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  1. Burnout among physicians in Saudi Arabia: a brief review
    Abdelaziz Mohamed Elamin Abdelaziz Ziena
    International Journal of Medicine in Developing Countries. 2022; 6(2): 408-410.
  2. The Impact of COVID-19 Pandemic on the Increased Number of Deaths Due to Heart Attack and Stroke Among Saudis And Egyptians: A Comparative Study
    Madiha R. Mahmoud, Joud A. Albadan, Shatha H. S Alreheili, Osama G. Abdelaziz , Hager M. Abdelhady, Sherif G. Abdelaziz, Hemat E. El-Horany*
    Journal of Complementary Medicine Research. 2022; 13(4): 150-157.
  3. Screening of Hydrolytic Extremozymes in Haloalkaliphilic Archaea by Culture and Molecular-based Methods
    Hend Abdulhmeed Hamedo, Nashwa Ibrahim Hagagy, Naglaa Fathy El Shafi, Mohamed Helmy Abdelaziz
  4. The Role Courses (Activities ) In Developing Creative Acceleration of The Students At Taibahu University In Saudi Arabia
    Samar Abdelaziz Abdeen
    Elementary Education Online. 2020; 19(3): 3813-3832.
  5. The Effectiveness Of A Learning Tool Based On Concurrent Thinking To Treat The Distraction Of The Gifted With A Double Exception
    Yara Abdullah Alghanim , Dr. Samar Abdelaziz Abdeen
    Elementary Education Online. 2020; 19(4): 7851-7864.
  6. The Effect Of The Brande-Marketing On The Brand’s Equity By Application On The Egyptian Business Faculties.
    Hamdy Gomaa Abdelaziz , Abdalla Zahri Amin , Walid A. S. Seddik
    Elementary Education Online. 2021; 20(6): 1945-1957.
  7. Helicobacter pylori genotypes among patients in a university hospital in Egypt: identifying the determinants of disease severity
    Fatma Abdelaziz Amer, Rehab Hosny El-Sokkary, Mohamed Elahmady, Tarek Gheith, Eman Hassan Abdelbary, Yaser Elnagar, Wael M Abdalla
    Journal of Microbiology and Infectious Diseases. 2013; 3(3): 109-115.
  8. Pituitary metastasis of follicular thyroid carcinoma: A case report and review of the literature
    Abdallah Abdelaziz Aleyadeh, Fares Haleem Haddad, Ahmad Ali AL-omari, Khaldoon Khalil Al sarihin
    Rawal Medical Journal. 2012; 37(1): 61-65.
  9. Analgesic effect of preincisional infiltration using lidocaine with different concentrations on video-assisted sympathectomy
    Ahed Mohammad Al-Edwan, Jamal Abdelaziz Izat, Ala Mohammad Qayet
    Rawal Medical Journal. 2012; 37(1): 27-29.
  10. Myome utérin prævia sur grossesse à terme: à propos d’un cas et revue de la littérature
    Hayat Aalalou, Mohammed Karam Saoud, Nisrine Mamouni, Sanaa Errarhay, Chahrazad Bouchikhi, Banani Abdelaziz
    International Journal of Medical Reviews and Case Reports. 2021; 5(6): 59-61.
  11. The combined effects of probiotic CLOSTAT® and Aviboost® supplement on growth performance, intestinal morphology, and immune response of broiler chickens
    Ahmed Abed, Ismail Radwan , Ahmed Orabi, Khaled Abdelaziz
    German Journal of Veterinary Research. 2023; 3(3): 7-18.
  12. Impact of Sustainable Inclusion of Sodium Butyrate in Whole Milk and Starter Mixture of Egyptian buffalo calves on Blood Biochemical and Rumen Fermentation Parameters
    Mahmoud M. Elmaghraby, Ferial M. Sahwan, Abdelaziz M. Sakr, Ahmed M. El-Mezien, Mohamed M. Fathala
    Alexandria Journal of Veterinary Sciences. 2023; 77(2): 47-54.
