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  1. Retained foreign body migration to the colon: A rare cause of small bowel obstruction
    Nada Garrouche, Ibtissem Hasni, Jaafar Mazhoud, Hiba Ben Hassine, Hela Jemni
    American Journal of Diagnostic Imaging . 2017; 2(2): 35-38.
    Nada O.Edrees
    THE EGYPTIAN JOURNAL OF EXPERIMENTAL BIOLOGY (Zoology). 2008; 4(0): 279-283.
  3. Clinical Significance of Neuronal Oscillations in Children and Adolescents
    Nada Pop-Jordanova
    Acta Informatica Medica. 2009; 17(2): 103-107.
  4. Heart Rate Variability in the Assessment and Biofeedback Training of Common Mental Health Problems in Children
    Nada Pop-Jordanova
    Medical Archives. 2009; 63(5): 248-252.
  5. Non-Communicable Chronic Diseases Risk Prevalence of Family Medicine Patients in the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina
    Boris Hrabac, Nada Spasojevic
    Materia Socio Medica. 2016; 28(1): 8-11.
  6. Age, Gender and Disorder Related Personality Characteristics of Pediatric Patients Measured by Eysenck Personality Questionnaire
    Nada Pop-Jordanova, Tatjana Zorcec
    Acta Informatica Medica. 2010; 18(4): 207-211.
  7. The Development of Infectology in Bosnia and Herzegovina, with Special Emphasis on the Development and History of Infectious Clinic, Clinical Center of Sarajevo University
    Nada Koluder-Cimic, Izet Masic
    Materia Socio Medica. 2012; 24(2): 4-10.
  8. Qeeg , Brain Rate, Executive Functions and Neurofeedback Training in Patients with Traumatic Brain Injury
    Tatjana Zorcec, Aneta Demerdzieva, Nada Pop-Jordanova
    Acta Informatica Medica. 2011; 19(1): 23-28.
  9. Childhood and Coress Model of Carcinogenesis
    Esad Brigic, Devleta Hadzic, Nada Mladina
    Medical Archives. 2012; 66(6): 375-377.
  10. Patient’s Satisfaction with Health Care: a Questionnaire Study of Different Aspects of Care
    Nada Spasojevic, Boris Hrabac, Senad Huseinagic
    Materia Socio Medica. 2015; 27(4): 220-224.
  11. Early and Correct Diagnosis of Celiac Disease in the Prevention of Growth Disorders and Child Development
    Esad Brigic, Devleta Hadzic, Nada Mladina
    Materia Socio Medica. 2012; 24(4): 242-247.
  12. Humoral Immunity in Children with Immunodeficiency and Immunosuppression
    Belkisa Colic-Hadzici, Nada Mladina, Devleta Hadzic
    Medical Archives. 2009; 63(1): 9-12.
  13. Rural – Urban Differences in Health Care Quality Assessment
    Nada Spasojevic, Ivan Vasilj, Boris Hrabac, Damir Celik
    Materia Socio Medica. 2015; 27(6): 409-411.
  14. SPECT/CT for the accurate localization of 67Ga uptake in mycotic abdominal aortic aneurysm
    Nada Almenieir, Hani Hassoun, Kent MacKenzie, Vilma Derbekyan
    . 2016; 6(1): 59-62.
  15. Etiological and Clinical Characteristics of Lymphadenopathy at Child Age in Tuzla Canton
    Amila Latifagic, Ermina Iljazovic, Belkisa Colic, Nada Mladina
    Medical Archives. 2011; 65(5): 295-299.
  16. Air Pollution and Hospital Admission Trends of Children with Bronchial Obstruction in Tuzla Canton
    Devleta Had& 382;i& 263;, Nada Mladina, Farid Ljuca, Mustafa Bazard& 382;anovi& 263;
    Medical Archives. 2009; 63(3): 146-151.
  17. Frequency of In-Hospital Acquired Staphylococcus Bacteremia/Sepsis Within Ten-year Period
    Aida Pitic, Enra Lukovac, Nada Koluder, Rusmir Baljic
    Medical Archives. 2013; 67(5): 326-328.
