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  1. Affetmenin Kendini Gerekletirme zerindeki Etkileri
    Enver SARI
    Elementary Education Online. 2014; 13(4): 1493-1501.
  2. Affetmenin Kendini Gerekletirme zerindeki Etkileri
    Enver SARI
    Elementary Education Online. 2014; 1(0): -.
  3. Affetmenin Kendini Gerekletirme zerindeki Etkileri
    Enver SARI
    Elementary Education Online. 2014; 1(0): -.
  4. Biographical Lexicon of Public Health
    Enver Roshi
    Materia Socio Medica. 2015; 27(5): 364-364.
  5. Percutaneous Treatment of Symptomatic Non-parasitic Benign Liver Cysts with 20% NaCl Solution
    Rasim Jusufovic, Enver Zerem
    Medical Archives. 2011; 65(1): 35-37.
  6. Insulin Resistance in Early Vs Late Nutrition and Complications of Sirs in Neurosurgical Intensive Care Unit (ICU)
    Kliti Pilika, Enver Roshi
    Medical Archives. 2015; 69(1): 46-48.
  7. Effectiveness of solution-focused coping with depression training on depression symptoms
    Enver Sar, Nevin Gnaydn
    Anatolian Journal of Psychiatry. 2016; 17(5): 369-375.
  8. Proton Pump Inhibitors in the Management of Gastroesophageal Reflux Disease
    Nedim Hrelja, Enver Zerem
    Medical Archives. 2011; 65(1): 52-55.
  9. Gifted Students' Perceptions of Distance Education in the Covid-19 Epidemy
    Enver Trksoy, Rdvan Karabulut
    . 2020; 10(2): 176-189.
  10. English title is not available [Turkish title: nformal Sektr ve Kayt D stihdam]
    Enver Tat, Didem Sezer
    Ekonomik Yaklasim. 2003; 14(49): 157-173.
  11. English Title Not Available [Turkish Title: ROSA LUXEMBURG\'UN AZ GELMLK KURAMINA KATKISI]
    Dorothe DANSET, [Trans./ev. Enver ZCAN]
    Ekonomik Yaklasim. 1980; 1(1): -.
  12. English Title Not Available [Turkish title: Kapitalist lkelerin Ekonomik Bymesinde Pazar nkoulu]
    Henri DENIS, [Trans./ev. Enver zcan]
    Ekonomik Yaklasim. 1980; 1(2): 166-204.
  13. Epidemiology of Goiter and Benign Tumors of the Thyroid Gland in Albania
    Ibrahim Bruka, Arben Gjata, Enver Roshi
    Materia Socio Medica. 2014; 26(4): 261-263.
  14. Correlates of Hypertension Among Adult Men and Women in Kosovo
    Valdet Hashani, Enver Roshi, Genc Burazeri
    Materia Socio Medica. 2014; 26(3): 213-215.
  15. Information About Sexually Transmitted Diseases Among Undergraduate Students in Tirana, Albania
    Llukan Rrumbullaku, Genc Burazeri,, Enver Roshi
    Medical Archives. 2010; 64(3): 183-186.
  16. Prison Health in Transitional Albania
    Drita Jaka, Enver Roshi, Genc Burazeri
    Medical Archives. 2014; 68(3): 188-190.
  17. Evolution of a histrorical system to a new temperament model: nine types temperament model
    Enver Demirel Ylmaz, Ali Grkem Gener, mer Aydemir
    Anatolian Journal of Psychiatry. 2011; 12(2): 165-166.
  18. Prevalence and Factors Associated with Congenital Malformations in Tirana, Albania, During 2011-2013
    Dorina anaku, Ervin Toi, Enver Roshi, Genc Burazeri
    Materia Socio Medica. 2014; 26(3): 158-162.
