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  1. Commitment to the wellbeing of children worldwide.
    Mustafa Abdalla M Salih; Satti Abdelrahim Satti
    . 2011; 11(2): 4-5.
  2. A new horizon for the Sudanese Journal of Paediatrics.
    Mustafa Abdalla M Salih; Satti Abdelrahim Satti
    . 2011; 11(1): 4-5.
  3. Managing the common and rare in paediatrics.
    Mustafa Abdalla M Salih; Satti Abdulrahim Satti; Mohammed Osman Swar
    . 2012; 12(2): 4-6.
  4. Building civilization starts from childhood.
    Mustafa Abdalla M Salih; Satti Abdulrahim Satti; Mohammed Osman Swar
    . 2013; 13(1): 6-10.
  5. Changing an old therapy of a historic human infection: Malaria.
    Mustafa Abdalla M Salih; Satti Abdulrahim Satti; Mohammed Osman Swar
    . 2012; 12(1): 4-5.
  6. Biomedical Research: Child health and nation's health.
    Mustafa Abdalla M Salih; Satti Abdulrahim Satti; Mohammed Osman Swar
    . 2013; 13(2): 6-9.
  7. Ascaris Lumbricoides in a 13-year-old child.
    Satti Abdulrahim Satti; Annas Hamdoun
    . 2011; 11(1): 68-9.
  8. Meckel-Gruber syndrome: Antenatal diagnosis and ethical perspectives.
    Sarar Mohamed; Fatima Ibrahim; Kameel Kamil; Satti A Satti
    . 2012; 12(2): 70-2.
  9. About the cover
    Mustafa Abdalla M. Salih
    . 2018; 18(2): 1-1.
  10. Professor Tigani El Mahi: Short biography and photos.
    Mustafa Abdalla M Salih
    . 2013; 13(1): 75-8.
  11. Professionalism in medicine and hyposkillia.
    Mustafa Abdalla M Salih; Mohammed Osman Swar
    . 2014; 14(1): 6-10.
  12. An elegy on the memory of Professor Tigani El Mahi (Arabic poem)
    Mustafa Abdalla M Salih
    . 2013; 13(1): 119-123.
  13. Another horizon and breakthrough for the Sudanese Journal of Paediatrics.
    Mustafa Abdalla M Salih, Mohammed Osman Swar
    . 2016; 16(1): 6-8.
  14. An elegy on the memory of Professor Mansour Ali Haseeb (Arabic poem)
    Mustafa Abdalla M Salih
    . 2013; 13(2): 129-131.
  15. Four decades of the Sudanese Journal of Paediatrics and milstones.
    Mustafa Abdalla M Salih, Mohammed Osman Swar
    . 2017; 17(1): 5-9.
  16. Lessons to the World: Sudanese Youth and the Wellbeing of Children.
    Mustafa Abdalla M Salih, Med Sci, Mohammed Osman Swar
    . 2015; 15(2): 6-8.
  17. Paediatric neurology at the confluence of the Blue and White Niles.
    Mustafa Abdalla M Salih, Mohammed Osman Swar
    . 2015; 15(1): 6-8.
  18. Outstanding contribution of British medicine to child health in Sudan.
    Mustafa Abdalla M Salih, Mohammed Osman Swar
    . 2016; 16(2): 6-12.
  19. From neonatology to pediatric neurology: believing in and working for a bright future
    Mustafa Abdalla M. Salih, Mohammed Osman Swar
    . 2018; 18(2): 2-4.
  20. The odyssey of diagnosing genetic disorders in evolving health services
    Mustafa Abdalla M. Salih, Mohammed Osman Swar
    . 2019; 19(1): 2-5.
  21. Remembering the first doctors worldwide who offered their lives fighting Ebola virus epidemic.
    Mustafa Abdalla M Salih; Mohammed Osman Swar
    . 2014; 14(2): 6-8.
  22. Welcome Speech of the International Child Neurology Association (ICNA) Educational Meeting in Khartoum, Sudan (January 27-31, 2015).
    Mustafa Abdalla M Salih
    . 2015; 15(1): 79-87.
  23. Article authored by three generations: International lifetime commitment to child health
    Mustafa Abdalla M Salih, Mohammed Osman Swar
    . 2017; 17(2): 5-10.
  24. About the cover
    Mustafa Abdalla M. Salih
    . 2018; 18(1): 1-1.
  25. Pattern and determinants of use of traditional treatments in children attending Gaafar Ibnauf Children's Hospital, Sudan.
    Satti Abdelrahim Satti, Sarah Fakhreldin Mohamed-Omer, Mashair Abdelgadir Hajabubker
    . 2016; 16(2): 45-50.
  26. Medical education and services in an extreme environment
    Mustafa Abdalla M. Salih, Mohammed Osman Swar
    . 2018; 18(1): 2-5.
  27. Remembering for tomorrow: Professor Mansour Ali Haseeb.
    Mustafa Abdalla M Salih
    . 2013; 13(2): 76-83.
  28. Diabetic Ketoacidosis in children admitted to Pediatric Intensive Care Unit of King Fahad Hospital, Al-Baha, Saudi Arabia: Precipitating factors, epidemiological parameters and clinical presentation.
    Satti Abdulrahim Satti; Imad Yassin Saadeldin; Ali Saeed Dammas
    . 2013; 13(2): 24-30.
  29. About the Cover (Volume 19, issue 1)
    Mustafa Salih
    . 2019; 19(1): 1-1.
  30. A non syndromic bilateral transverse facial cleft (Macrostomia)
    Lamees Abdelrahim Arabiyat, Khalid Ali El-Maaytah, Mohammad Abdalla Abu Assamen
    Rawal Medical Journal. 2015; 40(3): 331-332.
  31. Acute phase reactants in Sudanese children with severe protein-energy malnutrition.
