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  1. Miliary Tuberculosis Following an Appendectomy, a Case Report
    Oseiwe Benjamin Eromosele, Adedayo Adeboye, Abdul-Kareem Opeoluwa Lukan, Habeeb Olawale Sanni, Ademola Adedamola Ajibade
    International Journal of Medical Reviews and Case Reports. 2022; 6(9): 53-54.
  2. An Impossible Decision–the Life Interrupted by Uncertainty
    Benjamin Djulbegovic
    International Journal on Biomedicine and Healthcare. 2022; 10(4): 274-302.
  3. Critical Appraisal Skills – Making Sense of Evidence
    Ambuj Kumar, Benjamin Djulbegovic
    Acta Informatica Medica. 2010; 18(2): 109-113.
  4. Correlation Between Values of the Helkimo Anamnestic and Clinical Dysfunction Index in Patients Suffering from Post Traumatic Stress Disorder
    Muhamed Ajanovic, Benjamin Bejtovic
    Materia Socio Medica. 2009; 21(2): 85-91.
  5. Effect of Initial Conditions on Reproducibility of Scientific Research
    Benjamin Djulbegovic,, Iztok Hozo
    Acta Informatica Medica. 2014; 22(3): 156-159.
  6. Performance Evaluation of IRI and Ne-quick-2 models TEC predictions with GPS-derived TEC over some Equatorial stations
    Mukhtar I. Furfuri and Benjamin Wisdom Joshua
    Science Journal of Advanced and Cognitive Research. 2020; 1(1): 23-36.
  7. Comparative Advantages and Shortcomings of Corticosteroids in Comparison with Xylocaine-based Perineural Blocks in Treatment of Bell’s Palsy
    Benjamin Bejtovic, Muhamed Ajanovic, Redzep Dizdarevic
    Medical Archives. 2009; 63(4): 225-227.
  8. At What Level of Collective Equipoise Does a Randomized Clinical Trial Become Ethical for the Members of Institutional Review Board/Ethical Committees?
    Rahul Mhaskar, Barry B. Bercu, Benjamin Djulbegovic
    Acta Informatica Medica. 2013; 21(3): 156-159.
  9. The Use of Computer Navigation and Patient Specific Instrumentation in Shoulder Arthroplasty: Everyday Practice, Just for Special Cases or Actually Teaching a Surgeon?
    Dzenan Jahic, Eduardo M. Suero, Benjamin Marjanovic
    Acta Informatica Medica. 2021; 29(2): 130-133.
    Benjamin L. Solomon, Christopher P. Landee, Jerry P. Jasinski,M ark M. Turnbull
    European Chemical Bulletin. 2013; 2(11): 845-849.
  11. Penile Compression Release Index Revisited: Evaluation and Comparison with Other Noninvasive Tools in the Prediction of Bladder Outlet Obstruction in Men with Benign Prostatic Enlargement
    Damir Aganovic, Benjamin Kulovac, Senad Bajramovic, Amel Kesmer
    Medical Archives. 2019; 73(2): 81-86.
  12. Influence of the Prostate Volume, Prostate Specific Antigen Density and Number of Biopsy Samples on Prostate Cancer Detection
    Damir Aganovic, Alden Prcic, Benjamin Kulovac, Osman Hadziosmanovic
    Medical Archives. 2012; 66(1): 41-44.
  13. Prostate Cancer Detection Rate and the Importance of Premalignant Lesion in Rebiopsy
    Damir Aganovic, Alden Prcic, Benjamin Kulovac, Osman Hadziosmanovic
    Medical Archives. 2011; 65(2): 109-112.
  14. The Significance of the Influence of Aging and Infravesical Obstruction Caused by Benign Prostatic Enlargement on Detrusor Impairment
    Damir Aganovic, Osman Hadziosmanovic, Alden Prcic, Benjamin Kulovac
    Medical Archives. 2012; 66(3): 185-189.
  15. Clinical Decision Making in Renal Pain Management
    Damir Aganovic, Alen Prcic, Benjamin Kulovac, Osman Hadziosmanovic
    Acta Informatica Medica. 2012; 20(1): 18-20.
  16. Demographic and clinical characteristics of patients presenting with Cervico-Facial Cellulitis at the University of Calabar Teaching Hospital, Nigeria.
    Otasowie D. Osunde, Charles E. Anyanechi , Bassey A. Etim, Benjamin Fomete
    Cross River Journal of Medicine. 2017; 1(2): 15-24.
