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  1. Mangrove oyster farming: Prospects as supplementary livelihood for a Ghanaian fishing community
    Bright Asare, Edward A. Obodai, Emmanuel Acheampong
    . 2019; 1(1): 7-14.
  2. Knowledge, Attitude and Practice Health Care Ethics among Speech Language Pathologists
    Aqsa Irum, Aqsa Irum, Dr. Sikander Ghayas Khan, Hina Sultana, Amna Asghar, Sumera Nawaz Malik
    Journal of Riphah College of Rehabilitation Sciences. 2019; 7(1): 21-25.
  3. Cortical venous infarcts and acute limb ischaemia in acute carbon monoxide poisoning: A rare case report
    Muhammad Farooq Hanif, Beenish Iqbal, Nooman Gilani
    Journal of the Pakistan Medical Association . 2016; 66(6): 771-773.
  4. A rare case of Mirizzi syndrome due to pure calcium carbonate stones (Limy Bile)
    Nooman Gilani, Muhammad Farooq Hanif, Veronika Karasek
    Journal of the Pakistan Medical Association . 2016; 66(6): 751-753.
  5. Learning styles and approaches toward pharmacology curriculum among medical undergraduates
    Sharmila V Jalgaonkar, Firoz M Tadavi, Raakhi K Tripathi, Pankaj V Sarkate
    National Journal of Physiology, Pharmacy and Pharmacology. 2018; 8(7): 947-952.
  6. Implementation of Rogi Kalyan Samiti (RKS) at Primary Health Centre Durvesh (2009 – 2010).
    Saurabh RamBihariLal Shrivastava, Prateek Sudhakar Bobhate
    TAF Preventive Medicine Bulletin. 2012; 11(3): 307-314.
  7. Effectiveness of neuromobilization in patients with cervical radiculopathy
    Sahreen Anwar, Arshad Nawaz Malik, Imran Amjad
    Rawal Medical Journal. 2015; 40(1): 34-36.
    Anthony OKOH, Charity AGADA, Edward AMALI
    Vom Journal of Veterinary Sciences. 2017; 12(1): 122-129.
  9. Janani Suraksha Yojana – cash assistance scheme for maternal and child health: Retrospective analysis of acceptance of postpartum intrauterine contraceptive device insertion among its beneficiaries
    Rajendra Bagul, Pavan Sable
    International Journal of Medical Science and Public Health. 2019; 8(6): 415-418.
  10. Cyclic fluctuation of bleeding time and clotting time in various phases of menstrual cycle
    Yogita D Sulaxane, Sharad G Patel
    National Journal of Physiology, Pharmacy and Pharmacology. 2015; 5(4): 328-332.
  11. Interpretation of Full Scan Atmospheric Pressure Ionization Mass Spectra (MS) and Collision Induced Dissociation Fragmentation Spectra (MS/MS) of Small Organic Molecules – A Mini Review
    Dev Kant Shandilya, Peter Edward Joseph, Venkata Siva Satyanarayana Kantamreddi
    Systematic Reviews in Pharmacy. 2017; 8(1): 48-51.
  12. Comparative study of patients undergoing check curettage for first trimester incomplete and inevitable abortion under paracervical block versus no anesthesia
    Nihita Pandey, Alka S. Gupta
    . 2016; 5(3): 629-632.
  13. Study of placentation and maternal and fetal outcomes in cases of 2 or more caesarean sections
    Supriya Poonia, Meena Naresh Satia, Nidhi Bang
    . 2016; 5(7): 2402-2406.
  14. Successful maternal and perinatal outcome of hepatitis E in pregnancy with fulminant hepatic failure
    Meena N. Satia, Manali P. Shilotri
    . 2016; 5(7): 2475-2477.
  15. An unusual case of labial fusion
    Neha V. Bhave, P. K. Shah, Hemangi Chaudhari
    . 2016; 5(2): 572-575.