    Omer S M Suliman; Mustafa A M Salih; Zein A Karrar; Abdelrahim O Mohammed; Chrestover Helsing
    . 2011; 11(1): 48-59.
  32. Seroepidemiology of hepatitis A virus in Hyderabad, South India
    Syed Rahamathulla, Mohammed Aejaz Habeeb, Sindiri Prathap Kumar, Arif Aziz Nathani, V. V. Ramachandra Rao, Satti Vishnu Priya, Chandra Madhavi, Mahammad Nanne Khaja
    . 2012; 2(2): 58-61.
  33. Infection and immunoglobulin levels in Sudanese children with severe protein-energy malnutrition.
    Omer S M Suliman; Mustafa A M Salih; Zein A Karrar; Abdelrahim O Mohammed; Chrestover Helsing
    . 2011; 11(2): 32-42.
  34. Practices and reasons of recreational drugs use among college and university students of Rawalpindi and Islamabad
    Hassan Bin Usman, Iffat Atif, Talal Bin Pervaiz, Ali Bin Muhammad, Arslan Satti, Syed Imran Bukhari
    Isra Medical Journal. 2017; 9(1): 9-14.
  35. Professor Mansour Ali Haseeb: Highlights from a pioneer of biomedical research, physician and scientist.
    Mustafa Abdalla M Salih
    . 2013; 13(2): 66-75.
  36. Chemical composition of important range plant species in UAE. 1. Trees and perennial plants
    O.M. Abdalla, A.E.S. Ibrahim, M.B. Aboul-Ela, A.M. Soliman, M.A. Ahmed
    Emirates Journal of Food and Agriculture. 1995; 7(1): 65-86.
  37. Investigation of caprine arthritis-encephalitis virus in Sudan using competitive enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay
    Abdelghafar M. Elfahal, Mohammed O. Hussien, Khalid A. Enan, Khalid M. Taha, Diaeldin A. Salih, Rajaa H. Halfawi, Zakia A. Mohammed and Abdelrahim M. El-Hussein
    . 2013; 6(8): 558-562.
  38. Seroprevalence of Q fever in Goats in the Sudan
    Mohammed O Hussien, Abdelghafar M ElFahal, Khalid A Enan, Khalid M Taha, Mohammed S Mohammed, Diaeldin A Salih, Sulieman I Mohammadain, Ahmed A Saeed, AbdelRahim M El-Hussein
    . 2012; 5(7): 394-397.
  39. Bovine herpes virus-1 (BoHV-1) detection in dairy cattle with reproductive problems in Sudan
    Amira Mohamed Elhassan, Mohamed Abdalla Fadol, Mohamed Ahmed Mohamed Salih, Abdel Rahim Mohamed El Hussein
    Journal of Advanced Veterinary and Animal Research. 2015; 2(2): 185-189.
  40. Prof. Dr. Jürgen Koebke (1945-2012)
    Salih Murat Akkın, Mehmet Alp
    Hand and Microsurgery. 2012; 1(1): 1-2.
  41. Meat characteristics of sheep and goat breeds commonly consumed in UAE. 2. Use of body dimensions for predicting body and carcass weights
    A.A. Nigm, O.M. Abdalla, M.B. Aboul-Ela, H.M. Kamel, M.A. Ahmed
    Emirates Journal of Food and Agriculture. 1995; 7(1): 39-54.
  42. Effect of Laying Hen's Age on Some Egg Quality Traits with Emphasis on their Correlation
    Abdalla Mohammed Abdalla
    International Journal of Livestock Research. 2018; 8(5): 76-82.
  43. Attention to predatory journal
    Mustafa Kürşat Şahin, Füsun Ayşin Artıran İğde, Mustafa Fevzi Dikici
    Türkiye Aile Hekimliği Dergisi. 2017; 21(3): -.
  44. Dystonia of neck and oculogyric dystonic reaction due to sertraline use
    Alper Özcan, Merve Çıkılı Uytun, Salih Uytun, Hatice Gamze Poyrazoğlu, Yasemin Altuner Torun
    Anatolian Journal of Psychiatry. 2015; 16(5): 378-378.
  45. Characteristics associated with severe pneumonia in under-five children admitted to emergency units of two teaching hospitals in Khartoum, Sudan.
    Karim Eldin M A Salih; Ali Salih; El Fatih Z E El Samani; Kamal Eldin Hussien; Salah A Ibrahim
    . 2011; 11(2): 25-31.
  46. The prevalence and factors affecting attention deficit hyperactivity disorder among school children in Khartoum State.
    Amira Mohammed Osman, Ilham Mohammed Omer, Abdalla Abderahman Mohammed, Sanaa Eltahir Abdalla
    . 2015; 15(2): 29-36.
    mustafa ünal, onur ozturk, mustafa yasin selçuk, bektaş murat yalçın
    Turkish Journal of Family Medicine & Primary Care. 2018; 12(4): 322-328.
  48. An anomalous accessory extensor proprius indicis muscle: A case report
    Mustafa Kurklu, Selim Turkkan, Muzaffer Durmus, Şener Özbölük, Mahmut Kömürcü, Salih Murat Akkın, Jurgen Koebke
    Hand and Microsurgery. 2013; 2(3): 122-124.
  49. Acute poisoning in a child following topical treatment of head lice (pediculosis capitis) with an organophosphate pesticide.
    Muddathir H Hamad, Ahmed Awad Adeel, Ali Abdu N Alhaboob, Ahmed M Ashri, Mustafa A Salih
    . 2016; 16(1): 63-6.
  50. Breast cancer screening: An outpatient clinic study
    Mustafa Girgin, Kazim Duman, Salih Burcin Kavak, Ebru Kavak
    Archives of Clinical and Experimental Surgery (ACES). 2017; 6(1): 23-27.
  51. Fraser Syndrome is Presented with an Intraabdominal Mass Because of Hydrometrocolpos in a Newborn

