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  1. The Impact Of Transformational Leadership Style On Subordinates` Turnover Intention In Private High Schools Of District Swat
    Elementary Education Online. 2021; 20(2): 1498-1510.
  2. Impact Of Transformational Leadership On Teachers` Turnover Intention In Private High Schools Of District Swat: The Mediating Role Of Organizational Commitment
    Elementary Education Online. 2021; 20(1): 3629-3647.
  3. Using Cross Selling Incentives And Leader Member Exchange To Bolster Cross Selling Performance In Banking Sector Of Pakistan
    Elementary Education Online. 2021; 20(1): 3710-3722.
  4. Comparative Observational Study of Laparoscopic Versus Open Appendectomy. A Tertiary Care Experience
    Ishfaq Ahmad Wani, Ajaz Ahmad Malik, Yaqoob Hassan, Musaib Ahmad, Munir Ahmad Wani, Muzafar Yousuf Parray, Bashir Ahmad Gosri
    International Journal of Medical Reviews and Case Reports. 2020; 4(6): 63-69.
  5. Job Satisfaction among Banks Employees of Public and Private Sector in Malakand Division
    Muhammad Hanif Khan, Dr. Nazim Ali, Dr. Anjum Ihsan
    Elementary Education Online. 2020; 19(4): 5286-5312.
  6. Effect Of Bank Concentration On Capital Structure Of Pakistani Nonfinancial Companies
    Dr. Anjum Ihsan, Dr. Mustafa Afeef, Najib Ullah, Dr. Nazim Ali
    Elementary Education Online. 2020; 19(3): 3242-3272.
  7. Impact Of Welfare Services On Job Performance Of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Police
    Iqbal Haider, Nazim Ali, Anjum Ahsan, Mustafa Afeef
    Elementary Education Online. 2020; 19(3): 3192-3202.
  8. Modeling Volatility In The Islamic Equity Market: A Case Of Pakistan
    Dr. Mustafa Afeef, Dr. Nazim Ali, Dr. Anjum Ihsan, Najib Ullah
    Elementary Education Online. 2020; 19(4): 4925-4933.
  9. Bank Concentration And Firm Growth: Evidence From Pakistan
    Najib Ullah, Dr. Anjum Ihsan, Dr. Mustafa Afeef, Dr. Nazim Ali
    Elementary Education Online. 2020; 19(3): 3495-3504.
  10. Symptomatic Epilepsies due to Cerebrovascular Diseases
    Nazim Dakaj, Nexhat Shatri, Enver Isaku, Kamber Zeqiraj
    Materia Socio Medica. 2014; 26(6): 395-397.
  11. China’s Belt and Road Initiative (BRI): Mapping Economic Escalation and Development Expansion Opportunities for Africa
    Dr. Nazim Rahim, Assad Mehmood Khan, Muhammad Alam, Rubina Ali, Asghar Ali
    Elementary Education Online. 2020; 19(3): 2813-2819.
  12. A Comparative Study Of Internet Addiction Among Higher Secondary School Students Of District Anantnag
    Firdose Ahmad Mir , Bilal Ahmad Shah , Ilyas Ahmad Rather , Mohd Arif Hussain Bhat
    Elementary Education Online. 2021; 20(2): 3960-3970.
  13. Self-Sufficiency Among All India Inter University Men Netball Players
    Dr. Ajaz Ahmad Dar ,Atif Ashraf Wani, Irshad Ahmad Reshi, Ishfaq Ahmad Mir
    Elementary Education Online. 2021; 20(3): 4401-4407.
  14. Development Of Learning Style Inventory For Secondary School Students Of Kashmir
    Dr. Arshid Ahmad Najar, Dr. Shabir Ahmad Bhat, Javaid Ahmad Hajjam
    Elementary Education Online. 2020; 19(4): 8046-8053.
  15. Accuracy of Conventional Diagnostic Methods for Identifying Structural Changes in Patients with Focal Epilepsy
    Nazim Dakaj, Jera Kruja, Fisnik Jashari, Dren Boshnjaku, Nexhat Shatri, Kamber Zeqiraj
    Acta Informatica Medica. 2016; 24(5): 351-353.