  13. Simple Method for Measuring Endothelial Nitric Oxide Synthase Activity in Clinical Researches
    Khaled sobhy abdelkawy, khaled abdelaziz Salem
    Journal of Applied Pharmaceutical Science. 2015; 5(10): 084-090.
  14. Thermal treatment and inhibition study with non-toxic product of polyphenol oxidase from Mediterranean Palm heart (Chamaerops humilis L.)
    Abdelaziz Bouchaib, Abdellatif Ben Abdellah, Tarik Chafik, Amine Laglaoui, Abdelhay Arakrak, Mohamed Bakkali, Abdelaziz Benjouad, Amal Maurady
    Journal of Applied Biology & Biotechnology. 2024; 12(2): 191-197.
  15. Button battery induced traumatic tracheoesophageal fistula: Case report and review of literature.
    Insaf Abdulkareem; Omayma M Sabir; Abdelaziz Elamin
    Sudanese Journal of Paediatrics. 2011; 11(2): 43-9.
  16. The effects of ginger (Zingiber officinale) rhizome extract on ethanol-induced behaviors in C. elegans
    Rafael Vincent Mercado Manalo , Bianca Louise C. Lapuz, Krisha K. Lim, Katelyn Edelwina Y. Legaspi, Patricia Marie M. Lota, Francine Melissa B. Lucas, Abdelaziz N. Maldisa, Vinson C. Malipot, Christine Bernadette O. Lo, Allen Khriztofer P. Lichauco, Paul Mark Baco Medina
    Journal of Applied Pharmaceutical Science. 2022; 12(5): 187-195.
  17. Gender-based relationship between copeptin level and metabolic syndrome in Albino rats
    Randa Salah Gomaa, Nourelhuda Abdelaziz Mohammed,
    National Journal of Physiology, Pharmacy and Pharmacology. 2019; 9(7): 633-638.
  18. Histopathological Assessment of Airway Inflammation and Remodeling in Lungs of Donkeys
    Marwa S. Khattab, Montaser Abdelaziz, Hala M.F. El Miniawy
    Alexandria Journal of Veterinary Sciences. 2018; 59(2): 26-33.
  19. Histological Characteristics of the Telocytes in the Mammary Glands of She-Camel (Camelus dromedarius)
    Samar Mousa , Mohamed Abd El Aziz, Mohamed Zidan , Doaa Zaghloul, Amira Derbalah
    Alexandria Journal of Veterinary Sciences. 2020; 67(1): 9-13.
  20. Sprinkler irrigation uniformity and crop water productivity of barley in arid region
    Mohamed Abd El-Wahed, Ayman EL Sabagh, Hirofoumi Saneoka, Abdelaziz Abdelkhalek, Celaleddin Barutçular
    Emirates Journal of Food and Agriculture. 2015; 27(10): 770-775.
  21. Effect of 1.0 Hz weak electric fields on the growth of potato tuber
    Moustafa Refaat Ahmed Fahmy Nassar, Hind Ahmed Kamel, Hosny AbdelAziz Mosallam, Fadel Mohamed Ali,
  22. Full recovery of a patient with COVID-19-induced acute kidney injury
    Neama Ahmed Abdelaziz, Sherief Ghozy, Alzhraa Salah Abbas, Abdullah Reda, Amr Ehab El-Qushayri, Sheikh Mohammed Shariful Islam
    European Journal of Medical Case Reports. 2021; 5(1): 26-30.
  23. Whey protein isolate protects against cyclophosphamide-induced acute liver and kidney damage in rats.
    Dina Farouk Mansour, Abeer Abdallah Salama, Rehab Ragab Hegazy, Enayat Abdelaziz Omara, Somaia Ahmed Nada
    Journal of Applied Pharmaceutical Science. 2017; 7(6): 111-120.
  24. Association between allergic rhinitis and asthma symptoms in adults in Sudan
    Aamir Ali Magzoub, Omer Abdelaziz Musa, Asma I Elsony, Ghada Elmahi, Azza O Alawad, Ogail Y Dawoud
    International Journal of Medical Science and Public Health. 2016; 5(5): 1010-1013.
