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  1. Screening of Blood Donors for HCV RNA by RT-PCR
    Emine Sönmez, MD1, Catherine Troisi, PhD1, F. Blaine Hollinger, MD1, Hsiang Ju Lin, PhD1, Mohammed Naem, PhD1
    Ann Med Res. 1996; 3(4): 303-305
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  2. Staphylococcus aureus Colonization in Atopic Skin Diseases
    Mustafa Şenol, MD1, İ. Halil Özerol, MD2, Sezai Şaşmaz, MD1, Kazım Şahin, MD2, Durali Soytürk, MD3, Atilla Özcan, MD1
    Ann Med Res. 1996; 3(4): 299-302
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  3. Detection of Hepatitis C Virus RNA by PCR in Hemophiliac Patients
    Emine Sönmez, MD1, Catherine Troisi, PhD1, F. Blaine Hollinger, MD1, Hsiang Ju Lin, PhD1, Mohammed Naem, PhD1
    Ann Med Res. 1996; 3(4): 294-298
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  4. The blood lipoprotein levels in presbycusis
      Dr. Fehmi Döner1, Dr. Harun Doğru1, Dr. Namık Delibaş2, Dr. Orhan Gedikli1, Dr. Bel ma Pehlivan1
    Ann Med Res. 1996; 3(4): 289-293
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  5. Pulmonary lobar transplantation from healthy mother dog to her puppy
    Dr. Ömer Soysal1,  Dr. Abdullah Aydın2, Dr. Sami Ünsaldı3, Dr. Erdal Ege1, Dr. Metin Gülcüler1, Dr. Hasan Özdemir1, Dr. Öner Gülcan1, Dr. Harun Çıralık2 Dr. Mustafa Paç1
    Ann Med Res. 1996; 3(4): 284-288
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  6. The Effect of Ouabain on Histamine Release from Human Skin Mast Cells
      Mustafa Şenol, MD , İ. Halil Özerol, MD , Asha V. Patel, MS1, David P. Skoner, MD1
    Ann Med Res. 1996; 3(4): 277-283
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  7. Cytochrome P450-containing monooxygenase enzyme systems
      Dr. Elif Özerol1  
    Ann Med Res. 1996; 3(3): 257-275
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  8. Role of the clinical microbiology laboratory in nosocomial infections and infection control
      Dr. Emine Sönmez1 , Dr. İbrahim Halil Özerol2 , Dr. Kazım Şahin2
    Ann Med Res. 1996; 3(3): 245-256
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  9. Melatonin and central nervous system
    Dr. Ayhan Koçak1, Dr. Ahmet Çolak1
    Ann Med Res. 1996; 3(3): 237-244
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  10. Depression, somatization and tuberculosis : a case presentation
      Dr. Hakan Ekmekçi1, Dr. Mustafa Yıldız2
    Ann Med Res. 1996; 3(3): 233-236
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  11. Concurrent solitary bone and extramedullary lymph node plasmacytoma: case report and review of literature
    Dr. İsmet Aydoğdu1, Dr. Cengiz Duygulu2, Dr. Süleyman Büyükberber2, Dr. Egemen Tayfun2, Dr. Abdullah Aydın3
    Ann Med Res. 1996; 3(3): 230-232
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  12. Gyrate atrophy of the choroid and retina : two case reports
      Dr. Hüseyin Bayramlar1, Dr. Hamdi Er1, Dr. İbrahim F. Hepşen1, Dr. Abuzer Gündüz1
    Ann Med Res. 1996; 3(3): 226-229
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  13. Choledocal cysts : two case reports
      Dr. Selami Suma1, Dr. Çetin Çelenk1, Dr. Pınar Polat1, Dr. Volkan Tanı1, Dr. Suat Eren1, Dr. Adnan Okur1
    Ann Med Res. 1996; 3(3): 223-225
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  14. Siblings with Pendred s syndrome
      Dr. Süleyman Büyükberber1, Dr. AdDan Hasanoğlu2, Dr. Servet Serbest1,
    Ann Med Res. 1996; 3(3): 220-222
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  15. Horseshoe kidney : a case report
    Dr. Sacide Karakaş1, Dr. Ahmet Uzun1, Bio. Ö. Faruk Cihan1
    Ann Med Res. 1996; 3(3): 217-219
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  16. Botulism : three case reports and general evaluation
    Dr. Hakan Ekmekçi1, Dr. A. Engin Arısoy2, Dr. Münife Müftüoğlu1, Dr. Hamza Karabiber2, Dr. Hikmet Yılnıaz1, Dr. M. Ali Bereketoğlu1, Dr. Turan Arslan3
    Ann Med Res. 1996; 3(3): 213-216
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  17. Prevalence of varicocele in adolescence and use of doppler USG
        Dr. Semih Özkan1 , Dr. Emin Özbek1, Dr. Tayfun Gürpınar1, Dr. Oğuzhan Sarıyüce1, Dr. Ali Güneş1, Dr. Özcan Özsan1
    Ann Med Res. 1996; 3(3): 210-212
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  18. A Case of Tuberous Sclerosis Without Mental Retardation
      Mustafa Şenol, MD, Atilla Özcan, MD, Kaya Saraç, MD, Ayhan Bölük, MD, Sezai Şaşmaz, MD, Ramazan Kutlu, MD, Durali Soytürk, MD  
    Ann Med Res. 1996; 3(3): 206-209
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  19. Upper Airway Obstruction with a Large Calcified Substernal Benign Goiter
    Adnan Hasanoglu, MD1, Tamer Baysal, MD2, Ertan Bülbüloglu, MD1, Zeki Yıldırım, MD3,
    Ann Med Res. 1996; 3(3): 203-205
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  20. Haematuria and proteinuria in the amateur young boxers after the matches
      Dr. Abdülkerinı K. Baltacı1, Dr. Atilla Semerciöz2, Dr. Rasim Moğulkoç1, Dr. Yusuf Türköz3
    Ann Med Res. 1996; 3(3): 200-202
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