  18. Infectology in Bosnia and Herzegovina - New Trends
    Izet Masic, Nada Koluder-Cimic, Sead Ahmetagic, Rusmir Baljic
    Medical Archives. 2012; 66(3): 4-5.
  19. On the Occasion of the 4th Congress of Infectiologists of Bosnia and Herzegovina with International Participation
    Izet Masic, Nada Koluder-Cimic, Sead Ahmetagic, Rusmir Baljic
    Materia Socio Medica. 2012; 24(2): 20-31.
    Hala A. Farrag, Einas H. El-Shatoury, Khaled Z. El-Baghdady, Hanady M. Nada , Fawkia M. El-Beih
  21. Antibacterial Activity of Ginger (Zingiber officinale) Leaves Essential Oil Nanoemulsion against the Cariogenic Streptococcus mutans
    Nada Mostafa
    Journal of Applied Pharmaceutical Science. 2018; 8(9): 34-41.
  22. Overlap repair of isolated internal anal sphincter injury: success and failure
    Mohamed A. Nada, Islam H. ElAbbassy
    . 2016; 3(4): 1781-1786.
  23. Clinical and Epidemiological Characteristics of Novel AH1N1 Flu
    Nada Koluder, Meliha Hadzovic-Cengic, Refet Gojak, Amir Hadzic, Enra Lukovac
    Medical Archives. 2011; 65(1): 13-15.
  24. Listeria Meningoencephalitis in an Immunocompetent Person
    Alija Drnda, Nada Koluder, Amir Hadzic, Nermina Bajramovic, Rusmir Baljic, Velida Mulabdic
    Medical Archives. 2009; 63(2): 112-113.
  25. Staphylococcal Sepsis and Frequency of Metastatic Foci
    Enra Lukovac, Nada Koluder-Cimic, Meliha Hadzovic-Cengic, Rusmir Baljic, Aida Ahmetspahic-Begic
    Medical Archives. 2012; 66(3): 48-50.
  26. Analysis of Comorbidity of the Patients Affected by Staphylococcal Bacteremia/Sepsis in the Last Ten Years
    Enra Lukovac, Nada Koluder-Cimic, Meliha Hadzovic-Cengic, Rusmir Baljic, Amir Hadzic, Refet Gojak
    Materia Socio Medica. 2012; 24(2): 13-15.
  27. Serratia Marcescens Meningitis Following Spinal Anaesthesia and Arthroscopy
    Amir Hadzic, Nada Koluder-Cimic, Meliha Hadzovic-Cengic, Refet Gojak, Ismet Gavrankapetanovic, Semin Becirbegovic
    Medical Archives. 2012; 66(3): 54-55.
  28. Friedreich’s Ataxia (FA) Associated with Diabetes Mellitus Type 1 and Hypertrophic Cardiomyopathy: Analysis of a FA Family
    Zoran Gucev, Velibor Tasic, Aleksandra Jancevska, Nada Pop Jordanova, Svetlana Koceva, Marija Kuturec, Vesna Sabolic
    Medical Archives. 2009; 63(2): 110-111.
  29. Staphylococcal Bacteraemia/Sepsis - Characteristics of Laboratory Parameters
    Enra Lukovac, Aida Pitic, Nada Koluder, Meliha Hadzovic-Cengic, Nermin Mostarac, Refet Gojak, Rusmir Baljic
    Medical Archives. 2013; 67(3): 162-163.
  30. Clinical and Histopathological Evaluation of the Effectiveness of Lavender oil Compared with Black seed oil, Ostrich oil and Cod liver oil on the Second Intention Wound Healing in Dogs
    Amira M. Nada, Howaida M. Abu-Ahmed, Asmaa F. Khafaga, Mahmoud H. El-Kammar
    Alexandria Journal of Veterinary Sciences. 2015; 46(1): 57-65.
  31. Epidemiological Aspects of Atherosclerosis in Patients Treated for Acute Atherothrombosis of Extremity Arteries
    Nedzad Rustempasic, Dragan Totic, Muhamed Djedovic, Medzida Rustempasic, Nada Malesic
    Medical Archives. 2014; 68(5): 329-331.
