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  1. Sugammadex associate persistant bradycardia
    Murat Bilgi, Abdullah Demirhan, Akcan Akkaya, Umit Yasar Tekelioglu, Hasan Kocoglu
    International Journal of Medical Science and Public Health. 2014; 3(3): 372-374.
  2. Sudden death due to voluntary lighter fluid inhalation: A case report
    Umit Yasar Tekelioglu, Tarik Ocak, Abdullah Demirhan, Alim Erdem, Vildan Tekelioglu, Hasan Kocoglu
    International Journal of Medical Science and Public Health. 2013; 2(4): 1128-1130.
  3. Severe Pulmonary Edema due to Hyponatremia after Hysteroscopy; Rapid and Full Recovery
    Akcan Akkaya, Ahmet Karatas, Abdullah Demirhan, Tulay Ozlu, Murat Bilgi, mit Yasar Tekelioglu, Kadir Akkaya
    International Journal of Medical Science and Public Health. 2014; 3(3): 375-377.
  4. A Case of Accidental Child Death which Occurred with Blank Cartridge Gun [Kurusiki Tabanca Ile Olusan Kaza Orijinli Cocuk Olumu Olgu]
    Taskin Ozdes, Zerrin Erkol, Nergis Canturk, Ugur Kocak, Umit Yasar Tekelioglu
    Medicine Science | International Medical Journal. 2014; 3(2): 1289-98.
  5. Concordance of the frequency, typing, and results of high risk human papilloma virus in cervical cytology materials with biopsy: Retrospective analysis of 5604 patients
    Ebru Akay, Fatos Tekelioglu, Hatice Karaman
    Annals of Medical Research. 2019; 26(2): 180-4.
  6. Comparison of vaginoscopic no touch method with the traditional method of outpatient hysteroscopy
    Murat Ekin, Levent Yasar, Sedat Akgl
    Bakrky Tp Dergisi. 2009; 5(2): 63-66.
  7. The remember regeneration therapy method: An overview of new therapy protocol to approach diseases
    Mustafa Yasar,
    Journal of Complementary Medicine Research. 2019; 10(1): 68-80.
  8. Spontaneous heterotopic pregnancy causing tubal rupture in a patient with intrauterine device in-situ
    Serpil Telci, Cihan Kaya, Levent Yasar, Murat Ekin
    Bakrky Tp Dergisi. 2014; 10(3): 121-123.
  9. A rare case: ruptured ectopic pregnancy with contralateral adnexal torsion
    Murat Ekin, Cihan Kaya, Huseyin Cengiz, Levent Yasar, Keziban Dogan
    Bakrky Tp Dergisi. 2015; 11(1): 29-32.
    Asif Ali, Zia Ul Haq, Zilli Huma, Inayat Shah, Yasar Mehmood Yousaf Zai, Syed Kashif Raza Kazmi
    Pakistan Armed Forces Medical Journal. 2017; 67(6): 1030-1037.
  11. A Cause of Mortal Massive Upper Gastrointestinal Bleeding: Aortoesophageal Fistula
    Mete Akin, Tolga Yalcinkaya, Erhan Alkan, Gokhan Arslan, Yasar Tuna, Bulent Yildirim
    Medical Archives. 2016; 70(1): 79-81.
  12. Ethical Standards for Disclosing a Medical Error
    Tawfig Khalil, Yasar Albushra Ahmed
    Medicine Science | International Medical Journal. 2013; 2(3): 722-33.
  13. Gall bladder polyps: Our experience in a tertiary referral centre
    Refik Bademci, Yasar Ozdenkaya
    Annals of Medical Research. 2019; 26(7): 1161-3.
    Yavuz Arikan, Baris Ozkul, Yasar Mahsut Dincel, Osman Lapcin, Yunus Emre Akman, Umut Yavuz
    Bakrky Tp Dergisi. 2018; 14(3): -.
  15. Cows milk allergy as viewed by family physicians
    Mehmet Yasar Ozkars
    Annals of Medical Research. 2018; 25(3): 434-437.
  16. Rare Translocations in Two Newborns with Down Syndrome
    Emine Yasar, Cemal Ekici, Serap Savaci, Serdar Karatoprak, Ibrahim Tekedereli
    Annals of Medical Research. 2015; 22(3): 194-196.
  17. Evaluation of the Vasoplegic impact of Papaverine in the rat aorta.
    Celal Yavuz, Ahmet CalIskan, Oguz Karahan, Sinan Demirtas, Suleyman Yazici, Orkut Guclu, Soner Donmez, Recep Oktay Peker, Yasar Yildirim, Osman Gokalp, Binali Mavitas
    Journal of the Pakistan Medical Association . 2014; 64(6): 660-663.
  18. The evaluation of mean platelet volume in infants with atopic dermatitis
    Hatice Sanli Gunes, Sevcan Ipek, Mehmet Yasar Ozkars
    Annals of Medical Research. 2019; 26(5): 899-903.
  19. Gender Segregated Labor Market and Work-Life Preferences: Evidence from Turkey
    Meltem NCE YENLMEZ
    Ekonomik Yaklasim. 2014; 25(93): 1-20.
  20. A case of hypothermia with significant Osborn Wave: a forgotten electrocardiographic finding
    Vahit Demir, Hseyin Ede, Samet Yilmaz, Siho Hidayet, Yasar Turan, Ali Rza Erbay
    Medicine Science | International Medical Journal. 2017; 6(4): 764-766.
  21. The relation between cervical and thoracal disc herniations and multiple sclerosis plaques: a retrospective review
    Ozgul Ocak, Mustafa Cetiner, Yasar Zorlu, Ufuk Sener, Murat Uygur
    Medicine Science | International Medical Journal. 2017; 6(4): 643-645.
  22. Surgery for tethered cord syndrome: when and how?
    Soner Yasar, Adem Dogan, Sait Kayhan, Sahin Kirmizigoz, Ali Kaplan, Cahit Kural, Yusuf Izci
    Annals of Medical Research. 2018; 25(3): 503-510.
  23. Clinical success of lysine in association with serumal and salivary presence of HSV-1 in patients with recurrent aphthous ulceration
    Feyza Otan Ozden, Ahmet Yasar Turanli, Gokhan Acikgoz, Cafer Eroglu
    Journal of Experimental and Integrative Medicine. 2011; 1(3): 191-196.
  24. Evaluation of the effects on nasal mucociliary clearance of various nasal solutions applied topically in patients with sinusitis
    Murat Yasar, Mehmet Yavuz Sutbeyaz, Muhammed Sedat Sakat, Korhan Kilic
    Medicine Science | International Medical Journal. 2018; 7(1): 1-4.
  25. Estimation of total prostate specific antigen values through artificial intelligence modelling
    Seyma Yasar, Ali Beytur, Cemil Colak
    Medicine Science | International Medical Journal. 2018; 7(2): 350-4.
  26. Can the mean platelet volume be a predictor of disease activity in primary Sjogren syndrome?
    Ahmet Omma, Orhan Kucuksahin, Sevinc Can Sandikci, Bahar Ozdemir, Sukran Erten, Yasar Karaaslan
    . 2016; 4(4): 1237-1241.