  16. Peer Relationship And Socio-Economic Status Of Adolescents: A Meta-Analysis Review On Their Association With The Stage Of Adolescence
    Bilal Ahmad Mir , Yasir Ahmad Dar , Dr. Syed Ishfaq Ahmad Shah
    Elementary Education Online. 2021; 20(6): 4638-4651.
  17. Dietary acidifier and lysozyme improve growth performances and hemato-biochemical profile in broiler chicken
    Kazi Khalid Ibne Khalil, Md. Atiqul Islam, Khaled Mahmud Sujan, Afrina Mustari, Nazim Ahmad, Mohammad Alam Miah
    Journal of Advanced Biotechnology and Experimental Therapeutics. 2020; 3(3): 241-247.
  18. Estimation of Height from Measuring Foot, Hand and Head Length in Northern Indian Population
    Nazim Nasir, Mohammad Rehan Asad, Waqas Sami, Sumbul Nasir
    Majmaah Journal of Health Sciences. 2015; 3(1): 33-36.
  19. Discernment of Despotic leadership through the Interpersonal deviance: Mediation Moderation Model
    Muhammad Nazim, Adnan Maqbool, Asmara Habib, Nayyra Zeb, Abid Hussain Nadeem, Muhammad Abdullah, Zantasha Anam
    Elementary Education Online. 2021; 20(2): 681-693.
  20. Comparative analysis of body weight and serum biochemistry in broilers supplemented with some selected probiotics and antibiotic growth promoters
    Md. Iqramul Haque, Nazim Ahmad, Mohammad Alam Miah
    Journal of Advanced Veterinary and Animal Research. 2017; 4(3): 288-294.
  21. Which method is the best for estimating platelet count?
    Hassiba Lazreg, Mohammed Nazim Benaoum, Affaf Adda, Mohamed Brahimi
    National Journal of Physiology, Pharmacy and Pharmacology. 2014; 4(2): 177-178.
  22. Effectiveness of Slump Neural Mobilization Technique for the management of chronic radicular low back pain
    Mudassar Ali, Syed Shakil Ur Rehman, Shakil Ahmad, Muhammad Nazim Farooq
    Rawal Medical Journal. 2015; 40(1): 41-43.
  23. Adaptive functioning correlates among children with Autism Spectrum Disorders
    Abia Nazim, Ruhi Khalid
    Rawal Medical Journal. 2018; 43(4): 712-716.
  24. Clinical efficacy and acceptability of 0.25% flurbiprofen mouthwash after periodontal flap surgery: A double-blinded, parallel-group, placebo-controlled, randomized clinical trial
    Sila Cagri Isler, Cise Nazim, Muge Aydogan, Memnune Dinc, Hikmat Bakhishov, Burcu Ozdemir
    Annals of Medical Research. 2019; 26(3): 510-6.
  25. Effect of open carpal tunnel release under alkalinized lignocaine on injection pain
    Omar Suliman Bani Ahmad, Nizar Ahmad Abu Alannaz, Raid Hamad Al-Smadi, Talal Ahmad Almasafah, Mahmoud Moh'd Etaiwi
    Rawal Medical Journal. 2018; 43(3): 540-542.
  26. Milk composition at different stages of lactation in first-calving cows of Military Farm at Savar, Bangladesh
    Iffat Kawsar, Muhammad Muktaruzzaman, Bondey Mohammad Abdul Hannan, Md Abdul Baki, Nazim Ahmad
    Veterinary Research Notes. 2023; 3(3): 16-21.
  27. Small skin incision for the treatment of mandible fracture

    Nazım Gümüş*, Yalçın Kaya*, Sadık Karakaya*

    Annals of Medical Research. 2005; 12(1): 15-18.
  28. Intentions of People in Compliance with Social Distancing Norms of COVID-19 Pandemic
    Peer Asif Ahmad , Zahid Ilyas , Prof. Mushtaq Ahmad Siddiqi
    Elementary Education Online. 2021; 20(3): 4912-4928.
