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  1. Radiographic Appearance And Measurements Of Thoracic Structures Using Four Radiographic Projections In Goats
    Mohammed A.H. Abdelhakiem, Arafat Khalphallah, Al-lethie A. Al-lethie
    Alexandria Journal of Veterinary Sciences. 2020; 64(1): 34-46.
  2. Impact of vitamin AD3E treatment before application of controlled intra-vaginal drug releaser (CIDR) on clinical and hematologic findings, ovarian hormones and calving rates in she camels (Camelus dromedarius)
    Ragab H. Mohamed, Arafat Khalphallah, Fatma Ali, Ebtsam S. Abdel-lah, Abdulrahman Abdulkarim, Enas Elmeligy,
    Open Veterinary Journal. 2022; 12(6): 965-974.
  3. Comparative study of efficacy of peripartum injection of multivitamins and selenium (ά-tocopherol)-vitamin E combination on post-partum clinical findings, serum steroids, calf and placental weights and milk antioxidant biomarkers changes in female dromedary camel
    Arafat Khalphallah , Enas Elmeligy , Asem Mohammed Zakaria, Rezk Said Ghallab, Abdulrahman Abdulkarim, Ragab H. Mohamed
    Open Veterinary Journal. 2022; 12(5): 657-667.
  4. Monitoring antimicrobial residues in table eggs in Aswan governorate markets and their impact on egg quality and public health
    Asem M. Zakaria, Enas Elmeligy, Abdulrahman Abdulkarim, Haitham H. Mohammed, Arafat Khalphallah, Mohammed Abdelhadi Ali, Marwa I. Khalifa
    Open Veterinary Journal. 2023; 13(5): 523-531.
  5. Echocardiographic characterization of cardiac chambers and vasculatures in buffaloes (Bubalus bubalis) during diastolic and systolic phases
    Arafat Khalphallah, Enas Elmeligy, Khaled A. Khesruf, Haitham H. Mohammed H. Mohammed, Abdulrahman Abdulkarim, Ashraf M. Abu-Seida, Al-lethie A. Al-lethie
    Open Veterinary Journal. 2023; 13(10): 1239-1250.
  6. Oxidative stress in Strongylus spp. infected donkeys treated with piperazine citrate versus doramectin
    Enas Elmeligy, Abdelbaset Abdelbaset, Hanan K. Elsayed, Sara A. Bayoumi, Ahmed Hafez, Ashraf M. Abu-Seida, Khaled A.S. El-Khabaz, Rehab A. Ghandour, Arafat Khalphallah
    Open Veterinary Journal. 2021; 11(2): 238-250.
  7. Role of insulin, insulin sensitivity and abomasal functions monitors in evaluation of the therapeutic regimen in ketotic dairy cattle using combination therapy with referring to milk yield rates
    Enas Elmeligy, Shin Oikawa, Sabry A. Mousa , Sara A. Bayoumi, Ahmed Hafez, Ragab H. Mohamed, Al-lethie A. Al-lethie, Arafat Khalphallah,
    Open Veterinary Journal. 2021; 11(2): 228-237.
  8. Validation study can be a separate study design
    SM Yasir Arafat
    International Journal of Medical Science and Public Health. 2016; 5(11): 2421-2422.
  9. Potential Production of Tannin Acyle Hydrolase by Enterococcus caseliflavus Using Green Tea
    Doaa Bahaa Eldin Darwish, Arafat El-Tanash
    Ghada Khdery, Sayed Arafat, Mohamed Aboelghar, Mohamed Tantawy, Maged Abou-El-Enain, Usama Kamal
    European Chemical Bulletin. 2017; 6(11): 531-535.
    Nagwan M. Afify, Abdel Aziz S. Sheta, Sayed M. Arafat, Afify A. Afify, Mohammed S. Abd-Elwahed2] Adel S. El-Beltagy
    European Chemical Bulletin. 2017; 6(11): 525-530.
  12. Treatment of Traditional and Superstitious Elements in Ashfaq Ahmed's Stories
    Dr. Muhammad Masood Abbasi, Dr. Muhammad Gulfraz Abbasi, Yasir Arafat, Dr. Zafar Iqbal Khattak, Dr. Raheela Khurshid
    Elementary Education Online. 2020; 19(3): 2783-2786.
  13. Modeling climate change impact on irrigation water requirement and yield of mango (Mangifera indica L.) in Egypt
    Ibrahim Eldesouki Arafat, Taha Nagiub Maklad
    Fundamental and Applied Agriculture. 2021; 6(2): 155-162.