    Yasar COKKESER, M.D.* Derald E. BRACKMANN, M.D.**

    Annals of Medical Research. 1999; 6(1): 13-18.
  28. Unusual optic disc placement of toxoplasmosis in a diabetic patient
    Lokman Aslan, Murat Aslankurt, Adnan Aksoy, Selma Guler, Ibrahim Yasar
    Archives of Clinical and Experimental Surgery (ACES). 2015; 4(2): 111-113.
  29. Should neurology patients be treated in the general intensive care unit or not?
    Ilhan Cag, Ali Zeynal Abidin Tak, Yasar Altun, Oznur Uludag, Fatih Uckardes, Emre Gedik
    Annals of Medical Research. 2019; 26(2): 194-8.
  30. Rapid efficacy of the eye movement desensitization and reprocessing in treatment of persistent complex bereavement disorder: report of two cases
    Alisan Burak Yasar, Dilara Usta, Meliha Zengin Eroglu, Onder Kavakci, Ayse Enise Abamor, Ecem Tavacioglu
    Dnen Adam: The Journal of Psychiatry and Neurological Sciences. 2017; 30(2): 154-159.
  31. Ganglioneuroma in a child with chronic constipation and abdominal pain
    Burcu Guven, Akkiz Sahin Yasar, Burhan Beger, Veli Avci
    Medicine Science | International Medical Journal. 2018; 7(4): 956-8.
  32. Effects of adverse childhood events over metacognitions, rumination, depression and worry in healthy university students
    Anil Gunduz, Ibrahim Gundogmus, Betul Hacer Engin, Aysel Isler, Sencan Sertcelik, Alisan Burak Yasar
    Annals of Medical Research. 2019; 26(7): 1394-401.
  33. The effects of different agents preferred for general anesthesia on lactate and liver enzymes in patients undergoing laparoscopic cholecystectomy
    Mehmet Sargin, Ahmet Topal, Mehmet Selcuk Uluer, Eray Yasar, Seref Otelcioglu
    Medicine Science | International Medical Journal. 2019; 8(1): 180-5.
  34. ECT practices in a psychiatry clinic at a training and research hospital
    Meliha Zengin Eroglu, Seda Kiraz, Alisan Burak Yasar, Tugrul Dogan
    Dnen Adam: The Journal of Psychiatry and Neurological Sciences. 2017; 30(4): 325-330.