  25. Field Study to Evaluate the Topical Application of Deltamethrin, Cyfluthrin, and Sulfur Efficacy Against Sarcoptic Mange of Rabbit
    Amer R. Abdelaziz, Reda E. Khalafalla, Ahmed O. El khatam, Ahmed E. Osman, Noha Abdel Mageed
    Alexandria Journal of Veterinary Sciences. 2020; 67(2): 1-8.
  26. Life-threatening hypercalcemia and primary plasma cell leukemia: a case report of a rare presentation
    Abdelaziz Khalloufi, Ilyas El Kassimi, Abdelghafour Elkoundi, Zineb Taki, Mohamed Hassani, Hicham Eddou
    European Journal of Medical Case Reports. 2018; 2(2): 42-44.
  27. Water Evaporation Algorithm with Probabilistic Neural Network for Solving Classification Problems
    MOHAMMED ALWESHAH , Enas Ramadan, Mohammed Reyalat, Muder Almi ani , Abdelaziz I. Hammouri
    Jordanian Journal of Computers and Information Technology. 2020; 6(1): 1-15.
  28. Une masse hypervasculaire de la région carotidienne: le chémodectome carotidien A hypervascular mass of the carotid space: carotid body tumor
    Suzanne Rita Aubin Igombe, Yaotse Elikplim Nordjoe, Raissa Albertine Kaukone Nyare, Fernand Nathan Imoumby, Jamal El Fenni, Abdelaziz Hommadi, Issam En-Naffa, Zamani Ouijdane
    International Journal of Medical Reviews and Case Reports. 2022; 6(14): 52-54.
  29. The effect of butyric acid and nucleotides supplementation on broiler (Gallus gallus domesticus) growth performance, immune status, intestinal histology, and serum parameters
    Ahmed A.M. Abdel-Aziz, El-Sayed A. Abdel-Aziz, Mohamed H. Khairy, Charbel Fadel, Mario Giorgi, Ahmed S. Abdelaziz
    Open Veterinary Journal. 2024; 14(1): 324-334.
  30. Phenotypic and genotypic characterization of extended spectrum beta-lactamase producing E. coli harboring carbapenem and colistin resistant genes from poultry farms in Egypt
    Reem I. Ali, El-Sayed A. Abdelaziz, Mohammed A. Kamel, Susan K. Murad, H. M. Abdallah, Gamal A. Salem,
    Open Veterinary Journal. 2024; 14(1): 459-469.
  31. Rivaroxaban-induced skin necrosis: a case report
    Mosaad Abelhameed Soliman, Khalid AbdelAziz Mowafy, Nashaat Abdrabo Elsaadany, Rana Ibraheem Soliman, Sameh Ibraheem Awad, Reem Ibraheem Soliman,
    European Journal of Medical Case Reports. 2019; 3(3): 112-115.
  32. University student's knowledge of childhood hearing loss in Gulf Cooperation Council countries
    Saeed M. Albeshi, Muhanned M. Alqhtani, Mohammed H. AlJohani, Abdulla F. Al Rumaihi, Malak S. Al-Mamari, Sara Khorsheed, Shahad A. Hussain, Shaikhah H. Alqallaf, Amna A. Al balushi, Fayez M. Albishi, Rayan S. Alruwaili, Arwa M. AL Mansour, Abdelaziz Elamin
    International Journal of Medicine in Developing Countries. 2024; 8(1): 118-122.
  33. Molecular Characterization and Antimicrobial Susceptibility of Mycoplasma Species Isolated from Broilers and Breeder Chickens
    Esraa Fekry, Eman Abdeen, Youserya M. Hashem, Abdelaziz, E.E., Alaa El Din H. Mostapha
    Alexandria Journal of Veterinary Sciences. 2023; 79(1): 17-23.