  32. Effects of captopril vs amlodipine on blood pressure, serum glucose and lipid profile in overweight and obese hypertensive patients.
    Isam Hamo Mahmood, Nada Sati Al-Rawi
    Rawal Medical Journal. 2013; 38(2): 104-108.
  33. Cellulitis – Epidemiological and Clinical Characteristics
    Meliha Hadzovic-Cengic, Alma Sejtarija-Memisevic, Nada Koluder-Cimic, Enra Lukovac, Snjezana Mehanic, Amir Hadzic, Selma Hasimbegovic-Ibrahimovic
    Medical Archives. 2012; 66(3): 51-53.
  34. Varicella Pneumonia in a 39-year-old Female in Third Trimester Twin Pregnancy
    Rusmir Baljic, Meliha Hadzovic, Snjezana Mehanic, Enra Lukovac, Nada Koluder-Cimic, Izet Baljic, Bilal Imsirovic
    Materia Socio Medica. 2012; 24(2): 16-17.
  35. Chitosan Liposomal microspheres for Ricinoleic acid Encapsulation
    Rihab Abd EL Azeem, Ahmed A. Nada, Ahmed S. Montaser
    Journal of Applied Pharmaceutical Science. 2015; 5(11): 055-062.
  36. Mortality at the Clinic of Internal Medicine of University Clinical Center in Tuzla During 2008
    Fahir Barakovic, Mithat Tabakovic, Zumreta Kusljugic, Denis Mrsic, Suada Mulic, Elnur Smajic, Esad Brkic, Denijal Tulumovic, Jasna Sehic- Meric, Nada Pavlovic, Mario Krizic.
    Medical Archives. 2010; 64(5): 278-280.
  37. Domestic Violence: With Emphasis on International Cultural and Societal Variations
    Awad Mohamed Ahmed, Nada Hassan Ahmed Abdelrahman, Abdullah I Aedh, Kholood A Al-Omer, Elsadig Yousif Mohamed
    . 2016; 4(1): 61-76.
  38. Ameliorative effect of citrus peel extract on castration-induced oxidative stress in liver and kidney of rats
    Nada A. E. Mohamed, Amany A. Tohamy, Basma Elgamal and Ahmed E. Abdel moneim
    Journal of Applied Pharmaceutical Science. 2014; 4(7): 064-068.
  39. Oxygen therapy in neonatal intensive care units in Khartoum State.
    Ilham M Omer, Nada G Ibrahim, Abdalhalim M A Nasr
    . 2015; 15(2): 49-54.
  40. Postpartum atypical haemolytic uraemic syndrome in a pre-eclamptic patient
    Efterpi Tingi, Nada Sabir, Lynda Verghese
    . 2016; 5(3): 894-898.
  41. Drought and Salinity Alter Adaptive Molecular Response in Two Genetically unlike Egyptian Rice Cultivars
    Mohamed Yousof Hazman, Mariam Mahmoud Sameh , Menna Mahmoud Abd Elzaher , Nada Ashraf Mohamed, Nada Essam El din Diab, Nardeen Ashraf Mikhael, Nora Ashraf Hussin, Nourhan Ahmed Helmy, Shrouk Abd El hamid Mohamed,
  42. Detection of genotoxic effect of cadmium on tomato (Lycopersicon esculentum) using RAPD markers
    Fatma A Asseri, Ahmed M Nada, Ashraf Haider
    THE EGYPTIAN JOURNAL OF EXPERIMENTAL BIOLOGY (Botany). 2017; 13(2): 375-381.
  43. The Possible Effect of Omega 3 Fatty Acids Against Cardiovascular Diseases in Rats: Biochemical and Histopathological Studies
    Nada Sallai, Mohamed El-Adl, Gehad El-Sayed
    Alexandria Journal of Veterinary Sciences. 2019; 62(1): 130-136.
  44. Prescription pattern of antihypertensive drugs in Family Practice Clinics at Jordan University Hospital
    Essam Al-Drabah, Yacoub Irshaid, Nada Yasein, Suheil Zmeili
    Medicine Science | International Medical Journal. 2013; 2(1): 469-88.