  16. A study of the obstetric and perinatal outcomes of eclampsia and the use of levetiracetam in its management
    Meena N. Satia, Manali P. Shilotri
    . 2016; 5(12): 4266-4270.
  17. An unusual presentation of degenerating fibroid
    Neha V. Bhave, P. K. Shah, Hemangi Chaudhari
    . 2016; 5(2): 582-584.
  18. Predictors of mortality in acute mesenteric vascular ischemia with bowel gangrene
    Suchin S. Dhamnaskar, Prashant C. Sawarkar, Sumit Mandal, Preeti Vijaykumaran
    . 2016; 3(4): 1996-2002.
  19. Comparative study of efficacy of modified continuous smead-jones versus interrupted method of midline laparotomy fascial closure for contaminated cases
    Suchin S. Dhamnaskar, Prashant C. Sawarkar, Preeti Vijayakumaran, Sumit Mandal
    . 2016; 3(4): 1751-1756.
  20. Comparative study of abnormal placentation in patients with previous two caesarean section over two time periods
    Supria Poonia, Nihita Pandey, Alka Gupta
    . 2016; 5(11): 3879-3882.
  21. Obstetric and neonatal outcome in pregnancies complicated by hemolysis elevated liver enzymes low platelet count syndrome at a tertiary care centre in India
    Nidhi O. Bang, Meena N. Satia, Supriya Poonia
    . 2016; 5(7): 2407-2412.
  22. A case of Takayasus aortoarteritis with severe dilated cardiomyopathy in pregnancy
    Meena Satia, Trupthi Ganapathi, Shruti Panchbudhe
    . 2016; 5(8): 2884-2887.
  23. Acardiac acephalus with malformed donor twin
    Shruti Panchbudhe, Meena Satia, Lalita Kambhampatti
    . 2016; 5(8): 2872-2874.
  24. Cardiotocography in a perinatal armamentarium: boon or bane?
    Ambily Anu Xavier, Deeksha Pandey, Luvdeep Dogra, Leslie Edward Lewis
    . 2015; 4(6): 2000-2004.
  25. Maternal and foetal outcome in term patients with previous one lower segment cesarean section
    Meena Naresh Satia, Kimaya A. Mali, Rakhi Sikarwar
    . 2016; 5(9): 3075-3080.
  26. A series of 6 cases of systemic lupus erythematosus in pregnancy
    Shruti Ashok Panchbudhe, Meena Naresh Satia, J. Madhavi
    . 2016; 5(12): 4342-4350.
  27. Maternal mortalities due to infectious diseases at a tertiary care centre in India
    Meena Naresh Satia, Shruti Ashok Panchbudhe, Manali Prakash Shilotri
    . 2016; 5(7): 2395-2401.
  28. Spontaneous extradural hematoma of cervical spine in patients with haemophilia
    Riaz Ahmed Sheikh, Muddassir Javaid, Kamran Butt, Muhammad Tariq Sohail
    Rawal Medical Journal. 2012; 37(2): 203-205.
  29. Distribution of mercury in water, sediment and fish from the Volta lake and its major tributaries
    Edward Ebow Kwaansa-Ansah, Anthony Apeke Adimado, James Hawkins Ephraim
    Journal of Environmental and Occupational Health. 2012; 1(1): 27-36.
  30. Heavy vaginal bleeding, post termination of pregnancy: not always retained products of conception
    Vidhu Krishnan
    . 2014; 3(1): 273-275.
  31. Role of brown adipose tissue (BAT) in burn-induced insulin resistance
    Qin Zhang, Bang-Yi Ma, Eirka Cyr, Lacey J. Mcintosh, Alan J. Fischman, Ronald G. Tompkins, Edward A. Carter
    American Journal of Physiology, Biochemistry and Pharmacology. 2013; 2(2): 85-92.
  32. Effectiveness of cervical length screening by transvaginal sonography and use of progesterone for preventing preterm labour
    Snehal S. Dhobale, Meena Satia
    . 2016; 5(8): 2813-2818.