  17. A Sporadic Case of Lofgren Syndrome in a 32 year old Nigerian man. A rare finding in Sub-Saharan Africa: A case report
    John Omotola Ogunkoya, Akolade Idowu, Taamaka Davis Ngubor, ThankGod Aaron Uka, Onome Tobore Imishue
    International Journal of Medical Reviews and Case Reports. 2022; 6(2): 1-5.
  18. Glucose Production from Elephant Grass(Pennisetum purpureum)
    Abdullahi JIBRIL; Benjamin ADEREMI; Omuyar MOMOH; Ebenezer OJO; Bilyaminu ABDULMUMIN
    Nigerian Journal of Engineering. 2020; 27(3): 1-9.
  19. Neuralgic Amyotrophy in a 66-year-old Hiker: a Case Report
    Dzenan Jahic, Benjamin Marjanovic, Jakob Merkac, Nino Mirnik, Nermina Babic
    Materia Socio Medica. 2019; 31(3): 224-226.
  20. Which Is a Better Indicator of Bladder Outlet Obstruction in Patients with Benign Prostatic Enlargement – Intravesical Protrusion of Prostate or Bladder Wall Thickness?
    Damir Aganovic, Munira Hasanbegovic, Alden Prcic, Benjamin Kulovac, Osman Hadziosmanovic
    Medical Archives. 2012; 66(5): 324-328.
  21. Pixel Prostate Software as a Reliable Tool in Depicting Spatial Distribution and Determination of the Prostate Cancer Volume
    Damir Aganovic, Benjamin Kulovac, Svjetlana Radovic, Nurija Bilalovic, Senad Bajramovic, Amel Kešmer
    Acta Informatica Medica. 2019; 27(2): 89-85.
  22. Extracapular Extension Predictors of Prostate Carcinoma for 2-10 ngr/ ml PSA Values
    Benjamin Kulovac, Damir Aganovic, Alden Prcic, Osman Hadziosmanovic, Dzenana Eminagic, Nermina Obralic
    Medical Archives. 2011; 65(3): 160-163.
  23. Those Responsible for Approving Research Studies Have Poor Knowledge of Research Study Design: a Knowledge Assessment of Institutional Review Board Members
    Rahul Mhaskar, Elizabeth Barnett Pathak, Sarah Wieten, Thomas M. Guterbock, Ambuj Kumar, Benjamin Djulbegovic
    Acta Informatica Medica. 2015; 23(4): 196-201.
  24. A Hidden Markov Model-Based Speech Recognition System Using Baum-Welch, Forward-Backward and Viterbi Algorithms
    Benjamin Kommey, Ernest O. Addo, Elvis Tamakloe
    Jordan Journal of Electrical Engineering. 2023; 9(4): 509-536.
  25. Impact of COVID-19 Pandemic on Perceived Social Support and Mental Health of Persons With Disabilities in Bosnia and Herzegovina
    Senad Mehmedinovic, Midhat Causevic, Muharem Zildzic, Renata Salihovic, Benjamin Avdic, Mirza Sitarevic, Nizama Salihefendic, Samir Sinanovic
    Materia Socio Medica. 2023; 35(3): 196-200.
  26. Effect of Intramuscular Administration of Diminazene di-aceturate, Isometamidium chloride and Homidium chloride on Organ Damage and Packed Cell Volume of Wistar Rats Infected with Trypanosoma brucei brucei (Federe strain)
    Joachim. J. Ajakaiye, Ramatu L. Bizi2, Yahya Shuaibu, Asmau A. Muhammad, Martina S. Benjamin, Bintu Mohammad, Melemi R. Mazadu, Bashir A. Kugu
    Alexandria Journal of Veterinary Sciences. 2019; 63(1): 133-138.
  27. Latitudinal distribution of ionospheric F2-layer Electron Density during geomagnetically quiet days
    Joshua, Benjamin Wisdom; Adeniyi, Jacob Olusegun; Sulaiman, Muhammad Yusha'u; Adebiyi Shola John; Ikubanni Stephen O.; Babatunde. Olufemi Adebesin and Ikuforiji Solomon
    Science Journal of Advanced and Cognitive Research. 2020; 1(1): 1-11.
  28. On Occasion of the 12th “Days of AMNuBiH 2021” and “SWEP 2021” Conferences, Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina
    Izet Masic, Asim Kurjak, Slobodan M. Jankovic, Osman Sinanovic, Doncho Donev, Benjamin Djulbegovic, Kenan Arnautovic, Muharem Zildzic, Enver Zerem, Suad Kunosic, Sylwia Ufnalska
    Acta Informatica Medica. 2021; 29(4): 295-310.