  29. Intentions Of People In Compliance With Social Distancing Norms Of Covid-19 Pandemic
    Peer Asif Ahmad , Zahid Ilyas , Prof. Mushtaq Ahmad Siddiqi
    Elementary Education Online. 2021; 20(3): 4912-4928.
  30. Unveiling Indian Consumers’ Green Intentions Towards Purchasing Solar Panel: An Empirical Investigation Through The Lens Of Theory Of Planned Behaviour
    Zahid Ilyas , Peer Asif Ahmad , Prof. Mushtaq Ahmad Siddiqi
    Elementary Education Online. 2020; 19(3): 5297-5310.
  31. Impact Of It Enabled Business Transformation On Tourism Sector: A Study Of Digital Transformation Of Tourism Industry In Jammu And Kashmir
    Shafiq Ahmad Khan , Dr. Ajay Kumar Pandey , Ajaz Ahmad Mistree
    Elementary Education Online. 2021; 20(6): 4858-4890.
  32. Pessimism in Jaun’s Poetry
    Maqsood Ahmad, Uzma Noreen, Zakiya Bibi, Sadaf Ahmad
    Elementary Education Online. 2020; 19(3): 4065-4069.
  33. Morphological Characteristics of Hassawi Donkey, Eastern Province, Saudi Arabia
    Turke Shawaf, Faisal Almathen, Jawad Al-Ahmad, Ahmad Elmoslemany
    Alexandria Journal of Veterinary Sciences. 2016; 49(2): 178-183.
    Kashif Nawaz Khan, Dr. Muhammad Sarmad, Syed Ishfaq Ahmad, Dr. Iftikhar Ahmad
    Elementary Education Online. 2021; 20(1): 1692-1710.
  35. Effect of herbal formulation Sharbat Ahmad Shahi on serum BDNF level in mild to moderate cases of depressive disorder
    Journal of Complementary Medicine Research. 2021; 12(4): 265-270.
    Ahmad Hassan, Dr.Wiqar Ahmad, Abid Khan, Rizwan Ullah, Madeeha Qayum
    Elementary Education Online. 2019; 18(2): 959-976.
  37. Dispute Resolution in the Restructuring of Defaulted Sukuk: An Empirical Investigation in Malaysia
    Sulistya Rusgianto, Ahmad Rizki Sridadi, Indira Retno Aryatie, Nursilah Ahmad,
    Elementary Education Online. 2020; 19(4): 657-667.
    1Mehr Mohsin Raza, 2Riaz Ahmad, 3Munawer Javed Ahmad, 4Muhammad Akram
    Elementary Education Online. 2021; 20(4): 1980-1994.
  39. An Analysis Of Agra Summit 2001
    Hakim Said, Dr. Sajjad Ali Khan, Dr. Abdul Shakoor, Dr. Ahmad Ali, Urfi Muhammad, Salman Ahmad
    Elementary Education Online. 2020; 19(4): 8088-8108.
  40. A Systematic Review of Current Consensus on Timing of Operative Repair Versus Spontaneous Closure for Asymptomatic Umbilical Hernias in Pediatric
    Waseem Almeflh, Ahmad AlRaymoony, Mohammad Mulifi AlDaaja, Baha Abdullah, Ahmad Oudeh
    Medical Archives. 2019; 73(4): 268-271.
  41. Psychometric Testing of Social Interaction Anxiety Scale in Pakistani Context
    Dr. Iqbal Ahmad, Dr. Imtiaz Ahmad, Dr. Faisal Khan, Dr. Muhammad Israr, Dr. Zainab Qazi, Dr. Arab Naz
    Elementary Education Online. 2021; 20(5): 707-719.
  42. Chemical Composition of Non-Infected Upper Urinary Tract Calculi
    Ahmad Rahman,* Khalid Farooq Danish,*Afsheen Zafar,*Ashfaq Ahmad,**A. Rashid Chaudhry
    Rawal Medical Journal. 2008; 33(1): 56-57.