    Salih Kalay1, Ali Erdal Karakaya1, Mesut Parlak2, Zuhal Kalay1, Çağdaş Karaveli1, Fatih Tüten1Esad Köklü3

    Annals of Medical Research. 2013; 20(4): 368-370.
  52. Prevalence of Congenital Heart Diseases in Children with Congenital Hypothyroidism
    Mohamed Abdel Megied Abo El-Magd, Mohamed Adel El-Maraghy, Mohamed E.A. Abdelrahim, Khaled Refaat Abd El Meguid, Mohamed Hussein Meabed
    Archives of Clinical and Experimental Surgery (ACES). 2013; 2(2): 85-91.
  53. Case report of 49-year-old man with unusual invasive thymoma
    Osama Abdalla Mabrouk Kheiralla
    International Journal of Medical Science and Public Health. 2016; 5(3): 586-589.
  54. Non-invasive prediction of fibrosis in chronic hepatitis B
    Mustafa Salih Akin, Abdullah Ozgur Yeniova, Osman Demir
    Annals of Medical Research. 2019; 26(8): 1588-93.
  55. Scientific evidences of the relationship between physical activity during pregnancy and neonatal outcomes
    Ana Karina Marques Salge, Marília Cordeiro de Souza, Raphaela Maioni Xavier, Thaila Correa Castral, Karina Machado Siqueira, Renata Calciolari Rossi, Janaína Valadares Guimarães, Pedro Teixeira Meireles, Bruno Belmonte Martineli Gomes, George Kemil Abdalla, Douglas Reis Abdalla
    International Journal of Medical Reviews and Case Reports. 2019; 3(8): 542-549.
  56. Prevalence and Risk Factors of Hypercholesterolemia in Majmaah, Saudi Arabia
    Khalid El Tohami Medani, Mohammed Abdullah Al Mansour, Elsadig Yousif Mohamed, Fahad Alfhaid, Talal Shakhs Alghamdi, Waqas Sami, Sawsan Mustafa Abdalla, Mansour Khater Al Zahrani
    . 2018; 6(1): 34-41.
  57. Is there a correlation between hand preference and vertebral-subclavian artery diameter and vertebral artery flow volume?
    Bulent Karaman, Salih Hamcan, Asaf Abduramani, Serhat Celikkanat, Mustafa Tasar
    Hand and Microsurgery. 2017; 6(3): 120-124.
  58. Prof Ismet Ceric, MD, PhD (1935-2017)
    Izet Masic
    Medical Archives. 2017; 71(2): 158-159.
    Selahattin TOGAY, Salih BARIŞIK
    . 2000; 11(38): 85-111.
  60. A case of isolated macrodactyly
    Isa An, Mustafa Aksoy
    Annals of Medical Research. 2019; 26(6): 1126-7.
  61. Sturge-Weber syndrome: Continued vigilance is needed.
    Saeed Hassan, Amir Babiker, Fahad A Bashiri, Hamdi H Hassan, Maha El Husseini, Mustafa A Salih
    . 2015; 15(2): 63-70.
  62. Case Report: Leiomyosarcoma of the First Portion of the Duodenum