    Dr. Muhammad Masood Abbasi, Yasir Arafat, Dr. Muhammad Gulfraz Abbasi, Dr. Zafar Iqbal Khattak, Dr. Muhammad Javed Khan
    Elementary Education Online. 2020; 19(3): 2787-2790.
  15. Investigation of possible pharmacokinetic interaction of metformin with sugar replacement sweeteners in rats
    Riad Awad, Eyad Mallah, Israa Al-Ani, Wael Abu Dayyih, Zainab Zakarya, Tawfiq Arafat
    Journal of Applied Pharmaceutical Science. 2016; 6(10): 210-215.
  16. Effect of foliar application of nitrogen and zinc on the performance of soybean
    Md Harun Rashid, Shapla Akther, Swapan Kumar Paul, Nisha Afroz, Israt Jahan, Yeasin Arafat
    Fundamental and Applied Agriculture. 2023; 8(1): 490-496.
  17. Reproductive safety assessment of Thymus vulgaris L. extract and quantification of thymol sulfate in pregnant rats and fetuses using a validated LC/MS method of analysis
    Zaineh Q. Tafesh, Kenza A. Mansoor, Nidal A. Qinna, Feras D. El-Hajji, Tawfiq A. Arafat, Luay F. Abu-Qatouseh, Bayan Y. Ghanim, Iman A. Basheti, Eyad M. Mallah
    Journal of Applied Pharmaceutical Science. 2021; 11(1): 144-151.
  18. Assessment of drug rationality by World Health Organization/International Network of Rational Use of Drugs indicators in the department of ophthalmology – A descriptive study in North India
    Syed Shadman Ahmad, Neeraj Kumar Agrawal, Arafat Ahmad
    National Journal of Physiology, Pharmacy and Pharmacology. 2021; 11(4): 429-435.
  19. Impacts of climate change on irrigation requirements and water productivity of citrus and olive crops in Egypt
    Ibrahim Eldesouki Arafat, Mona Ezzat Mohamed Helal
    Fundamental and Applied Agriculture. 2021; 6(2): 144-154.
  20. Improving quality and prolonging shelf life of guava (Psidium guajava L.) by organic and inorganic compounds and plant extracts
    Ibrahim Eldesouki Arafat, Ahmed EL-Sayed Dapour, Mohamed Abdelrohman Dafea
    Fundamental and Applied Agriculture. 2020; 5(4): 598-603.
  21. Does serum uric acid to high-density lipoprotein cholesterol ratio predict coronary slow flow?
    Yusuf Cekici, Isa Sincer, Mustafa Kaplangoray, Mucahid Yilmaz, Arafat Yildirim
    Annals of Medical Research. 2020; 27(10): 2568-73.
  22. Optimization of fermenting medium by statistical method for production of alkaline protease by Bacillus licheniformis MZK05M9
    Md. Arafat Al Mamun, Md. Mahmuduzzaman Mian, Mohammad Saifuddin, Shakila Nargis Khan, Md. Mozammel Hoq
    Journal of Applied Biology & Biotechnology. 2017; 5(6): 24-28.
  23. Measurement system analysis (MSA) of empirically derived composite measure of preventive care counseling practices of HIV medical care providers
    Osaro Mgbere, Mamta Singh, Raouf Arafat
    International Journal of Medical Science and Public Health. 2015; 4(12): 1640-1654.
  24. Physiological, cytological and molecular analysis of PVYNTN-infected potato cultivars
    Mohamed Atef Nasr-Eldin, Badawi Abdelsalam Othman, Allam Arafat Megahed, Samar S El-Masry, Abeer A Faiesal
    THE EGYPTIAN JOURNAL OF EXPERIMENTAL BIOLOGY (Botany). 2018; 14(1): 171-185.
  25. Protective Role of Moringa oleifera Leaves Extract Against Gentamicin-induced Nephro- and Hepato- Toxicity in Chickens
    Nagah Arafat, Walaa F. Awadin, Reham A. El-Shafei, Verginia M.E. Farag, Rasha M. Saleh
    Alexandria Journal of Veterinary Sciences. 2018; 58(1): 173-185.
  26. Haematobium Schistosomiasis Prevalence Among School Age Children In Irrigated Schemes At Shendi Locality, River Nile State, Sudan: Implication Of Behavior And Risk Factors
    Eltigani O.M. Omer, Arafat M Goja, Kawther I.A. Elhag, Omayia M. A. Gadalrap
    Majmaah Journal of Health Sciences. 2020; 8(1): 23-35.
