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Articles published in 2013

  1. A rare tumor during pregnancy; juvenile granulosa cell tumor
    Osman Temizkan, Sema Agar, Suna Kabil Kucur, Toygun Basaran, Şule Temizkan, Osman Asicioglu
    SETB. 2013; 47(4): 212-215
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  2. A rare cause of peritonitis; jejunal diverticulitis: case report
    Burhan Hakan Kanat, Mesut Yur, Fatih Erol, Sibel Özcan, Mehmet Buğra Bozan, Fatih Mehmet Yazar
    SETB. 2013; 47(4): 209-211
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  3. Relationship between alcohol consumption and skin disorders. A cross sectional and controlled study
    Seher Arı, İlknur Kıvanç Altunay, Sibel Mercan
    SETB. 2013; 47(4): 204-208
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  4. Iron accumulation in the deep gray matter of patients with multiple sclerosis: A study with gradient echo magnetic resonance imaging
    Ülgen Yalaz Tekan, Feray Kıymaz Seleker, Ender Uysal, Zahide Mail Gürkan, Hulki Forta
    SETB. 2013; 47(4): 198-203
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  5. Can allergic distant relatives and home environment cause recurrent episodes of wheezing?
    Abdulkadir Bozaykut, Rabia Gönül Sezer, Ahu Paketçi, Cem Paketçi
    SETB. 2013; 47(4): 193-197
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  6. Non-HDL cholesterol, total cholesterol/HDL cholesterol and LDL-cholesterol levels in patients with acute ischemic stroke
    Nihal Boğdaycıoğlu, Müjgan Ercan, Sema Uysal, Semra Mungan Öztürk, Fatma Meriç Yılmaz
    SETB. 2013; 47(4): 187-192
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  7. Comparison of the first trimester screening test parameters according to the amniocentesis results
    Ali Bahadırlı, Naile İnci Davas
    SETB. 2013; 47(4): 181-186
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  8. Correlation between fine needle aspiration biopsy and histological finding of parotid masses
    Hüseyin Günizi, Kenan Güney
    SETB. 2013; 47(4): 177-180
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  9. The comparison of ecocardiography and cardiac magnetic resonance imaging findings in the evalulation comparison of left ventricule function
    Ayşe Sanem Fıratlıgil, Sevil Baş, Muzaffer Başak
    SETB. 2013; 47(4): 167-176
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  10. Gynecological problems of adolescents and their effects on reproductive health
    Dilek Bilgiç Çelik, Gülseren Dağlar, Gülbahtiyar Demirel
    SETB. 2013; 47(4): 157-166
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  11. A rare type of dislocation of hemiarthroplasty after intertrochanteric fracture
    Adnan Kara, Yunus Öç, Ali Şeker, Metin Uzun, Erden Ertürer, İrfan Öztürk
    SETB. 2013; 47(3): 154-156
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  12. A rare cause of shoulder pain: Ganglion cycts in the spinoglenoid notch
    M. Faik Seçkin, Adnan Kara, Haluk Çelik, Mehmet Mesut Sönmez, İrfan Öztürk
    SETB. 2013; 47(3): 151-153
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  13. Annual nutrition review of our reanimation unit
    Canan Tülay Işıl, Hacer Şebnem Türk, Tolga Totoz, Sibel Oba
    SETB. 2013; 47(3): 147-150
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  14. The analysis of the prognostic factors affecting survival after the curative resection in patients with rectal cancer
    Medeni Şermet, Fevzi Celayir, Adil Baykan
    SETB. 2013; 47(3): 138-146
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  15. Depression and anxiety levels in geriatric patients with hemiplegia
    Ali Yavuz Karahan, Ercan Kaydok
    SETB. 2013; 47(3): 130-137
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  16. Comparison of sedative effects of midazolam-ketamine combination and thiopental in pediatric patients undergoing magnetic resonance imaging
    Oylum Selçuk, Ayşe Hancı, Enis Selçuk, Hacer Şebnem Türk, Barış Türk, Güneri Atalan
    SETB. 2013; 47(3): 122-129
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  17. The evaluation of parenthood attitudes of the mothers in postpartum period
    Hava Özkan, Ayla Kanbur, Serap Apay, Meral Kılıç, Safiye Ağapınar, Elif Yağmur Özorhan
    SETB. 2013; 47(3): 117-121
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  18. Comparison of the effects of granisetron and ondansetron on postoperative nausea and vomiting in supratentorial tumor patients using steroids
    Oylum Selçuk, İnci Paksoy, Hacer Şebnem Türk, Faruk Seçkin Yücesoy, Enis Selçuk, Güneri Atalan, Sibel Oba
    SETB. 2013; 47(3): 109-116
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  19. Comparison of magnetic resonance imaging and pysical examination of knee with arthroscopic findings
    Melih Malkoç, Özgür Korkmaz, Cem Sever
    SETB. 2013; 47(3): 104-108
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  20. Developmental care in neonatal intensive care unit
    Zeynep Eras, Gülsüm Atay, Evrim Durgut Sakrucu, Emine Bahar Bingoler, Uğur Dilmen
    SETB. 2013; 47(3): 97-103
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