  33. Ovarian pregnancy, Ectopic pregnancy, Transvaginal ultrasonography, Speigelberg’s criteria
    Umesh Athavale, Meena Satia
    . 2016; 5(10): 3605-3608.
  34. Active Science® pilot study: promoting physical activity and science learning among children
    Kevin Finn, Zi Yan, Edward Martin, Kyle McInnis
    Journal of Behavioral Health. 2017; 6(1): 47-51.
  35. Preoperative evaluation of ovarian masses with color Doppler and its correlation with pathological finding
    Isha Khurana, Meena N. Satia
    . 2016; 5(7): 2084-2092.
  36. Effect of Nadi Shuddhi Pranayama on perceived stress and cardiovascular autonomic functions in 1st year undergraduate medical students
    Anupkumar D Dhanvijay, Lalita Chandan
    National Journal of Physiology, Pharmacy and Pharmacology. 2018; 8(6): 898-902.
  37. Intravenous iron sucrose for treatment of anemia in gynecology patients awaiting surgery
    Animesh Gandhi, Meena N. Satia
    . 2016; 5(10): 3453-3460.
  38. Microbiology and antibiotic susceptibility patterns of wound and soft tissue infections on surgical floor Mayo Hospital, Lahore, Pakistan
    Balakh Sher Zaman, Salman Farooq Dar, Malik Muhammad Atif, Talha Farooq Dar
    Rawal Medical Journal. 2019; 44(1): 89-93.
  39. Effectiveness of routine physical therapy with and without manual therapy in treatment of plantar fasciitis
    Imran Ghafoor, Ashfaq Ahmad, Junaid Ijaz Gondal
    Rawal Medical Journal. 2016; 41(1): 2-6.
  40. Atherogenic lipid profile of intrauterine growth retarded newborns
    Avinash Namdeo Jadhao, Amit Ramesh Barapatre, Manoj Chandrakant Lokhande, Trupti Ramteke
    . 2016; 3(3): 748-754.
  41. Dagaa (Rastrinoebola argentea) protein hydrolysate as a nitrogen source in microbial culture media
    Katherine Pere, Betty Mbatia, Edward Muge, Vitalis W. Wekesa
    Journal of Applied Biology & Biotechnology. 2017; 5(3): 8-12.
  42. Evaluation of Mercury and Selenium concentrations in the edible tissue of freshwater fish from the Volta Lake in Ghana.
    Edward Ebow Kwaansa-Ansah, Noah K Asare-Donkor, Anthony A Adimado, Dong-ha Nam
    Journal of Environmental and Occupational Health. 2013; 2(3): 109-118.
  43. Can A Traumatic Bladder Injury be Fatal: A Case Series of 8 Patients
    Suhail Yaqoob Hakim, Arshad Rashid, Mohammad Ashraf Khanday, Mohammad Yousuf Dar, Ismail Ather, Omar Rashid
    Archives of Clinical and Experimental Surgery (ACES). 2012; 1(2): 102-104.
  44. A study to assess the socio-epidemiological profile of sickle cell disease among affected tribal population
    Dilip Dhaku Kadam, Aritra Kumar Bose, Prashant Laxmanrao Chandekar
    International Journal of Medical Science and Public Health. 2019; 8(12): 1029-1033.
  45. Occupational hazards exposure and their resultant effects on hospital attendants in health facilities of a local government area in South-South, Nigeria
    James Olusegun Bamidele, Oluwatosin Adediran Adeoye, Maureen I Ntaji, Edward Adekola Oladele
    Journal of Environmental and Occupational Health. 2014; 3(2): 97-102.
  46. Prevalence and Risk Factors for Anxiety and Depression among Commercial Bank Workers in Abeokuta, southwestern Nigeria
    Edward Babatunde Somoye, Emmanuel Olatunde Babalola, Timothy Olaolu Adebowale
    Journal of Behavioral Health. 2015; 4(2): 55-62.