  43. Implications Of The ‘Belt And Road Initiative (Bri)’ For Foreign Policy Of Pakistan
    Noreen Parvez , Dr. Sajjad Ali Khan, Dr. Abdul Shakoor, Urfi Muhammad, Dr. Ahmad Ali, Salman Ahmad
    Elementary Education Online. 2021; 20(2): 3712-3724.
  44. A Brief Review Of New Education Policy Of India 2020 And Higher Education
    Fayaz Ahmad Ambar , Ghulam Ud Din Qurashi , Firdoos Ahmad Tantry , Altaf Rasool Shaksaz
    Elementary Education Online. 2021; 20(6): 4305-4316.
  45. Covid – 19 Pandemic And Governance Challenges In Developing Countries: A Case Study Of Kupwara District Of Jammu & Kashmir
    Tavseef Ahmad Mir , Dr. Nasir Ahmad Ganaie , Dr. Manvendra Singh
    Elementary Education Online. 2021; 20(6): 4916-4926.
  46. Cognitive and personality test as a predictor of religious education achievement among students of religious program of Islamic schools in Indonesia
    Abdul Muhid,Ali Ridho,Ahmad Yusuf,Mohammad Kurjum,Muhammad Thohir,Suryani,Ahmad Hanif Asyhar
    Elementary Education Online. 2020; 19(4): 2408-2418.
  47. Investigating Emotional Intelligence Of The University Students Across Faculties
    Dr. Asfandeyar Fida , Dr. Mushtaq Ahmad , Dr. Farzana salim , Ms. Fatima Shams , Kafeel Ahmad Khan , Javed Iqbal
    Elementary Education Online. 2021; 20(2): 2354-2365.
    Muhammad Asyraf Bin MhdPauzi, Dr. Khong Chee Weng, Dr. Zainudin Bin Siran, Ku Ahmad Adzam Bin Ku Saud, Bostami Bin Ahmad, Mazlan bin Mahadzir
    Elementary Education Online. 2020; 19(4): 3479-3486.
  49. Laparoscopic Splenectomy in Children: Safety of Ligasure Usage
    Waseem Al-Meflh, Samer Karadshah, Gaith Khasawneh, Ahmad Abu Qurah, Baha Abddullah, Ahmad Al Raymoony, Nizar Al Saidah, Alaa Gayet
    Medical Archives. 2020; 74(2): 131-133.
  50. The Effect Of Transformational Leadership, Job Satisfaction, And Organizational Commitments Toward Organizational Citizenship Behavior Of Indonesian Senior High School Teachers
    M. Shofiyuddin, Arif Budiharjo,Casrameko, Nur Khotimah, Ahmad Syarifudin, Hudiyati, Ahmad Musyafak, Nasitotul Janah, Ratna Wijayanti, Agus Purwantoi
    Elementary Education Online. 2021; 20(3): 177-185.
  51. Importance Of Nep 2020 For Changing Role Of Teacher Educators
    Rayees Ahmad Dar , Nasir Ahmad Ganaie
    Elementary Education Online. 2021; 20(1): 8289-8301.
  52. Kashmir Shawl: Industry, Trade And The State In A Historical Perspective (1600-1750 C.E.)
    Zahid Ahmad Dar , Umar Ahmad Khanday
    Elementary Education Online. 2018; 17(3): 1855-1858.
  53. A comparative study on Professional commitment of Government and Private secondary school teachers of District Pulwama of J&K Union Territory
    Sheeraz Ahmad Dar, Showkat Ahmad Lone
    Elementary Education Online. 2020; 19(2): 1280-1285.
  54. Laparoscopic Management of postcholecystectomy stump syndrome
    Javid Ahmad Bhat, Mubashir Ahmad Shah, Irfan Nazir Mir, Prince Ajaz Ahmad
    International Journal of Surgery and Medicine. 2022; 8(4): 6-11.
  55. Fungi and bacteria as potent hydrocarbon degraders
    Muhammad Farukh, Dr. Asma Noureen, Waseem Shoukat, Shujaat Hussain, Javed Ahmad Ujjan, Fawad Shabir Memon, Nazir Ahmad Bapar, Gulab Khan
    Elementary Education Online. 2021; 20(5): 7758-7762.