  27. Comparative assessment of quick and cost-efficient quality DNA extraction methods from rice leaves
    Sheikh Arafat Islam Nihad, Amirul Kabir, Md. Mamunur Rashid, Omma Honey, Mohammad Ashik Iqbal Khan, Mohammad Abdul Latif
    Journal of Bangladesh Agricultural University. 2022; 20(4): 393-401.
  28. Simultaneous estimation of Esomeprazole and Tadalafil in pharmaceutical formulations using High Performance Liquid Chromatography
    Mohammed Hamad, Ahmed Al-Sharqawi, Wael Abu Dayyih, Eyad Mallah, Tawfiq Arafat
    Journal of Applied Pharmaceutical Science. 2016; 6(4): 052-059.
  29. A Contribution of Hyperspectral Remote Sensing Criteria versus Morphological Traits in Taxonomy of Flowering Plants.
    Usama K Abdel-Hameed, Ghada A Khdery, Mohamed E Tantawy, Maged M. Abou-El-Enain, Sayed M. Arafat, Mohamed A. Aboelghar
  30. Molecular detection of Aspergilli from commercial chicken in selected areas of Bangladesh
    Md. Yeasin Arafat, Md. Monowarul Islam, Shamim Ahamed, Md. Muket Mahmud, Md. Bahanur Rahman, K.H.M. Nazmul Hussain Nazir
    Journal of Advanced Veterinary and Animal Research. 2022; 9(2): 184-190.
  31. Incidence and reasons of interfacility transfer among trauma patients in Saudi Arabia, 2020
    Nawfal Aljerian, Mohammed Arafat, Abdulrahman Aldhubaib, Ibrahim Almohaimeed, Ali Alsultan, Abdulaziz Alhosaini, Lyla Ashry, Sawsan Alharthi, Ghadeer Al Elawi, Yasir Albarrak
    Saudi Journal of Emergency Medicine. 2022; 3(1): 046-053.
  32. Prevalence of hyperlipidemia in controlled and uncontrolled type-2 diabetic patients
    Mohammad Abul Hasnat, Farhan Rahman Niloy, Arafat Islam Ashik, Mahedi Hasan, Preonath Chondrow Dev, Sharmin Sultana Panna, Md. Waseque Mia, Zafrul Hasan,
    Journal of Advanced Biotechnology and Experimental Therapeutics. 2022; 5(1): 247-256.
  33. Seromonitoring of Peste des Petits Ruminants in goats and molecular characterization of PPR virus from field cases
    Shamim Ahamed, K. H. M. Nazmul Hussain Nazir, Md. Abu Yousuf, Md. Monowarul Islam, Md. Yeasin Arafat, Md. Ariful Islam, Md. Muket Mahmud, Md. Rafiqul Islam
    Journal of Advanced Veterinary and Animal Research. 2019; 6(3): 416-424.
  34. Prediction of immune pressure on HIV-1 regulatory gene tat by human host through bioinformatics tools
    Zafrul Hasan, Mahedi Hasan, Arafat Islam Ashik, Md. Ali Newaj, Rumana Mahtarin, Zakia Sultana Nishat, Mohammad Abul Hasnat , Md. Waseque Mia,
    Journal of Advanced Biotechnology and Experimental Therapeutics. 2020; 3(3): 233-240.
  35. Characteristics and clinical outcomes of ICU COVID-19-infected patients, Saudi Arabia, 2021
    Nawfal Aljerian, Mohammed Arafat, Abdulrahman Aldhubaib, Ibrahim Almohaimeed, Ali Alsultan, Abdulaziz Alhosaini, Lyla Ashry, Ahmed Alkhars, Enan Alsharif, Fahad Aljabir, Mohammed Alsharef, Reem Almutairi, Sawsan Alharthi
    Saudi Journal of Emergency Medicine. 2022; 3(1): 054-062.
  36. An innovative curriculum development experience: Emergency Medical Dispatch role in the Healthcare Transformation Vision of Saudi Arabia
    Yousef M. Alsofayan, Kharsan M. Almakhalas, Abdullah A. Alabdali, Mohammed S. Arafat , Nawfal A. Aljerian, Ameera A. Cluntun, Waad S. Alshammari, Salman S. Alharthi, Fahad S. Alhajjaj, Jalal M. Alowais, Sami J. Alsolamy, Bandr Y. Mzahim, Abdulrahman Y. Sabbagh
    Saudi Journal of Emergency Medicine. 2024; 5(2): 101-109.

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