  29. Occurrence of Salmonella and Shigella in edible frogs (Hoplobatrachus) from Hanwa Frog market Zaria, Nigeria
    GSN Kia, EA Benjamin, EO Ajani & GR Otolorin
    Sokoto Journal of Veterinary Sciences. 2018; 16(2): 75-82.
  30. Activity-Based Investigation of the Possible Anti-Diabetic Potentials of some Nigerian Medicinal Plants
    N. Eluehike, K. C. Agu, O. Ikponmwosa-Eweka, A.I. Eromosele and J. Olufakunye
    Nigerian Journal of Basic and Applied Sciences. 2023; 31(1): 94-101.
  31. Molecular epidemiology of extended-spectrum beta-lactamase-producing Escherichia coli
    Catherine Ludden Ludden, Belinda Hanahoe, Fiona Boyle, Benjamin Kanagaratnam, Martin Cormican, Dearbháile Morris
    Journal of Microbiology and Infectious Diseases. 2014; 4(3): 92-96.
  32. Bacillary Angiomatosis of the Upper Lip
    Christina Avila, Stephanie Saed, Catherine Chung, Benjamin Kaffenberger
    Journal of Microbiology and Infectious Diseases. 2021; 11(2): 114-115.
  33. Examination of the lung and liver for pathological changes in hunted grass cutters (Thryonomis swinderianus) in Southwest Nigeria
    Theophilus A Jarikre, Oluwatobi Awe, Akeem A Bakare, Benjamin O Emikpe
    Nigerian Veterinary Journal. 2018; 39(3): 263-268.
    Azuka N Amitaye, Benjamin Onyeka ONYUKU, Joseph Ifeanyi UCHE
    Nigerian Journal of Basic and Applied Sciences. 2017; 25(1): 111-1119.
  35. Attitude of poultry farmers towards vaccination against newcastle disease and avian influenza in Ibadan, Nigeria
    Olusesan E Oluwole, Benjamin O Emikpe, Babasola O Olugasa
    Sokoto Journal of Veterinary Sciences. 2012; 10(1): 5-12.
  36. The Second Mediterranean Seminar on Science Writing, Editing and Publishing (SWEP - 2018), Sarajevo, December 8th, 2018
    Izet Masic, Miro Jakovljevic, Osman Sinanovic, Srecko Gajovic, Mirko Spiroski, Rasim Jusufovic, Sekib Sokolovic, Besim Prnjavorac, Enver Zerem, Benjamin Djulbegovic, Selma Porovic, Slobodan Jankovic, Mirsad Hadzikadic, Lejla Zunic, Edin Begic, Edin Nislic, Nedim Begic, Emir Becirovic, Anis Cerovac, Venesa Skrijelj, Jasmina Nuhanovic
    Acta Informatica Medica. 2018; 26(4): 284-299.
  37. Quantification of avian eggshells as calcium zones for developing embryos in local (Kerala, India) breeds of chicken, Gallus gallus domesticus
    Siny G. Benjamin, Kurian Mathew Abraham, Nandini Narayana Pillai Jayaprabha, Saji K. John
    Journal of Applied Biology & Biotechnology. 2021; 9(4): 151-155.
  38. Antimicrobial Resistance Profile of Aerobic Nasal Microflora of Nigerian Indigenous Pigs
    Oladipo Omotosho, Sandra Ukatu, Michael Okandeji, Olayemi Okunlade, Adeniyi Adeola, Benjamin Emikpe
    Alexandria Journal of Veterinary Sciences. 2023; 76(1): 30-37.
  39. Colorectal cancer in Kinshasa: urban-rural migration, erytrhocyte rate sedimentation, poverty, metabolic syndrome and mortality
    Dieudonn Kisile Sanduku, Benjamin Mbenza Longo, Aliocha Natuhoyila Nkodila, Yolande Mavoungou Voumbo, Dickson Tadulu Veyi, Bienvenu Lebwaze Massamba, Antoine Wola Tshimpi, Pius Zakayi Kabututu
    International Journal of Surgery and Medicine. 2020; 6(3): 36-44.