  56. Efficacy of corticosteroids in acute bronchiolitis: short term outcomes
    Shaheen Ahmad, Sohail Shahzad , Umar Nawaz Khan, Muhammad Ahsan Shahzad, Mohid Ahmad, Maheen Ahmad,
    Rawal Medical Journal. 2019; 44(3): 509-512.
  57. Sleep Pattern and Academic Performance of Undergraduate Medical Students at Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia
    Harlina Halizah Siraj, Abdus Salam, Raihanah Roslan, Nurul Ashiqin Hasan, Tan Hiang Jin, Muhammad Nazim Othman
    Journal of Applied Pharmaceutical Science. 2014; 4(12): 052-055.
  58. Polyphenol oxidase (PPO) based biosensors for detection of phenolic compounds: A Review
    Ijaz Gul, M. Sheeraz Ahmad, S. M. Saqlan Naqvi, Ansar Hussain, Rahmat Wali, Ammad Ahmad Farooqi, Ibrar Ahmed
    Journal of Applied Biology & Biotechnology. 2017; 5(3): 72-85.
  59. The Effect of Levamisole on Growth Performance, Humoral Immunity and Blood Biochemical Profile in Broiler Chickens
    Mohammad Alam Miah, Azman Khan Shovon, Md. Nazim Uddin, Abu Foisal Md. Hridoy, Md. Kamrul Islam
    Journal of Bangladesh Agricultural University. 2020; 18(5): 858-863.
  60. Investigation on the structural and optical properties of Zn1-xCuxO (x=0, 0.05, 0.1) sintered films for optoelectronic device applications
    Santosh Chackrabarti, Shabir Ahmad Bhat,Bashir Mohi Ud Din Bhat, Imran Khan, Rayees Ahmad Zargar
    European Chemical Bulletin. 2017; 6(10): 426-429.
  61. Zia - Musharraf Era And Pak-Us Relationship, A Tale Of Ups And Down.
    Afzaal Amin, Hina Malik, Muhammad Hayat Khan, Dr. Manzoor Ahmad, Muzamil Shah, Faraz Ali, Sumayya Feroz, Riaz Ahmad khan
    Elementary Education Online. 2020; 19(3): 3639-3650.
  62. The Effect of Human Capital Accumulation and Education on Economic Growth
    Ashfaq Ahmad; Shahbaz Ahmad; Muhammad Mobeen Shafqatc; Sadia Bano*; Humaira Ijaz; Muhammad Ilyas; Shahzad Mushtaq; Yasin Munir
    Elementary Education Online. 2021; 20(5): 7688-7701.
  63. The out-come of lateral internal sphincterotomy in patients with chronic anal fissure.
    Mushtaq Ahmad, Khurshid Ahmad, Abdur Rahman, Sahibzada Salma Rehman, Ataullah Jan
    Rawal Medical Journal. 2014; 39(1): 65-67.
  64. First report of Alternaria brassicicola causing leaf spots on garlic, an important food and medicinal plant
    Iqra Shahzadi, Aqeel Ahmad*, Nasim Ahmad Yasin, Ghulam Fareed, Yaseen Ashraf, Waheed Akram, Waheed Ullah Khan and Muhammad Tayyab
    Journal of Medicinal Botany. 2017; 1(0): 8-12.
  65. Student nurses knowledge toward needle stick injuries in Jordan
    Ahmad Mahmoud Saleh, Shamweel Ahmad, Hiba Shamweel, Mohammad H. Abuadas
    Rawal Medical Journal. 2023; 48(1): 58-62.
  66. Screening of Citrus Rootstocks for Salinity Tolerance Based on Initial Growth Attributes and Leaves Proline Content
    Muhammad Sajid, Ahsanullah, Abdul Basit, Izhar Ullah, Syed T. Shah, Bibi Haleema, Khalid Nawab, Imran Ahmad, Noman Ahmad, Amin Khan, Murad Muhammad*
    Elementary Education Online. 2020; 19(4): 3128-3140.
