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  1. Little More than Tobacco, Ethanol, and Drugs (TED): Internal Medicine Residents’ Documentation of Social Histories on an Inpatient Medicine Unit
    Emily Kobin, Elizabeth Chow, Randy Scott Hebert
    J Contemp Med Edu. 2016; 4(4): 171-174
    » Abstract » Full-text PDF » doi: 10.5455/jcme.20170119025700

  2. A review of the academic and grey literature on the Academic Foundation Programme
    Daniel Darbyshire, Paul Baker, Steven Agius, Sean McAleer
    J Contemp Med Edu. 2016; 4(4): 165-170
    » Abstract » Full-text PDF » doi: 10.5455/jcme.20170119025621

  3. Addressing Stress Among Medical Students: Strategies for Optimizing Student Health and Success
    Mrinal Mugdh Varma
    J Contemp Med Edu. 2016; 4(4): 159-164
    » Abstract » Full-text PDF » doi: 10.5455/jcme.20170119025644

  4. Assessment of Emotional Intelligence in Pediatric and Med-Peds Residents
    Ramzan Shahid, Jerold Stirling, William Adams
    J Contemp Med Edu. 2016; 4(4): 153-158
    » Abstract » Full-text PDF » doi: 10.5455/jcme.20170116015415

  5. Evaluation of ICT skills of Dental Educators in the Dental Schools of India- A questionnaire study
    Neeraj Deshpande, Anshula Deshpande, Elizabeth Robin
    J Contemp Med Edu. 2016; 4(4): 149-152
    » Abstract » Full-text PDF » doi: 10.5455/jcme.20170119025603

  6. Assessment of effectiveness of small group teaching among Medical Students
    Kashmir Singh, Rashmi Katyal, Arun Singh, Hari Shankar Joshi, Shalini Chandra
    J Contemp Med Edu. 2016; 4(4): 145-148
    » Abstract » Full-text PDF » doi: 10.5455/jcme.20161016115304

  7. Team-based versus ward-based junior doctors: Where do the differences lie?
    Babatunde Oremule, Oluwafikunayo Orekoya, Linda Hacking
    J Contemp Med Edu. 2016; 4(4): 135-144
    » Abstract » Full-text PDF » doi: 10.5455/jcme.20161016115438

  8. E-learning in medical education: problems with research
    Kieran Walsh
    J Contemp Med Edu. 2016; 4(3): 132-134
    » Abstract » Full-text PDF » doi: 10.5455/jcme.20161007103941

  9. Perceptions of the preparedness of medical graduates for their responsibilities as “physicians of first contact”: a pilot study
    Sajitha MF Rahman, Prince RH Christopher, Kirubah V David, Venkatesan Sankarapandian
    J Contemp Med Edu. 2016; 4(3): 125-131
    » Abstract » Full-text PDF » doi: 10.5455/jcme.20161007104004

  10. Defining the Role of a Medical Student during a Sub-Internship
    Dharam Persaud-Sharma, Frederick Anderson
    J Contemp Med Edu. 2016; 4(3): 123-124
    » Abstract » Full-text PDF » doi: 10.5455/jcme.20160801125944

  11. Performance and perception of the first year medical students about the team based learning in Anatomy
    Vijayalakshmi S B, Anand Srinivasan, Lubna Nazli, Abdul Waheed Ansari
    J Contemp Med Edu. 2016; 4(3): 120-122
    » Abstract » Full-text PDF » doi: 10.5455/jcme.20160801010033

  12. Final year medical students’ satisfaction with clinical education and family medicine module. Suez Canal University. Egypt
    Hend Mikhail Salama, Hebatallah Nour-Eldein
    J Contemp Med Edu. 2016; 4(3): 113-119
    » Abstract » Full-text PDF » doi: 10.5455/jcme.20160614032416

  13. Do general practitioners predominantly see patients with coughs and colds: Medical students’ and the general public’s perceptions
    Nicole Koehler
    J Contemp Med Edu. 2016; 4(3): 107-112
    » Abstract » Full-text PDF » doi: 10.5455/jcme.20161007103923

  14. Lupus in Medical Education: Student Awareness of Basic, Clinical, and Interdisciplinary Aspects of Complex Diseases
    Panagiotis Kerezoudis, Konstantinos Lontos, Anna Apostolopoulou, Anthos Christofides, Aggelos Banos, Alexandros Letsos, Dimitrios Leventis, Prodromos Sidiropoulos, George Bertsias, Mohamad Bydon, Dimitrios Boumpas
    J Contemp Med Edu. 2016; 4(3): 97-106
    » Abstract » Full-text PDF » doi: 10.5455/jcme.20160801010012

  15. How do medical students develop the selfawareness as social entities during the longitudinal communication experience with citizens?
    Takuya Saiki, Keiko Abe, Chihiro Kawakami, Kazuhiko Fujisaki, Yasuyuki Suzuki
    J Contemp Med Edu. 2016; 4(2): 89-96
    » Abstract » Full-text PDF » doi: 10.5455/jcme.20160330021106

  16. Factors influencing the medical students’ overall satisfaction about research training programs offered in Saudi universities: An exploratory study
    Ahmed Al Kuwaiti
    J Contemp Med Edu. 2016; 4(2): 83-88
    » Abstract » Full-text PDF » doi: 10.5455/jcme.20160521021529

  17. Developmental studies on community-based education in Pamukkale university faculty of medicine (Turkey): Interprofessional educational approach
    Dilek Akdogan, Ahmet Ergin, Ilgaz Akdogan, Izlem Kabalı, Hanim Ahu Ural
    J Contemp Med Edu. 2016; 4(2): 77-82
    » Abstract » Full-text PDF » doi: 10.5455/jcme.20160516010939

  18. Music medicine course for medical students in Hungary
    Janos Kollar, Pal Kovago, Edit Czegledi
    J Contemp Med Edu. 2016; 4(2): 71-76
    » Abstract » Full-text PDF » doi: 10.5455/jcme.20160516010926

  19. To OSCE or not to OSCE: Student's Perception of Preparatory OSCE in a Tertiary Care Hospital in Pakistan
    Tarbia Hamid, Syed Sarmad Bukhari, Mah Muneer Khan, Ramsha Hamid, Attaullah Khan, Hizbullah Jan.
    J Contemp Med Edu. 2016; 4(2): 67-70
    » Abstract » Full-text PDF » doi: 10.5455/jcme.20160524110221

  20. Student’s perception of mind mapping in Problem-based learning
    Sneha Ravindranath, Warnakula Kusum de Abrew, Vishna Devi Nadarajah
    J Contemp Med Edu. 2016; 4(2): 60-66
    » Abstract » Full-text PDF » doi: 10.5455/jcme.20160620013341

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Journal of Contemporary Medical Education
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