    Mustafa Şare M.D’, Adnan Hasanoğlu M.D", Mustafa Şahin M.D’, Beyhan Demirhan M.D*& 39;,  Fatih Hilmioğlu M.D.**& 39;

    Annals of Medical Research. 1996; 3(1): 47-49.
  63. Karanfil Otu Kullanım Bozukluğu: Bir Olgu
    Mustafa Sabuncuoğlu, Fuat Torun
    Düşünen Adam: The Journal of Psychiatry and Neurological Sciences. 2014; 27(1): 85-86.
    Onur ÖZTÜRK, Mustafa Yasin SELÇUK
    Turkish Journal of Family Medicine & Primary Care. 2016; 10(3): 124-125.
    . 2017; 1(2): 72-74.
  66. Overlooked malingering cases in clinical settings
    Mustafa Yıldız, Ömer Nart
    Anatolian Journal of Psychiatry. 2017; 18(4): 413-414.
  67. Infantile hemangioma and oral propranolol therapy
    Mustafa Dilek, Mervan Bekdaş, Sevil Bilir Göksügür, Fatih Demircioğlu, Zehra Karataş, Mustafa Erkoçoğlu, Erol Kısmet
    Şişli Etfal Tıp Bülteni. 2015; 49(2): 148-51.
  68. Liver reseetions


    Dr Adnan HASANOGLU (ARAB)*,   Dr.Mustafa ERBİLEN*,  Dr.Mustafa ŞAHİN*,  Dr Ömer ŞAKRAK**