  67. Review Of Reforms Brought By Provincial Government Of KP In Health Sector
    Mr. Hakim Said ,Dr. Ayaz Khan , Dr. Manzoor Ahmad , Dr. Husnul Amin , Riaz Ahmad Khan , Mr. Hayat Khan , Sumayya Feroz ,Mr. Shahid Jan Afridi
    Elementary Education Online. 2020; 19(4): 6436-6448.
  68. The Problems Confronted By The Education Department Of Kp (A Case Study Of Primary Level Education)
    Mr. Shahid Jan Afridi , Mr. Hakim Said , Dr. Ayaz Khan , Dr. Manzoor Ahmad , Mr. Muhammad Aqeel Khan , Riaz Ahmad Khan , Mr. Azaal Amin , Sumayya Feroz
    Elementary Education Online. 2020; 19(3): 4258-4266.
  69. Feasibility of managing acute pancreatitis in a peripheral set-up
    Mohd Riyaz Lattoo, Prince Ajaz Ahmad, Arshid Iqbal Qadri, Javid Ahmad Bhat, Naveed Nabi, Raashid Hamid, Mashkoor Ahmad Beg, Sadaf Ali Bangri
    International Journal of Surgery and Medicine. 2022; 8(1): 91-96.
  70. Investigating Behaviour of Virtual Instructional Leadership Among Principals of Secondary School Malaysia
    Mat Rahimi bin Yusof, Mohd Yusri Ibrahim, Noor Lela binti Ahmad, Nor Hanani Ahamad Rapani, Zuriadah Ismail, Anis Suriati Ahmad, Mohd Nasrun Mohd Nawi
    Elementary Education Online. 2020; 19(3): 40-47.
  71. Role Of Kp Police In The Establishment Of Peace And Prosperity, What Is The Relationship Of Civilian With Police
    Mr. Hakim Said , Mr. Shahid Jan Afridi , Dr. Ayaz Khan , Dr. Manzoor Ahmad , Mr. Muhammad Aqeel Khan , Riaz Ahmad Khan , Mr. Hayat Khan , Sumayya Feroz
    Elementary Education Online. 2020; 19(3): 4247-4257.
  72. Understanding The Concept Of Good Governance
    Mr. Shahid Jan Afridi ,Dr. Ayaz Khan , Mr. Hakim Said ,Dr. Manzoor Ahmad ,Dr. Husnul Amin ,Riaz Ahmad Khan ,Mr. Azaal Amin ,Sumayya Feroz
    Elementary Education Online. 2020; 19(4): 6449-6459.
  73. Postoperative Outcome Comparison Between Pudendal Nerve Block and Caudal Block After Lateral Open Internal Sphincterotomy
    Hazem Mohammad Alkhaldi, Wasfi Mohammad Salaita, Mohammad Ahmad Shabaneh, Mohammad Ibrahim Al-Horut, Raed Mohameh Abu Azzam Aldabbas, Ahmad Ali Uraiqat
    Medical Archives. 2015; 69(3): 187-189.
  74. Mitigating The Effect of Salinity Stress through Foliar Application of Benzoic Acid in Spring Maize (Zea mays. L)
    Altaf Hussain, Dr. Asma Noureen, Waseem Shoukat, Shujaat Hussain, Fawad Ali, Javed Ahmad Ujjan, Fawad Shabir Memon, Nazir Ahmad Bapar
    Elementary Education Online. 2021; 20(5): 7707-7712.
  75. Biosynthesis of TiO2 nanoparticles using prodigiosin and evaluating its antibacterial activity against biofilm producing MDR- Acinetobacter baumannii
    Sehand kamal Arif , Dalia Mhamed Ahmad, laith Ahmad Yaaqoob
    Al-Anbar Journal of Veterinary Sciences. 2020; 13(2): 137-151.
