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Articles from International Journal of Medicine in Developing Countries

Articles published in 2021

  1. Cognitive functions: is there a role for vitamin D?
    Mansuor Ahmed Alanazi, Ammar Ali Alabdullatif, Khadijah Nasr Aldeen Dhafer, Reem Nuri Alhasani, Abdullah Hassan Masoud Ghazwani, Eyad Omar Jalal, Maryam Abdullah Mossa Tohary, Naif Rashed Altuwaijri, Safeyah Mohammed Jarradi Al-ghubayshi
    IJMDC. 2021; 5(8): 1547-1550
    » Abstract » Full-text PDF » doi: 10.24911/IJMDC.51-1627590125

  2. Patella instability post-total knee replacement: a review
    Abdulaziz Atiah Qaysi, Saeed Ibrahim Abdullah Al-Qahtani
    IJMDC. 2021; 5(8): 1542-1546
    » Abstract » Full-text PDF » doi: 10.24911/IJMDC.51-1626285496

  3. Dislocation of elbow, fingers and functional outcome of elbow dislocation: a systematic review
    Saeed Ibrahim Abdullah Al-Qahtani, Bandar Saeed Saad Alqahtani, Thamer Yahya Alasiri, Abdulaziz Atiah Qaysi, Ahmad Hussain Alqahtani, Fadaa Alotaibi
    IJMDC. 2021; 5(8): 1535-1541
    » Abstract » Full-text PDF » doi: 10.24911/IJMDC.51-1626276449

  4. Ophthalmic and neuro-ophthalmic manifestations and findings in COVID-19: a review
    Samiha Fahad Khayyat, Meshari Saeed Alzahrani, Salah Hassan Khafaji, Muhammad Irfanullah Siddiqui
    IJMDC. 2021; 5(8): 1528-1534
    » Abstract » Full-text PDF » doi: 10.24911/IJMDC.51-1624435382

  5. Principles of drug addiction treatment: a review
    Abdulrahman Mubarak Muqbil Almutairi
    IJMDC. 2021; 5(8): 1523-1527
    » Abstract » Full-text PDF » doi: 10.24911/IJMDC.51-1609883100

  6. Awareness of general population in Saudi Arabia about peptic ulcer disease
    Ameen M. Jaddoh, Haneen Mohammed Alsadoun, Sadeem Mohammed Alqallaf, Abdulkarim Mohammad A. Aldekhail, Rahaf Meshal Alanazi, Haneen Obaid Alanazi, Eman Ahmed Alrashed, Manar Hassan Alraddadi
    IJMDC. 2021; 5(8): 1514-1522
    » Abstract » Full-text PDF » doi: 10.24911/IJMDC.51-1627245028

  7. Primary health care physicians' awareness toward human papillomavirus infection, screening, and vaccinations in Qassim region, Saudi Arabia
    Abdulrhman M. Aldukhayel, Aram A. Aldughayyim, Hamad S. ALsaeed, Ibrahim A. Alomar, Leen M. Almaghyuli, Turki S. Alayed
    IJMDC. 2021; 5(8): 1507-1513
    » Abstract » Full-text PDF » doi: 10.24911/IJMDC.51-1626517187

  8. Distance learning approach during COVID-19 pandemic for undergraduate medical students in four major universities in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia - a survey report on students’ perspective
    Mohammed Abdullah Almutawa, Sulaiman Khalid Alfouzan, Albaraa Ali Alahmari, Yasir Ali Albarrak, Mohammad Fareed, Razique Anwer
    IJMDC. 2021; 5(8): 1496-1506
    » Abstract » Full-text PDF » doi: 10.24911/IJMDC.51-1624428636

  9. Fasting for lipid profile in clinical practice, do we need to ask the patient to fast?
    Mohammad Rediny Alshammri, Raghad A. AlJohar, Lujain H. Allowaihiq, Mohammed A. Alrubaysh, Mohammed A. Alqahtani
    IJMDC. 2021; 5(8): 1489-1495
    » Abstract » Full-text PDF » doi: 10.24911/IJMDC.51-1624139272

  10. Factors that motivate people’s intention to undergo cosmetic surgery in Saudi Arabia
    Hassan Ali Al-Masskin, Esra Hassan Al-Masskin, Fatimah Jafar Al-Jass, Fatimah Abdulmajeed Al-Thonayan, Hoor Masaad Al-Mutairi, Zahraa Yousef Al-Ghadeer, Amal Naser Wafa, Shahad Khaled Al-Shahrani, Eman Hussain Al-Ahmed, Nouf Mohammed Al-Kuwaiflie
    IJMDC. 2021; 5(8): 1484-1488
    » Abstract » Full-text PDF » doi: 10.24911/IJMDC.51-1621594182

  11. Anxiety and depression symptoms among children and adolescents with epilepsy, and the quality of life of their parents
    Abdulaziz F. Alfadhly, Aeshah D. Alrabie, Albatoul F. Althobaiti, Ghadi A. Alsufyani, Ameerah M. Almalki, Abeer H. Alharthi, Razan F. Alwagdani
    IJMDC. 2021; 5(8): 1477-1483
    » Abstract » Full-text PDF » doi: 10.24911/IJMDC.51-1621480824

  12. Patient preferences for bariatric surgery in Saudi Arabia
    Mohammad Eid M. Mahfouz, Mohammed Abdullah Mohammed Alsuwat, Rakan Fiasel Mohammed Almnjwami, Abdulhameed Fouad Abdullah Sarriyah
    IJMDC. 2021; 5(8): 1469-1476
    » Abstract » Full-text PDF » doi: 10.24911/IJMDC.51-1614285657

  13. Psychological status and behavior changes of the public during the COVID-19 epidemic in Taif city, Saudi Arabia
    Talal A. Mahfouz, Manayer H. Alghoribi, Razan A. Algethami, Maryam M. Albeeshi, Amjad A. Algethami, Manar H. Alghoribi
    IJMDC. 2021; 5(8): 1461-1468
    » Abstract » Full-text PDF » doi: 10.24911/IJMDC.51-1614266637

  14. The prevalence of and factors related to relapse in smoking cessation among Saudi males in Dammam
    Duaa Hassan Al-Ajwad, Zahra Ahmed Alshawi, Afif Ben Salah, Raghad Sahal Allam, Arwa Nabil Qurashi, Layan Hisham Alabdulhadi, Malak Zuhair Altaha
    IJMDC. 2021; 5(8): 1454-1460
    » Abstract » Full-text PDF » doi: 10.24911/IJMDC.51-1611137470

  15. Prevalence of sleep deprivation; poor sleep quality and excessive daytime sleepiness, among health faculties’ students, at King Abdulaziz University in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia: a cross-sectional study
    Omar A. Nagadi, Abdulaziz R. Alotaibi, Ahmed N. Almutadares, Turki A. Alamoudi, Waleed A. Alqurashi, Siraj O. Wali
    IJMDC. 2021; 5(8): 1449-1453
    » Abstract » Full-text PDF » doi: 10.24911/IJMDC.51-1609687979

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