  40. A Heckman Selectivity Model Analyses of Market Behaviour Among Smallholder Sweetpotato Male and Female Farmers in South Eastern, Nigeria
    Amala Christiana OKOYE, Jude MBANASOR, Benjamin Chukwuemeka OKOYE
    Ekonomik Yaklasim. 2019; 30(111): 1-23.
  41. Transient ischemic attack and ischemic upper limb in a case of subclavian artery pseudoaneurysm due to complicated clavicular bone fracture, a rare encounter
    Benjamin Ng Han Sim, Ganeshwara Durai Raja Lingam, Susan Wendy Matthew, Santhi Datuk Puvanarajah
    European Journal of Medical Case Reports. 2020; 4(3): 97-99.
  42. Role of spirometric lung functions and body mass index in patients with bronchial asthma
    Benjamin Lalrinpuia, Naveen P, Samuel Lalhruaizela
    National Journal of Physiology, Pharmacy and Pharmacology. 2019; 9(8): 738-741.
  43. The prevalence of ectoparasites of livestock and dogs in Edo State (South-South), Nigeria
    Clement Isaac, John Ohiolei, Benjamin Igbinosa, Faith Ebhodaghe, Patrick Nmorsi
    Nigerian Veterinary Journal. 2019; 40(1): 62-72.
  44. Effects of preservation on chemical composition and sensory analysis of skipjack tuna (Katsuwonus pelamis) in Tema, Ghana
    Elliot Haruna Alhassan, Christian Larbi Ayisi, Benjamin Kettey-Tagoe
    Journal of Fisheries and Coastal Management. 2021; 3(1): 44-52.
  45. A review on ethnobotany, phytochemistry, and pharmacology of Microdesmis keayana and Microdesmis puberula (Pandaceae)
    Uchenna Benjamin Okeke, Onome Mary Adeboye, Funmilayo Racheal Adeniyi, Emmanuel Ayodeji Agbebi
    Journal of Applied Pharmaceutical Science. 2023; 13(10): 1-13.
  46. Albizia Zygia (DC.) Macbr. Hydroethanol Root Extract Exerts Anti-Oedemic and In Vivo Antioxidant Activities in Animal Models
    Stanley Benjamin Lamptey, Wonder Kofi Mensah Abotsi
    Journal of Applied Pharmaceutical Science. 2017; 7(4): 199-205.
  47. Protective effect of methanolic and flavonoid-rich leaf extracts of Synsepalum dulcificum (Danielli) on lead-acetate-induced toxicity in Wistar albino rats
    Olabisi Tajudeen Obafemi, Amos Adeyinka Onasanya, David Jokpeoghene Daniel, Zode Faustina Irefo, Oluwafemi Adeleke Ojo, Oluwaseun Adewale Fadaka, Olakunle Bamikole Afolabi, Joseph Obabiolorunkosi Awe, Olusola Benjamin Omiyale, Akinwunmi Adeoye, John Adeolu Falode
    Journal of Applied Pharmaceutical Science. 2019; 9(5): 65-72.
  48. Understanding the neglected shellfish fishery of the Keta Lagoon, Ghana
    Benjamin Apraku Gyampoh, Goddey Atitsogbui , Kwasi Adu Obirikorang
    Journal of Fisheries and Coastal Management. 2020; 2(1): 1-11.
    Bamidele Nyemike Ogunro, Patricia Ihuaku Otuh, Adenike Olatunji-Akioye, Benjamin Emikpe, Victor Oyebanji, Olumuyiwa Adejumobi, Olajumoke Morenikeji
    Nigerian Veterinary Journal. 2016; 37(3): -.
  50. Pathology and Immunochemical diagnosis of Mannheimia haemolytica infection in an adult Dorcas gazelle- A case Report
    Olugbenga O Alaka, Theophilus A Jarikre, Bamidele N Ogunro, Isah Dauda, Olawale O Ola, Michael A Ockiya, Benjamin O Emikpe,
    International Journal of Medical Reviews and Case Reports. 2021; 5(1): 143-145.
  51. A chronically-denervated versus a freshly-harvested autograft for nerve repair in rats
    Benjamin Richard Pulley, Tianyi David Luo, Jonathan C. Barnwell, Beth P. Smith, Thomas L. Smith, Zhongyu Li
    Hand and Microsurgery. 2016; 5(3): 124-129.
  52. Effect of storage time on physicochemical, sensorial, and antioxidant characteristics, and composition of mango (cv. Azúcar) juice
    Maria Bibiana Zapata, Diana Chaparro, Benjamin Alberto Rojano, Andres Felipe Alzate, Luis Fernando Restrepo, Maria Elena Maldonado
    Emirates Journal of Food and Agriculture. 2017; 29(5): 367-377.
