total salinity stress on physico-chemical characterization of lecithin isolated from soya bean oil seeds grown in the coastal region of south, India
    Pragasam Antony, Preeti N. Tallur, Sikandar I. Mulla, Vinayak M. Naik
    Journal of Applied Pharmaceutical Science. 2016; 6(8): 030-035.
  52. Drug utilization study of antipsychotic drugs in the psychiatry outpatient department of a tertiary care hospital
    Aashal Shah, Richa Verma, Preeti Yadav, Jayshree Patel
    National Journal of Physiology, Pharmacy and Pharmacology. 2019; 9(11): 1111-1116.
  53. An evaluation of quality of life of skin cancer patients after surgery using dermatology life quality index tool
    Shailendra Kumar Jain, Preeti Jain, Abhishek Singh, Shewtank Goel, Pooja Goyal, Rakesh Tank
    . 2016; 4(8): 3235-3239.
  54. Clinico-pathological study of skin appendageal tumours from northern India
    Preeti Jain, Shailendra Kumar Jain, Abhishek Singh, Shewtank Goel, Sanjeev Kumar Khichi, Pooja Goyal
    . 2016; 4(5): 1620-1624.
  55. Metaphors and symbols in drug promotional literature distributed by pharmaceutical companies
    Jay Karan, Arvind Panwar, Preeti Yadav, N. D. Kantharia
    National Journal of Physiology, Pharmacy and Pharmacology. 2011; 1(1): 32-34.
  56. Coagulation profile in patients with chronic liver disease
    Archna Rautela Pahwa, Sharmila Dudani, Vishal Sharma, Preeti Malik
    International Journal of Medical Science and Public Health. 2019; 8(11): 916-921.
  57. Second MBBS medical student’s feedback on teaching methodology and evaluation methods in Pharmacology
    Nilesh Chavda, Preeti Yadav, Jay Karan, N. D. Kantharia
    National Journal of Physiology, Pharmacy and Pharmacology. 2011; 1(1): 23-31.
  58. Accuracy of Fine Needle Aspiration Cytology (FNAC) in comparison to histopathological examination for the diagnosis of thyroid swellings
    Divyesh Goswami, Preeti Agrawal, Princy Shinde
    International Journal of Medical Science and Public Health. 2017; 6(1): 6-11.
    Rakesh Kumar, Preeti Srivastava, Suman rishi, Sharmendra singh dahiya, Kirti Hemwani, Prem singh Nirwan
    National Journal of Medical Research. 2014; 4(2): 128-131.
  60. Immunomodulators: Role of medicinal plants in immune system
    Preeti Sharma, Pradeep Kumar, Rachna Sharma, Gaurav Gupta, Anuj Chaudhary
    National Journal of Physiology, Pharmacy and Pharmacology. 2017; 7(6): 552-556.
  61. Computational studies on PLK1 delta gene in cancer diseases
    K Aarthi, J Febin Prabhu Dass, Preeti Tabitha Louis, I Arnold Emerson
    Journal of Applied Pharmaceutical Science. 2015; 5(10): 074-079.
  62. Inborn error of metabolism screening in neonates
    Preeti Sharma, Shivani Gupta, Pradeep Kumar, Rachna Sharma, Mahapatra T K, Gaurav Gupta
    National Journal of Physiology, Pharmacy and Pharmacology. 2019; 9(3): 196-200.
  63. Synthesis, molecular docking and QSAR studies of 2, 4-disubstituted thiazoles as antimicrobial agents
    Preeti Arora, Rakesh Narang, Sonam Bhatia, Surendra Kumar Nayak, Sachin Kumar Singh, Balasubramanian Narasimhan
    Journal of Applied Pharmaceutical Science. 2015; 5(2): 028-042.
  64. Mixed method approach for determining use, effectiveness, and technical soundness of the sanitary pad incinerators in the schools of Nepalgunj submetropolitan city
    Kamal Baral, Grish Paudel, Preeti Gautam, Shreelata Rana, Resham Khadka, Ramesh Prasad Bajgai, Ravi Kumar Pathak
    International Journal of Medical Science and Public Health. 2017; 6(9): 1432-1436.
  65. Composite index of anthropometric failure and its important correlates: a study among under-5 children in a slum of Kolkata, West Bengal, India
    Aparajita Dasgupta, Sanjaya Kumar Sahoo, Pranita Taraphadar, P S Preeti, Dhiraj Biswas, Amitava Kumar, Ishita Sarkar
    International Journal of Medical Science and Public Health. 2015; 4(3): 414-419.
  66. Effect of Age and Sex on Haematological Profile of Kadaknath Fowl Reared Under Intensive System
    Preeti Ekka, Mohan Singh, Kishore Mukherjee, Deepti Kiran Barwa, Chandrahas Sannat, Asit Jain
    International Journal of Livestock Research. 2018; 8(7): 348-355.



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