    Annals of Medical Research. 1994; 1(3): 234-240.
  69. Diagnostics of Peripherally Located Intrathoracic Lipoma
    Mustafa Yıldırım, Eda Parlak , Mert Köroglu, Sibel Köksal, Mustafa Yıldız, Cemil Gürses
    Acta Informatica Medica. 2012; 20(2): 129-130.
  70. The efficacy of oral versus parentral vitamin D in treatment of nutritional rickets
    Hoda M. Rabea, Mohamed E.A. Abdelrahim, Mohamed H. Meabed
    Medicine Science | International Medical Journal. 2012; 1(4): 244-53.
    Nazia Mustafa
    Pakistan Armed Forces Medical Journal. 2015; 65(0): S262-S263.
  72. Cannabis-induced mania in an adolescent
    Taha Can Tuman, Akif Asdemir, Mustafa Baştürk
    Anatolian Journal of Psychiatry. 2014; 15(3): 273-273.
  73. Tamoxifen-related chronic aphthous stomatitis: Case report
    Mustafa Yıldırım, Döndü Üsküdar Cansu, Cem Parlak, Mustafa Yıldız, Çetin Kaya
    Bakırköy Tıp Dergisi. 2014; 10(3): 128-129.
  74. The Effect of Job Satisfaction And Motivation of Health Care Professionals on Their Organizational Commitment: The Case of Turkey
    Oğuz Işık, Özgür Uğurluoğlu, Salih Mollahaliloğlu, Mustafa Kosdak, Serap Taşkaya
    TAF Preventive Medicine Bulletin. 2016; 15(1): 9-18.
  75. Risk factors for neural tube defects in Riyadh City, Saudi Arabia: Case-control study.
    Mustafa A M Salih; Waleed R Murshid; Ashry Gad Mohamed; Lena C Ignacio; Julie E de Jesus; Rubana Baabbad; Hassan M El Bushra
    . 2014; 14(2): 49-60.
  76. A rare injury in a child: simultaneus capitate and hamate fracture
    Mustafa Çeliktaş, Özkan Köse
    Hand and Microsurgery. 2013; 2(1): 39-40.
  77. What is the Most Appropriate Animal Model for Experimental Diabetic Neuropathy Studies ?
    Huseyin Karagoz, Mustafa Tansel Kendirli
    Archives of Clinical and Experimental Surgery (ACES). 2012; 1(3): 199-200.
    Hasan KAYA, Özlem BOLAT KAYA, Salih Cihat PALTUN
    . 2018; 2(1): 22-26.
  79. Staged Repair In A Patient With Patent Ductus Aretriosus And Aorta Pulmonary Window


    Erdal Ege*, Mustafa Paç*, F.Ayşenur Paç**, Bektaş Battaloğlu*, Abdussamet Hazar*, Mustafa Emmiler*

    Annals of Medical Research. 2001; 8(3): 143-144.
  80. Amyand hernia
    Huseyin Kocaaslan, Dincer Ozgor, Suleyman Koc, Mustafa Ates, Abuzer Dirican
    Annals of Medical Research. 2018; 25(2): 288-289.
  81. Endoscopic subureteric enjection in vezicoureteral reflux
    Mustafa AYDIN, Hakan ŞİRİN, Tuna KARATAĞ, Kaya HORASANLI
    Şişli Etfal Tıp Bülteni. 2008; 42(2): 1-7.
  82. The Evaluation of 208 Ventricular Septal Defect Patients

    F. Ayşenur Paç*, Erdal Ege**, Mustafa Paç**, Bektaş Battaloğlu**, Mustafa Emmiler**, Beşir Akpınar**, Süleyman Sarı**, Fatma Pelik*

    Annals of Medical Research. 2001; 8(4): 185-188.
  83. Wound Healing

    Yrd.Doç.Dr. Adnan ARAB*, Araş.Gör.Dr. Vahap ORAKÇI*, Öğr. Gör. Dr. Mustafa ERBÎLEN* , Yrd.Doç.Dr. Mustafa ŞAHİN*

    Annals of Medical Research. 1994; 1(2): 160-166.
  84. Carcinoma of the Gallbladder


    Mustafa Şahin1, MD, Abdullah Aydın2, MD, Mustafa Erbilen1, MD

    Annals of Medical Research. 1997; 4(1): 129-133.
  85. Gallstones and risk factors


    Dr. Mustafa Şahin1, Dr. Mustafa Erbilen1, Dr. Adnan Hasanoğlu1, Dr. Ertuğrul Ertaş1, Dr. Ertan Bülbüloğlu1, Dr. Mehmet Şehitoğlu1, Dr. Kenan Kalı1

    Annals of Medical Research. 1997; 4(1): 72-75.
  86. Comparison Of Efficacy Of Piperaciline-Tazobactam-Amikacin Combination Versus Meropenem-Amikacin Combination in Febrile Neutropenic Patients

    İrfan Kuku*, Emin Kaya*, Fahri Arı*, Mustafa Dikilitaş*, Mustafa Baydar*, Lezzan Keskin*, İsmet Aydoğdu*