  19. Distribution of Risk Factors in Male and Female Primary Health Care Patients with Osteoarthritis in Albania
    Fatos Hoxha, Argjent Tafaj, Enver Roshi, Genc Burazeri
    Medical Archives. 2015; 69(3): 145-148.
  20. Demographic and Socioeconomic Characteristics Among Primary Health Care Users Diagnosed with Osteoarthritis in Albania
    Fatos Hoxha, Argjent Tafaj, Enver Roshi, Genc Burazeri
    Materia Socio Medica. 2015; 27(3): 163-166.
  21. Changes in Splenic Volume After the Treadmill Exercise at Specific Workloads in Elite Long-Distance Runners and Recreational Runners
    Dzenan Jahic, Eldan Kapur, Izet Radjo, Enver Zerem
    Medical Archives. 2019; 73(1): 32-34.
  22. Splenic Localization of Primary Hydatid Cyst in a 27-Year-Old Sportsman Treated by PAIR Technique: Imaging Anatomy Assessment
    Dzenan Jahic, Eldan Kapur, Edin Begic, Enver Zerem
    Acta Informatica Medica. 2017; 25(4): 277-279.
  23. Symptomatic Epilepsies due to Cerebrovascular Diseases
    Nazim Dakaj, Nexhat Shatri, Enver Isaku, Kamber Zeqiraj
    Materia Socio Medica. 2014; 26(6): 395-397.
  24. Analysis of Chemiotherapeutic Protocols Efficiency in Therapy of Advanced Non Small Cell Lung Cancer
    Alma Mekic-Abazovic, Miralem Music, Almir Fajkic, Enver Zerem
    Medical Archives. 2010; 64(2): 98-100.
  25. Cross-cultural Adaptation of a Questionnaire on Self-perceived Level of Skills, Abilities and Competencies of Family Physicians in Albania
    Arben Alla, Katarzyna Czabanowska, Violetta Kijowska, Enver Roshi, Genc Burazeri
    Materia Socio Medica. 2012; 24(4): 220-222.
  26. Trends in Cardiovascular Diseases in Bosnia and Herzegovina and Perspectives with HeartScore Programme
    Izet Masic, Mirza Dilic, Enver Raljevic, Dusko Vulic, Dario Mott
    Medical Archives. 2010; 64(5): 260-263.
  27. The efficiency of Bonviva (Ibadronate) in Women with Pre-post Menopause
    Valbona Duraj, Teuta Backa, Edvin Rapushi, Artur Zoto, Enver Roshi
    Medical Archives. 2010; 64(4): 225-227.
  28. Socioeconomic and Lifestyle Determinants of Obesity in a Transitional Southeast European Population
    Bujar Spahija, Gentiana Qirjako, Ervin Toi, Enver Roshi, Genc Burazeri
    Medical Archives. 2012; 66(3): 16-20.
  29. Cross-cultural Adaptation of an Instrument Measuring Primary Health Care Users Perceptions on Competencies of their Family Physicians in Albania
    Arben Alla, Katarzyna Czabanowska, Zalika Klemenc-Ketis, Enver Roshi, Genc Burazeri
    Medical Archives. 2012; 66(6): 382-384.
  30. Evaluation of Thrombocytopenia in Systemic Lupus Erythematosus and Correlation with Different Organs Damages
    Ergeta Ktona, Myftar Barbullushi, Teuta Backa, Alma Idrizi, Vjolica Shpata, Enver Roshi
    Materia Socio Medica. 2014; 26(2): 122-124.
  31. Incidence of Acute Pancreatitis in Albanian Population
    Floreta Kurti, Vjollca Shpata, Altin Kuqo, Albana Duni, Enver Roshi, Jovan Basho
    Materia Socio Medica. 2015; 27(6): 376-379.
  32. Utilisation Analysis of Antihypertensive Drugs in Bosnia and Herzegovina for the Time-period 20132015