    Arshad Rashid, Suhail Khuroo, Sartaj Hassan Shah, Farzana Khuroo
    Applied Medical Research. 2015; 1(3): 122-123.
  48. The Effect of Low-Dose Tacrolimus on Recurrent Laryngeal Nerve Regeneration in Pigs: A Pilot Study
    Edward C Toll, Pamela J Murison, Alan Jones, Paul J Kingham, Tina Sedaghati, Alexander M Seifalian, Martin A Birchall
    Archives of Clinical and Experimental Surgery (ACES). 2014; 3(2): 78-86.
  49. Association of academic performance with learning style preference of medical students: Multi-center study from Pakistan
    Muhammad Hamid Chaudhary , Ansar Aftab, Sadia Ayub, Faiza Faiza, Ushna Ahmad, Javeria Khursheed, Ehsan Ullah
    Journal of Contemporary Medical Education. 2015; 3(3): 110-113.
  50. Association of Chlamydia serology with HIV in Nigerian women
    Muhammad Hassan Isah Dhoko, Jatau, Edward David, Steve Olayeni Olonitola, AliyU Muhammad Sani, Tijjani Muhammad Bashir
    Nigerian Journal of Basic and Applied Sciences. 2016; 24(2): 15-22.
  51. Cardiovascular Risk Screening Options in Diabetes: Framework for Selective Adoption
    Ezekiel Uba Nwose, Kester A Digban, Echinei J Oshionwu, Innocent C Onyia, Phillip Taderera Bwititi, Victor Maduabuchi Oguoma, Anayochukwu Edward Anyasodor, Prajwal Gyawali
    National Journal of Community Medicine. 2016; 7(6): 540-544.
  52. Comparative evaluation of different techniques required to make a didactic lecture effective
    Shivaji S Chalak, Anita B Kale, Bittoo Kumar Surlya, Nilima Tankhiwale, Anjali Vagga, Sunita Vagha
    National Journal of Physiology, Pharmacy and Pharmacology. 2018; 8(3): 341-346.
  53. Ethnopharmacological values of cassava and its potential for diabetes and dyslipidaemia management: knowledge survey and critical review of report
    Ezekiel Uba Nwose, Bonaventure C Onodu, Anayochukwu Edward Anyasodor, Mathew O Sedowo, John N Okuzor, Richard J Culas
    Journal of Complementary Medicine Research. 2017; 6(3): 260-266.
  54. Stressors and coping strategies for stress among Pakistani medical students
    Haider Ghazanfar, Saad Hameed, Joshua Rahat Aleman Bhatti, Ibad ul Haq, Rafeh Saeed, Muhammad Saeed Shafi, Ashraf Hussain, Arshad Javaid, Sajida Naseem, Rashid Anjum
    Rawal Medical Journal. 2015; 40(2): 228-232.
  55. Anti-inflammatory property and gas chromatography-mass spectrometry analysis of ethyl acetate fraction of Crateva adansonii DC leaves
    Chineye C. Umeti, Funmilayo Onajobi, Efere M. Oboutor, Godswill N. Anyasor, Edward B. Esan,
    American Journal of Physiology, Biochemistry and Pharmacology. 2019; 9(1): 9-20.
  56. Suicidal ideation among Pakistani medical students
    Haider Ghazanfar, Saad Hameed, Ali Ghazanfar, Joshua Rahat Aleman Bhatti, Ibad ul Haq, Rafeh Saeed, Muhammad Saeed Shafi, Ashraf Hussain, Arshad Javaid, Sajida Naseem
    Rawal Medical Journal. 2015; 40(4): 458-462.
  57. Screening, stability and antibacterial potential of rhamnolipids from Pseudomonas sp., isolated from hydrocarbon contaminated soil
    Meganathan Velmurugan, Athmanathan Baskaran, Subbaraj Dinesh Kumar, Indrajith Sureka, Edward Arockia Raj Jennifer Emelda, Karuppannan Sathiyamurthy
    Journal of Applied Pharmaceutical Science. 2015; 5(8): 026-033.



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