    Annals of Medical Research. 2002; 9(3): 195-197.
  87. Residues of Dithiocarbamates on Cucumber in central highlands of Jordan
    Tawfiq M. Mustafa, J.H. Al-Rifai, Y.T. Al-Shuraiqi
    Emirates Journal of Food and Agriculture. 1993; 5(1): 39-51.
  88. A Tuberculosis Pericarditis Case Admitted with Proteinuria and Widespread Edema

    Mustafa Cihangiroğlu*, Hakan Artaş**,Abdullah Öztürk***, Mustafa Demirçin***, İlhami Çelik*, Yaşar Bayındır****

    Annals of Medical Research. 2004; 11(4): 247-250.
  89. Flight activity of tobacco whitefly Bemisia tabaci in Jordan
    Tawfiq M. Mustafa, Thabet Allawi
    Emirates Journal of Food and Agriculture. 1992; 4(1): 68-78.
  90. Treatment of hair-thread tourniquet syndrome under loupe magnification
    Osman Kelahmetoglu, Remzi Firinciogullari, Mustafa Ekrem Gules, Caglayan Yagmur
    Hand and Microsurgery. 2017; 6(2): 97-99.
  91. A Novel Surgical Retractor in Abdominoplasty: Kirschner Wire
    Mehmet Bozkurt, Emin Kapi, Samet Vasfi Kuvat, Caferi Tayyar Selcuk, Mustafa Ozkan
    Archives of Clinical and Experimental Surgery (ACES). 2014; 3(2): 133-134.
  92. Life-Threatening Poisoning Associated with Henbane Plant
    Okkes Hakan Miniksar, Ahmet Selim Ozkan, Mustafa Said Aydogan, Aytac Yucel, Turkan Togal
    Annals of Medical Research. 2015; 22(1): 76-77.
  93. Awareness of home drug storage and utilization habits: Saudi study
    Marwa Ibrahim Koshok, Thuraiya khairllah Jan, Samia Mohammad AL-tawil, Ebtesam Abdulrhaman Alghamdi, Ahmed A H Ali, Ahmed H. M. Sobh, Mohamed E.A. Abdelrahim Mohammed Gamal
    Medicine Science | International Medical Journal. 2018; 7(1): 73-76.
  94. A Monocephalus Diprosopus Fetus: Antenatal Sonographic Findings
    Salih Burcin Kavak, Ebru Celik Kavak, Berna Coskun, Rasit Ilhan, Ugur Orak
    Medicine Science | International Medical Journal. 2015; 4(4): 2928-32.
  95. Idiopathic intracranial hypertension in children: Diagnostic and management approach.
    Abdulrahman Albakr, Muddathir H Hamad, Ali H Alwadei, Fahad A Bashiri, Hamdy H Hassan, Hiyam Idris, Saeed Hassan, Taim Muayqil, Ikhlass Altweijri, Mustafa A Salih
    . 2016; 16(2): 67-76.
  96. Primary renal small cell carcinoma: case report
    Orhan Tanrıverdi, Mustafa Kadıhasanoğlu, Mustafa Aydın, Müveddet Banu Yılmaz, Cengiz Miroğlu
    Şişli Etfal Tıp Bülteni. 2011; 45(2): 60-64.
  97. A case of chronic granulomatous disease presented with pulmonary abscess and pleural effusion
    Lale Guliyeva, Erdem Topal, Sinan Kutuk, Mustafa Yavuz Koker
    Annals of Medical Research. 2019; 26(6): 1136-8.
  98. The Effect of Gentamicin on the Action of Atracurium in Adult Patients
    Walid A.A. Abdeltawab, Mohamed E.A. Abdelrahim, Amira S.A. Said, Ahmed A. Ahmed, Mahmoud A. Nassef
    Medicine Science | International Medical Journal. 2014; 3(2): 1174-82.
  99. Investigation of Perceived Stress and Quality of Life Assessment of pharm. D. Students at Ibn Sina National College in Saudi Arabia during 2016.
    Lujain Turki Bin-Mallouh, Ahmed A H Ali, Mohamed Abdelrahim, Mohammed Gamal, Mohammed Safwan Ali Khan
    Journal of Applied Pharmaceutical Science. 2018; 8(3): 82-90.
  100. A reversed superficial peroneal neurocutaneous island flap for reconstruction of defect of heel
    Mehtap Karamese, Osman Akdag, Mustafa Sutcu, Mustafa Keskin, Zekeriya Tosun
    Hand and Microsurgery. 2016; 5(2): 96-99.



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