  53. A comprehensive review of the ethnobotanical, phytochemical, and pharmacological properties of the genus Bambusa
    Mohammad Amil Zulhilmi Benjamin, Fiffy Hanisdah Saikim, Shean Yeaw Ng, Nor Azizun Rusdi
    Journal of Applied Pharmaceutical Science. 2023; 13(5): 1-22.
  54. Online anatomy teaching during the COVID-19 pandemic: assessing the perceptions of undergraduate veterinary medical students
    Reda Mohamed, Lisa A. Benjamin, Pradeep Kumar Sahu
    Journal of Advanced Veterinary and Animal Research. 2022; 9(3): 453-462.
    Adeyinka Jeremy Adedeji, Jolly Amoche Adole, Benjamin Dogoyaro, Nimzhi Kujul, Ishaya Sini Tekki, Olayinka Asala, Nneka Chineze Chima, Dyek Yohana Dyek, Adrian Sani Maguda, Aba Adulugba
    Nigerian Veterinary Journal. 2017; 38(2): -.
  56. Triterpenoids mediate the antimicrobial, antioxidant, and anti-inflammatory activities of the stem bark of Reissantia indica
    Gina Flor Ramos, Isaac Kingsley Amponsah, Benjamin Kingsley Harley, Yakubu Jibira, Michael Kwesi Baah, Silas Adjei, Francis Ackah Armah, Abraham Yeboah Mensah
    Journal of Applied Pharmaceutical Science. 2021; 11(5): 39-48.
  57. acute and sub-acute toxicity studies of aqueous leaf extract of launaea taraxacifolia (willd.) in wistar rats
    Millicent Ladi Umaru , Kabiru Abubakar , Gabriel Noblefather Uyaiabasi , Giaze Rabiu Tijjani, Yusuf Ibrahim Alkali, Iyabo Mobolawa Adebisi, Oluranti Alebiosu , Soddik Malami Sahabi, Suleiman Abdullahi , Mshelia Emmanuel Halilu
    Journal of Complementary Medicine Research. 2021; 12(1): 95-101.
  58. Morphology and histology of paryphasmata and hemibaculum of Varanus salvator based on sexual maturity
    Alif Yahya Al-maruf , Regita Permata Sari , Imam Mustofa, Suzanita Utama, Chairul Anwar, Maslichah - Mafruchati, Eka Paramytha Hestianah, Lita Rakhma Yustinasari, Benjamin Christoffel Tehupuring, Djoko R Legowo, Boedi Setiawan
    Open Veterinary Journal. 2021; 11(2): 330-336.
  59. Molecular detection of extended-spectrum β-lactamase-producing Escherichia coli from bat caves on Lombok Island
    Yolla Rona Mustika, Kurnia Nisa Kinasih, Mustofa Helmi Effendi, Yulianna Puspitasari, Shendy Canadya Kurniawan, Aswin Rafif Khairullah, Muhammad Esa Erlang Samodra, Abdullah Hasib, Alfiana Laili Dwi Agustin, Ikechukwu Benjamin Moses, Otto Sahat Martua Silaen
    Open Veterinary Journal. 2024; 14(2): 699-706.
  60. Tracking lethal threat: In-depth review of rabies
    Aswin Rafif Khairullah, Shendy Canadya Kurniawan, Abdullah Hasib, Otto Sahat Martua Silaen, Agus Widodo, Mustofa Helmi Effendi, Sancaka Cashyer Ramandinianto, Ikechukwu Benjamin Moses, Katty Hendriana Priscilia Riwu, Sheila Marty Yanestria
    Open Veterinary Journal. 2023; 13(11): 1385-1399.
  61. Antimicrobial resistance patterns and genes of Campylobacter jejuni isolated from chickens in Pasuruan, Indonesia
    Sheila Marty Yanestria, Mustofa Helmi Effendi, Wiwiek Tyasningsih, Ikechukwu Benjamin Moses, Aswin Rafif Khairullah, Shendy Canadya Kurniawan, Fidi Nur Aini Eka Puji Dameanti, Rosmita Ikaratri, Junianto Wika Adi Pratama, Miarsono Sigit, Abdullah Hasib, Otto Sahat Martua Silaen
    Open Veterinary Journal. 2024; 14(3): 759-768.

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