  34. Occurrence of Clostridium perfringens in sausages sold in Meknes city, Morocco
    Abdelaziz Ed-Dra, Fouzia Rhazi Filali, Abdellah El Allaoui, Anis Sfendla
    Open Veterinary Journal. 2017; 7(4): 323-327.
  35. Synthesis and Biological Evaluation of New 2-(4-Fluorophenyl) Imidazol-5-ones as Anticancer Agents
    Yasmin Ahmed Abo-Elanwar, Amany Salah Mostafa, Magda Abdelaziz El-Sayed, Magda Nasr Ahmed Nasr,
    Journal of Applied Pharmaceutical Science. 2019; 9(5): 1-11.
  36. Autophagy characteristics of phytoestrogens in management and prevention of diseases: A narrative review of in-vivo and in-vitro studies
    Safaa I. Khater, Maram Shalabi, Buthainah B. Alammash, Alaa I. Alrais, Doaa Al-ahmadi, Leena S. Alqahtani, Tarek Khamis, Sahar Abdelaziz, Khalifa Aldawy
    Journal of Advanced Veterinary and Animal Research. 2023; 10(2): 308-320.
  37. Genetic characterization of White Fulani cattle in Nigeria: A comparative study
    Norezzine Abdelaziz, Fatima Duksi, Alexandra D. Tsvetkova D. Tsvetkova, Ekaterina A. Ulybina, Murat S. Gins S. Gins, Rebouh Nazih Yacer, Aleksandr A. Klenovitsky, Aleksandr A. Nikishov, Firuz Amirshoev Amirshoev, Jim Digha, Elena A. Glady
    Journal of Advanced Veterinary and Animal Research. 2019; 6(4): 474-480.
  38. Visible Diode Laser Enhancement of Exotic DNA Uptake by Fowl Sperm
    Essam A. El-Gendy, Mona M. Abdelaziz, Mohamed M. Abdelfattah, Mohamed S. Salama, Yhia M. Badr
    Journal of Applied Biology & Biotechnology. 2015; 3(4): 032-037.
  39. Evaluation of flaxseed lignan-enriched extract targeting autophagy, apoptosis, and hedgehog pathways against experimentally induced obesity
    Safaa I. Khater, Maram Shalabi, Buthainah B. Alammash, Alaa I. Alrais, Doaa S. Al-Ahmadi, Leena S. Alqahtani, Tarek Khameis, Sahar Abdelaziz, Amr Elkelish, Kh. El-Dawy
    Journal of Advanced Veterinary and Animal Research. 2023; 10(2): 321-335.
  40. Effect of yellow sweetclover (Melilotus officinalis) hay compared with Lucerne (Medicago sativa) hay on carcass characteristics and meat quality of male goat kids
    Lahkim Bennani Mouad, Aarab Ahmed, Jaber Abdelaziz, Acherkouk Mohamed, Ayadi Mohammed
    Journal of Advanced Veterinary and Animal Research. 2022; 9(4): 617-624.
  41. Application of Mentha suaveolens essential oil as an antimicrobial agent in fresh turkey sausages
    Abdelaziz Ed-Dra, Fouzia Rhazi Filai, Mohamed Bou-Idra, Badr Zekkori, Aziz Bouymajane, Najia Moukrad, Faouzia Benhallam, Amar Bentayeb
    Journal of Applied Biology & Biotechnology. 2018; 6(1): 7-12.
  42. Determination of antibodies to Caprine arthritis encephalitis virus in goats and sheep in some localities in Sudan
    Wegdan Hassan Ali, Intisar Kamil Saeed, Shaza Mohammed Mutwakil, Omer A. Algezoli, Abdelgader Ballal Mohammed, Ihsan Hussein Ahmed, Sahar Mohammed Elhassan, Baraa Abdelaziz Ahmed, Rayan M. A. Asil, Saafass M. A. Alsarraj, Abdelmhmoud Atalmanan Abdelgader and Yahia Hassan Ali
    Journal of Advanced Veterinary and Animal Research. 2016; 3(3): 259-262.

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