    Yasar ÇOKKESER, M.D.* Cem EVEREKLOLU, M.D.** Mustafa TERCAN, M.D. *** brahim F. HEPEN, M.D.** Hüseyin BAYRAMLAR, M.D.** Davut AKTA, M.D.*

    Annals of Medical Research. 1999; 6(1): 19-23.
  36. Is there a relation between the changes in circulating lymphocyte counts due to neoadjuvant chemoradiotherapy and intratumoral lymphocytic response and tumor regression grade in locally advanced rectal cancers?
    Necdet Fatih Yasar, Bartu Badak, Alaattin Ozen, Deniz Arik, Funda Canaz, Bulent Yildiz, Mehmet Kayhan, Ugur Bilge, Setenay Oner, Durmus Etiz
    Medicine Science | International Medical Journal. 2017; 6(4): 640-642.
  37. The Predictive Effect of Neutrophil/Lymphocyte Ratio in Patients Undergoing Appendectomy Operation
    Bartu Badak, Necdet Fatih Yasar, Huseyin Tarik Caga, Enver Ihtiyar, Adnan Sahin, Ersin Ates, Fezan Sahin Mutlu
    International Journal of Surgery and Medicine. 2019; 5(2): 55-57.
  38. Do we damage nucleus pulposus tissue while treating cerebrovascular ischemic neurological deficits with nimodipine?
    Numan Karaarslan, Ibrahim Yilmaz, Duygu Yasar Sirin, Derya Baykiz, Aykut Demirkiran, Ozkan Ates
    Annals of Medical Research. 2018; 25(2): 266-273.
  39. Hyponatremia Associated with Repeated Use of Sodium Valproate
    Mehmet Hamdi Orum, Aysun Kalenderoglu, Oguzhan Bekir Egilmez, Murat Eren Ozen, Yasar Kapici
    Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences. 2018; 8(2): 93-4.
  40. Primary Hydatid Disease within the Quadratus Lumborum Muscle
    Aziz Ari, Kenan Buyukasik, Bulent Akce, Cihad Tatar, Yasar Murat Vardar
    THE ULUTAS MEDICAL JOURNAL. 2016; 2(1): 63-65.
  41. A link between pregnancy outcomes and anticardiolipin antibody in subjects with abortus imminens
    Yasemin ALAN, Murat ALAN, Beril GRLEK, Yksel KURBAN, brahim UYAR, Yasar Kemal AKPAK, Ahmet Nuri DANIMAN
    Bakrky Tp Dergisi. 2019; 15(2): -.
  42. Does transcription factor, induced by daptomycin and vancomycin, affect HIF-1α, Chondroadherin, and COL2A1?
    Numan Karaarslan, Ibrahim Yilmaz, Duygu Yasar Sirin, Hanefi Ozbek, Yasin Emre Kaya, Yener Akyuva, Necati Kaplan, Mustafa Dogan, Seyit Ali Gumustas, Ozkan Ates, Ilknur Erdem
    Annals of Medical Research. 2018; 25(4): 756-62.
  43. The comparison of oral and laryngeal findings of asthma patients using different dry powder inhaler devices containing steroid and beta agonists
    Fahrettin Talay, Fahrettin Yilmaz, Nadir Goksugur, Bahar Kurt, Murat Sereflican, Zehra Yasar, Ozlem Kar Kurt
    National Journal of Medical Research. 2013; 3(3): 206-209.



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