  76. Public Awareness of Hemophilia among Children in Saudi Arabia.
    Abdualelah Awad Alrashidi, Ahmad Roshdy Ahmad, Abdulrahman Bader Almazyad, Haifa Lafi Alenzi, Laura Ahmad Habib, Shahad Bandar Alyoubi, Afnan Moed Alsulaymi, Sara Emad Alrayya,
    International Journal of Medicine in Developing Countries. 2019; 3(8): 705-709.
  77. Is There a Role for Ordering a DEXA (Dual Energy X-Ray Absorptiometry) Scan for Patients with Symptomatic Advanced Knee Osteoarthritis?
    Mohammad Alkhatatba, Jehad Abualadas, Malik Alansari Abu Tabar, Mutaz Abueed, Ahmad Abdalmajeed Alghzawi, Rawan Abualadas, Ahmad Radaideh, Suhaib Bani Essa, Naser Obeidat, Ala`a Alma`aiteh, Jamal Al-Omari
    Acta Informatica Medica. 2023; 31(2): 111-114.
  78. A rare case of acute abdomen in an elderly patient: Jejunal diverticulum perforation
    Server Sezgin Uludag, Nazım Gures, Ahmet Askar, Omer Kucuk, Abdullah Kagan Zengin, Mehmet Faik Ozcelik
    Annals of Medical Research. 2021; 28(10): 1949-51.
  79. Prevalence of upper extremity pain among traffic police, Lahore, Pakistan
    Ghanea Ahmad, Fahad Tanveer, Ashfaq Ahmad, Syed Amir Gillani
    Rawal Medical Journal. 2018; 43(1): 64-67.
  80. Multiple myeloma with disseminated sclerotic lesions mimicking metastatic bone lesions; a rare case series
    Nurhilal Buyukkurt, Nazim Emrah Kocer
    European Journal of Medical Case Reports. 2023; 7(8): 167-171.
  81. The effect of midazolam on delirium in patients undergoing coronary artery bypass surgery
    Mehmet Kenan Erol, Nazim Kankilic, Firdevs Kay
    Annals of Medical Research. 2020; 27(3): 921-5.
  82. Anemia in pregnant women in a rural block of Kashmir valley: Its prevalence and socio-demographic associates
    Rauf ur-Rashid Kaul, Javid ahmad, Tufeel ahad baba, Sheikh Shoib: , Ashfaq ahmad, Mohd. ashraf, rafiq ahmad
    International Journal of Medical Science and Public Health. 2013; 2(4): 814-818.
  83. Pharmacist intervention can reduce the potential use of inappropriate drugs medications in Indonesian geriatric patients
    Endang Darmawan, Hidayat Ahmad, Dyah Aryani Perwitasari, Nurul Kusumawardani
    Journal of Applied Pharmaceutical Science. 2020; 10(1): 88-95.
  84. Anxiety and depression in patients of dengue fever
    Mmaqbool Ahmad Khan, Muhammad Ahmad, Saba Mir, Fahad Iftikhar, Maliha Fahad, Muhammad Khalid
    Rawal Medical Journal. 2012; 37(3): 239-242.
    Raed Hasan Alazaidah, Farzana Kabir Ahmad, Mohamad Farhan Mohamad Mohsin, Fadi Thabtah, Wael Ahmad AlZoubi
    Jordanian Journal of Computers and Information Technology. 2020; 6(4): 377-391.
  86. Comparison of Mulligan sustained natural apophyseal glides verses Mckenzie extension exercises on disability and functional outcomes in patients with acute nonspecific low back pain
    Dileep Kumar Lohana, Umair Ahmad, Faiza Sharif, Ashfaq Ahmad, Amir Ali Geilani, Salwa Atta
    Rawal Medical Journal. 2021; 46(2): 469-472.
  87. Are patients satisfied with Physiotherapy services? A cross-sectional survey
    Rabia Bukhari, Muhammad Nazim Farooq, Mudassar Ali, Ghazanfar Ali Khan
    Rawal Medical Journal. 2021; 46(3): 729-732.
  88. Effects of combined manual postural correction technique in patient with upper cross syndrome
    Dr. Zahoor Ahmad, Prof. Dr. Shakil ur Rehman, Dr. Shakeel Ahmad, Muhammad Faheem Afzal,
    Rawal Medical Journal. 2019; 44(3): 486-489.