    Kenan Selmanovic, Svjetlana Loga Zec, NenadVanis, Lamija Zecevic, Manja Setkic, Azra Rasic, Enver Zerem
    Materia Socio Medica. 2016; 28(2): 116-120.
  33. The relationship between Nine Types Temperament Model with Psychobiological Personality Model and Affective Temperament Model
    Enver Demirel Ylmaz, Grkem Gener, zge nal, Alp rek, mer Aydemir, Erdem Deveci, smet Krpnar
    Anatolian Journal of Psychiatry. 2015; 16(2): 95-103.
  34. Comparison of Conventional Ultrasound and Contrast Enhanced Magnetic Resonance (MR) Enterography in Evaluation Patients with Crohns Disease
    Bilal Imsirovic, Enver Zerem, Emir Guso, Muhamed Djedovic, Anesa Cengic, Rusmir Baljic, Zulejha Merhemic, Alma Efendic
    Acta Informatica Medica. 2018; 26(2): 93-97.
  35. The analysis of cost and profit of a public hospital radiology unit according to time-driven activity-based costing method
    Enver Bozdemir
    . 2018; 5(1): 13-24.
  36. The Incidence of Antihypertensive Drug-induced Side Effects in Patients with Diabetes Mellitus Type 2 and Hypertension
    Svjetlana Loga-Zec, Mensura Asceric, Natasa Loga-Andrijic, Berina Kapetanovic, Enver Zerem
    Medical Archives. 2014; 68(6): 372-375.
  37. Synchronous Bilateral Breast Carcinoma with Two Different Histology Subtypes
    Azra Latic, Ljubica Fu& 353;tar-Preradovic, Mirela Delibegovic, Milan Bitunjac, Ferid Latic, Enver Zerem
    Acta Informatica Medica. 2011; 19(1): 61-62.
  38. Extraction of Foreign Body from Distal Oesophagus by Using Endoscopic and Laparoscopic Method
    Ferid Latic, Samir Delibegovic, Enver Zerem,Azra Latic, Josip Samardzic, Djuro Miskic, Darko Kraljik,Vlatka Pitlovic
    Acta Informatica Medica. 2010; 18(1): 49-51.
  39. Laparoscopic Treatment of Gastric Phytobezoar
    Azra Latic, Samir Delibegovic, Enver Zerem, Josip Samardzic, Ferid Latic, Djuro Miskic, Vlatka Pitlovic, Hrvoje Mrkovic
    Acta Informatica Medica. 2010; 18(2): 114-116.
  40. Laparoscopic Repair of Traumatic Diaphragmatic Hernia
    Ferid Latic, Samir Delibegovic, Azra Latic, Josip Samardzic, Enver Zerem, Djuro Miskic, Vlatka Pitlovic, Anhel Koluh
    Medical Archives. 2010; 64(2): 121-122.
  41. Public Health Aspects of the Family Medicine Concepts in South Eastern Europe
    Izet Masic, Miran Hadziahmetovic, Doncho Donev, Azis Pollhozani, Naser Ramadani, Amira Skopljak, Almir Pasagic, Enver Roshi, Lejla Zunic, Muharem Zildzic
    Materia Socio Medica. 2014; 26(4): 277-286.
  42. A Blocking Barrier During Reduction of the Elbow Dislocation in Children: Incarcerated Medial Epicondyle Fracture
    Guzelali Ozdemir, Alper Deveci, Olgun Bingol, Enver Kilic, Erman Ceyhan, Sualp Turan
    THE ULUTAS MEDICAL JOURNAL. 2018; 4(2): 103-107.
  43. Surgical Treatment and Complications of Treating Pancreatic Tumor
    Deso Mesic, Zijah Rifatbegovic, Farid Ljuca, Mirha Agic, Indira Mehmedagic, Enver Sakic, Emir Ahmetasevic, Sanja Sibincic, Nesad Hotic, Emir Rahmanovic, Maja Kovacevic, Rasim Jusufovic
    Medical Archives. 2011; 65(5): 308-311.
  44. Industrial noise & hearing loss