  45. Effectiveness of audio visual distraction using virtual reality eyeglasses versus tablet device in child behavioral management during inferior alveolar nerve block
    Mohammed Nour Al-Halabi, Nada Bshara, Zuhair AlNerabieah
    . 2018; 23(1): -.
  46. Characterization of chicken IgY produced against H5 and H9 avian influenza viruses
    Mai F. Nahla, Nada A. Abd-elfattah, Madiha S. Ibrahim
    Alexandria Journal of Veterinary Sciences. 2018; 59(1): 79-91.
  47. Formulation of Desloratadine Oral Disintegrating Tablets
    Mohamed A. Etman, Mona Gamal, Aly H. Nada, Mohamed A. Shams-Eldeen
    Journal of Applied Pharmaceutical Science. 2014; 4(11): 054-061.
  48. Detection and Isolation of Adenovirus -3 from Cattle in Sudan
    Nada Elamein Mohammed, Intisar Kamil Saeed, Salma Bushra Elmagbool, Yahia Hassan Ali, Yasir Mehdi Noori
    International Journal of Livestock Research. 2017; 7(2): 125-134.
  49. Hawadith Street Initiative: A unique Sudanese childhood charity experience.
    Awad Mohamed Ahmed, Nada Hassan Ahmed A-Rahman
    . 2015; 15(2): 9-15.
  50. Whey protein isolate protects against cyclophosphamide-induced acute liver and kidney damage in rats.
    Dina Farouk Mansour, Abeer Abdallah Salama, Rehab Ragab Hegazy, Enayat Abdelaziz Omara, Somaia Ahmed Nada
    Journal of Applied Pharmaceutical Science. 2017; 7(6): 111-120.
  51. In Vitro and in-vivo Evaluation of Tablets Containing Meloxicam- PEG 6000 Ball-Milled Co-Ground Mixture
    Mohamed Etman, Mustafa Shekedef, Aly Nada, Assem Ismail
    Journal of Applied Pharmaceutical Science. 2017; 7(3): 31-39.
  52. Exposure of chitosan to UV/ozone: Structural information and antibacterial activity
    Osiris W. Guirguis, Gehan T. El-Bassyouni, Mona A. Esawy, Nada R. Abd Elkader, Hadeer M. Mahmoud, Hend M. Mostafa, Nabawia A. Abdel-Zaher
    Journal of Applied Pharmaceutical Science. 2016; 6(12): 124-130.
  53. Vascular protective actions of the angiotensin receptor blockers valsartan and losartan in STZ-induced diabetic rats
    Aliaa E. M. K. El-Mosallamy, Hala F. Zaki, Nermeen Shaffie, Somaia A. Nada, Amany A. Sleem, Sanaa A. Kenawy
    Journal of Applied Pharmaceutical Science. 2019; 9(4): 66-76.
  54. Antioxidant and Hypo-Ammonemic Activities of Alpha-Lactalbumin and Vitamin C in Thioacetamide-Induced Liver and Brain Damage in Rats
    Dina Farouk Mansour, Somaia Ahmed Nada, Ezz-eldeen said Eldenshary , Berween Mahmoud Elmahmoudy, Sherein Saeid AbdElgayed
    Journal of Applied Pharmaceutical Science. 2015; 5(9): 072-081.
  55. The effect of a combination of â(1-3) D-Glucan and Propionibacterium granulosum on productive performance and immune modulation of immunocompromised and non-immunocompromised broiler chickens
    M. H. H. Awaad, A. M. Atta, M. A. Elmenawey, H. B.Gharib, Wafaa A. Abd El-Ghany, A. A. Nada
    . 2013; 6(1): 31-38.
  56. Knowledge of breast cancer among rural women among Saudi Arabian population
    Talal Saad Almukhlifi, Ali Abdulaziz A Alanzan, Sultan Obaid Abdullah Alghuwainem, Sayil Turki M Alotaibi, Mohannad Abdullah A Alokifi, Mohammed Saad Bin Abdullah Alkhathlan, Khalid Fahad Almalki, Alwaleed Khalid Al-Ghannam, Nada Nasser Alkhashlan
    . 2019; 3(9): 55-58.