  89. Innovation of dodol and stick milk and quality control of product based on microbial contaminant
    Mustofa Ahda, Ika Maryani, Septian Emma Dwi Jatmika
    National Journal of Physiology, Pharmacy and Pharmacology. 2018; 8(5): 767-770.
  90. Aflatoxin Total and Microbial Contamination of Grains, Oil Seeds, Yam Chips and Fish Sold in Maiduguri Market
    Ahmad Abubakar Adamu, Farida Umar Ahmad, Ibrahim Bala, Habeeb Kayode Saka, Ahmad Kyari Yerima, Abdullah Tafida Ibrahim, Eunice Iyabode Bamishaiye
    Equity Journal of Science and Technology. 2021; 8(1): 65-69.
  91. Comparison of conduction abnormalities between anterior and inferior myocardial infarction
    Ikram ullah, Farooq Ahmad, Muhammad Asif Iqbal, Salman Ahmad, Abdul Wali
    Rawal Medical Journal. 2015; 40(1): 48-51.
  92. The importance of proprioception in the diagnosis of cases thought to be Munchausen syndrome
    Mustafa Nazim Karalezli, Yunus Guzel, Serhat Yildirim
    Hand and Microsurgery. 2016; 5(3): 160-163.
  93. Plant Growth Promoting Potential of Rhizobium Isolates and Soil Health
    Zahoor Ahmad Baba, Malik Asif, Tahir Ahmad Sheikh, Fayaz Ahmad Sheikh, Zahoor Ahmad Bhat, Sana Khan, Tabinda Saher, Basharat Hamid
    Emirates Journal of Food and Agriculture. 2015; 27(5): 423-429.
  94. Sunglasses may play a role in depression
    Mahmut Alpayci, Osman Ozdemir, Seyfettin Erdem, Nazim Bozan, Levent Yazmalar
    Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences. 2012; 2(2): 80-83.
  95. Surgical therapy of medullary thyroid cancer and our clinical experiences
    Aydincan Akdur, Hakan Yabanoglu, Ilker Murat Arer, Abdirahman Sakulen Hargura, Nazim Emrah Kocer, Tevfik Avci
    Annals of Medical Research. 2019; 26(1): 86-90.
  96. Assessment of drug rationality by World Health Organization/International Network of Rational Use of Drugs indicators in the department of ophthalmology – A descriptive study in North India
    Syed Shadman Ahmad, Neeraj Kumar Agrawal, Arafat Ahmad
    National Journal of Physiology, Pharmacy and Pharmacology. 2021; 11(4): 429-435.
  97. Total phenolic content and in vitro evaluation of antioxidant activity of ethanol extract of Ganoderma amboinense
    Nina Salamah, Mustofa Ahda, Sidiq Bimantara, Rizka Hanar
    National Journal of Physiology, Pharmacy and Pharmacology. 2018; 8(1): 97-101.
  98. Relationship between tumorigenesis, metastasis, immune evasion, and chemoresistance in osteosarcoma therapy
    Yan Yik Lim, Ahmad Mujahid Ahmad Zaidi, Mainul Haque, Azizi Miskon
    Journal of Applied Pharmaceutical Science. 2024; 14(1): 64-79.
  99. Effect of Majoon-e-Falasafa and Safoof-e-Aqarqarha in Hypothyroidism - A Randomized Controlled Clinical study
    Kaleem Ahmad, Mansoor Ahmad Siddiqui , Mohd Aleemuddin Quamri
    Annals of Ayurvedic Medicine. 2022; 11(1): 10-21.
  100. Method Development and Validation using UV Spectrophotometry for Nigella sativa Oil Microparticles Quantification
    Ahmad Fahmi Harun Ismail, Abd Almonem Doolaanea, Farahidah Mohamed, Nur 'Izzati Mansor, Mohd Affendi Mohd Shafri, Fathin Athirah Yusof
    Journal of Applied Pharmaceutical Science. 2015; 5(9): 082-088.

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