    Dr . Enver ALTA*, Dr. Süleyman RN*, Dr. R. Murat KARAEN*,  Dr . Az i z Öztürk*,  Dr . Bülent AKTAN*,  Dr. Harun Üçüncü*

    Annals of Medical Research. 1998; 5(3): 133-137.
  45. The First Mediterranean Seminar on Science Writing, Editing and Publishing, Sarajevo, December 2-3, 2016
    Izet Masic, Doncho Donev, Osman Sinanovic, Miro Jakovljevic, Enver Zerem, Dejan B. Milosevic, Srecko Gajovic, Armen Yuri Gasparyan, Sekib Sokolovic, Nermin Salkic, Selma Uzunovic, Silva Dobric, Floreta Kurti, Edin Begic, Admir Kurtcehajic
    Acta Informatica Medica. 2016; 24(6): 424-435.
  46. General characteristics of top 100 selling drugs: Turkish pharmaceutical market between 2003 and 2016
    Guven Bektemur, Esra Safak Yilmaz, Elif Hilal Vural, Enver Kagan Atikeler, Banu Bayar, Hakki Gursoz
    Medicine Science | International Medical Journal. 2018; 7(3): 684-90.
  47. The Second Mediterranean Seminar on Science Writing, Editing and Publishing (SWEP - 2018), Sarajevo, December 8th, 2018
    Izet Masic, Miro Jakovljevic, Osman Sinanovic, Srecko Gajovic, Mirko Spiroski, Rasim Jusufovic, Sekib Sokolovic, Besim Prnjavorac, Enver Zerem, Benjamin Djulbegovic, Selma Porovic, Slobodan Jankovic, Mirsad Hadzikadic, Lejla Zunic, Edin Begic, Edin Nislic, Nedim Begic, Emir Becirovic, Anis Cerovac, Venesa Skrijelj, Jasmina Nuhanovic
    Acta Informatica Medica. 2018; 26(4): 284-299.
  48. Diabetes in first manic episode
    Ali Grkem Gener, Sermin Kesebir, Enver Demirel Ylmaz
    Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences. 2013; 3(1): 17-22.
  49. Unilateral Choanal Atresia Diagnosed During Operation: Case Report [Peroperatif Tan Konulan Unilateral Koanal Atrezi: Olgu Sunumu]
    Korhan Kilic, Muhammed Sedat Sakat, Enver Altas
    Medicine Science | International Medical Journal. 2015; 4(1): 2073-9.
  50. Diagnosis and Treatment of Chronic Viral Hepatitis B and C: Doctrinary Approach
    Azra Husic-Selimovic, Zora Vukobrat-Bijedic, Milenko Bevanda, Rusmir Mesihovic, Enver Zerem, Sead Ahmetagic, Stevan Trbojevic, Antonija Verhaz, Zdravka Kezic, Muharem Zildzic, Janja Bojanic, Jasminka Petrovic, Vildana Stojic, Merdina Ferhatovic, Nevzeta Ibrahimpasic, Visnja Mrdjen, Nera Zivlak, Tatjana Barac, Helien Bebek-Ivankovic, Lejla Calkic, Maja Karin, Aleksandar Dobrovoljski, Romana Rajic, Milan Skrbic, Nenad Babic, Daniela Bevanda-Glibo
    Medical Archives. 2012; 66(3): 56-68.
  51. Antioxidant effects of ellagic acid on testicular tissue of rats exposed to tobacco smoke
    Nalan Kaya, Gonca Ozan, Durrin Ozlem Dabak, Seyfettin Gur, Ibrahim Enver Ozan
    Annals of Medical Research. 2017; 24(4): 381-386.
  52. Bacterial colonization in uninfected pilonidal cyst and its role in developing recurrence in postoperative period: Prospective study
    Orhan Ureyen, Mehmet Tahsin Tekeli, Mehmet Akif Ustuner, Hilmi Gungor, Emine Deniz Bayram, Ozlem Yuksel Ergin, Ugur Gokcelli, Ozcan Alpdogan, Enver Ilhan
    Annals of Medical Research. 2019; 26(7): 1210-3.
  53. Use of the neutrophil to lymphocyte ratio compare crp for the early prediction of acute pancreatitis severity?
    Edip Erdal Yilmaz, Zbeyir Bozdag, Ahmet Turkoglu, Burak Veli Ulger, Zulfu Arikanoglu, Omer Uslukaya, Yilmaz Zengin, Enver Ay, Metehan Gumus
    Annals of Medical Research. 2018; 25(3): 450-454.
  54. Industrial noise & hearing loss