  57. First report of Bovine Viral Diarrhea Virus antigen from pneumonic cattle in Sudan
    Intisar Kamil Saeed, Yahia Hassan Ali, Khalid Mohammed Taha, Nada ElAmin Mohammed, Yasir Mehdi Nouri, Baraa Ahmed Mohammed, Osama Ishag Mohammed, Salma Bushra Elmagbool, Fahad Elghazali
    Journal of Advanced Veterinary and Animal Research. 2015; 2(2): 153-157.
  58. Mother's breastfeeding knowledge, barriers and practices: a descriptive survey
    Shatha Saleh Al Harbi, Syed Irfan Karim, Saleh Suliman Al Harbi, Afnan Abdullah Almalki, Atheer Mohammed Aljeraibah, Shahad Mohammed Aljeraibah, Nada Ahmad Alsomali, Ruba Mahmoud Barnawi
    . 2018; 2(2): 59-64.
  59. Biomaterials Based on Essential Fatty Acids and Carbohydrates for Chronic Wounds
    Ahmed Ali Nada, Ahmed G Hassabo, Hassan M Awad, Walid Fayad, Nermeen M Shaffie, Amany A Sleem, Nabil Y Abou Zeid
    Journal of Applied Pharmaceutical Science. 2015; 5(10): 013-021.
  60. Encapsulation of Nicotinamide into Cellulose Based Electrospun Fibers
    Ahmed A Nada, Ahmed G Hassabo, Amina L Mohamed, Saad Zaghloul
    Journal of Applied Pharmaceutical Science. 2016; 6(8): 013-021.
  61. DOE, Formulation and Optimization of Repaglinide Nanostructured Lipid Carriers
    Shady A. Swidan, Zeinab N. Mansour, Zeinab A. Mourad, Nahla A. Elhesaisy, Nada A. Mohamed, Mohamed S. Bekheet, Mohamed A. Badawy, Mai M. Elsemeiri, Aya E. Elrefaey, Amera M. Hassaneen
    Journal of Applied Pharmaceutical Science. 2018; 8(10): 8-16.
  62. Protective effect of avenanthramides against cisplatin induced nephrotoxicity in rats
    Yasmin O. El Amir, Wisam Omar, Amani Y. Khabrani, Amani E. Jahfali, Shahd M. Alhakami, Nada M. Dobab
    Journal of Advanced Veterinary and Animal Research. 2019; 6(4): 521-527.
  63. Para influenza virus 3 infection in cattle and small ruminants in Sudan
    Intisar Kamil Saeed, Yahia Hassan Ali, Khalid Mohammed Taha, Nada ElAmin Mohammed, Yasir Mehdi Nouri, Baraa Ahmed Mohammed, Osama Ishag Mohammed, Salma Bushra Elmagboul, Fahad AlTayeb AlGhazali
    Journal of Advanced Veterinary and Animal Research. 2016; 3(3): 236-241.
  64. Prevalence of asthma among children
    Nada Kareem S Alruwaili, Afrah Saleh K Alanazi, Aeshah Raja M Alanazi, Jewaher Ali M Alharbi, Anwar Salamah B Alanazi, Wejdan Salamah B Alanazi, Manal Mohammed L Alenezi, Alaa Jameel A Ahmed, Rehab Thaib Rawian Alenzi, Hadeel Saud D Alanazi, Manal Mutaib N Alanazi, Najah Salah F Alanazi
    . 2018; 2(3): 109-113.
  65. Liposomal Microencapsulation of Rodent-repelling Agents onto Jute Burlaps: Assessment of Cytotoxicity and Rat Behavioral Test
    Ahmed A. Nada, Ahmed G. Hassabo, Amina L. Mohamed, Marwa M. Mounier, Nabil Y. Abou Zeid
    Journal of Applied Pharmaceutical Science. 2016; 6(8): 142-150.
  66. Controlled Release of Drugs from Cellulosic Wound Bandage Using Silica Microsphere as Drug Encapsulator Module
    Ahmed G. Hassabo, Amina L. Mohamed, Ahmed A. Nada, Nabil Y. Abou Zeid
    Journal of Applied Pharmaceutical Science. 2015; 5(12): 067-073.



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