    Dr . Enver ALTA*, Dr. Süleyman RN*, Dr. R. Murat KARAEN*,  Dr . Az i z Öztürk*,  Dr . Bülent AKTAN*,  Dr. Harun Üçüncü*

    Annals of Medical Research. 1998; 5(2): 133-137.
  55. The Predictive Effect of Neutrophil/Lymphocyte Ratio in Patients Undergoing Appendectomy Operation
    Bartu Badak, Necdet Fatih Yasar, Huseyin Tarik Caga, Enver Ihtiyar, Adnan Sahin, Ersin Ates, Fezan Sahin Mutlu
    International Journal of Surgery and Medicine. 2019; 5(2): 55-57.
  56. Evaluation of Early and Late Term Outcomes of Radiofrequency Surgery in the Treatment of Inferior Turbinate Hypertrophy
    Murat Salihoglu, Ibrahim Engin Cekin, Enver Cesmeci, Bulent Evren Erkul
    Archives of Clinical and Experimental Surgery (ACES). 2014; 3(1): 34-39.
  57. Relation of the Nine Types of Temperament Model with personality disorders
    Enver Demirel Yilmaz, Ali Gorkem Gencer, Ozge Unal, Mehmet Palanci, Mehmet Kandemir, Ziya Selcuk, Omer Aydemir
    Dnen Adam: The Journal of Psychiatry and Neurological Sciences. 2016; 29(1): 15-28.
    Figen DEMR*, Sebahat Dilek TORUN, Enver CEBE, Yavuz AYDIN, Bora GML
    TAF Preventive Medicine Bulletin. 2007; 6(1): 69-76.
  59. Histopathological evaluation of percutaneous renal biopsies: A single center experience
    Seyhmus Kaya, Emrah Gunay, Enver Yuksel, Ayhan Senol, Nurettin Ay
    Annals of Medical Research. 2021; 28(4): 674-9.
  60. Is laparoscopy superior than open surgery in finding unexpected pathologies in negative appendectomies?
    Necdet Fatih Yaar, Mustafa Ufuk Uyla, Ersin Ate, Serdar Erkasap, Adnan ahin, Enver htiyar, Tark aa, Ercment Paaolu
    Bakrky Tp Dergisi. 2017; 13(3): 118-121.
  61. Polydioxanone suture fixation for the repair of pediatric maxillofacial fractures
    Hakan Cinal, Osman Enver Aydin, Onder Tan, Said Algan, Murat Kara, Kerem Yilmaz, Harun Karaduman
    Annals of Medical Research. 2020; 27(3): 943-7.
  62. Comparison of free perforator flaps with local propeller perforator flaps for acute lower extremity reconstructions
    Heval Selman Ozkan, Osman Enver Aydin, Saime Irkoren, Huray Karaca, Taha Deniz Yildirim
    Hand and Microsurgery. 2017; 6(3): 102-109.
  63. Acute renal injury due to rhabdomyolysis: A tertiary hospital experiencee
    Esref Arac, Ihsan Solmaz, Enver Yuksel, Nazim Ekin, Songul Arac
    Annals of Medical Research. 2021; 28(2): 253-7.


    Dr. Azi z ÖZTÜRK*, Dr . Enver ALTA*, Dr. Bülent AKTAN*,  Dr . Soner ÖZER*, Dr. R Murat KARAEN*,  Dr . Aki f ÇFTÇOLU**

    Annals of Medical Research. 1998; 5(2): 110-113.


    Dr. Aziz ÖZTÜRK*, Dr. Enver ALTA*, Dr. Bülent AKTAN*, Dr. Soner ÖZER*,Dr. R Murat KARAEN*, Dr. Akif ÇFTÇOLU**

    Annals of Medical Research. 1998; 5(3): 110-113.

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